F1 Qualies live from Oz!

Here we go kids!


First on track, Seabass!
Now that he is no longer whining in our defunct series, I do believe I will root for him.

I do have to wonder if he will have a bit of an advantage over the F1 regulars as he has been driving without traction control while these boys have been all about the electronics. (unless of course the NHL traction control rumours were true, then he is fucked… LOL)

He looks racy. Not the usual “smooth” Seabass we are used to, but he is showing way more car control than others. *cough* Glock *cough*

End of Q1 session edit:
Well, that was exciting. No really! For the first time, it’s exciting! They’re driving like wild men out there! There is a real sense of on the edge. Unfortch Bourdais got bumped off the bubble by Button. (hehe… sorry couldn’t resist the alliteration there) So, back of the grid for the boy from LeMans.

Lots of spinning and messy messy driving, and an apparent transmission problem that had the Ferrari boys staring at each other and scratching their heads as they went to commercial.

Q2: cars on track!

But not Kimi “if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all” Raikkonen. It was determined that technically he stopped “on course” so he is out of qualies. He will start 16th. Ouch.

Speaking of bad luck. Webber out in a puff of black smoke. (brake dust?) Red flag.

End of Q2 edit:

Hamilton lays down the gauntlet…
Alonso who?
Vettel is winning the battle of the Sebastien’s by a HUGE margin.

End of Q3 edit:
LOL… I was so busy watching I didn’t write anything down! Hamilton squeaks out the pole on the last lap, bumping the very fast Kubica. (that pole would have been his cept for the off roading! oops!)

Final thoughts:
Damn, I’ve forgotten how hard some of these guys are to understand!
I’m excited about the race and the season. I don’t know if it’s because I’m just desperate for some racing or if it’s genuinely more interesting… I guess tomorrow night will be the test.

Bwahahaha! on a complete side note… what a fucking jarring change going from the dulcet, classy tones of the F1 broadcasters to the goobers on Trackside! Damn… where’s the remote!!!


3 responses to “F1 Qualies live from Oz!

  1. Awesome Q3. Holy crap, Kubica has great car control. Should be interesting to see how the fuel strategy plays out between he and Hammy.

    Fuck Alonso!
    Fuck Raikkonen!
    Fuck the Trackside country music! 😉

  2. I know!! Holy crap indeed! Ya, I think there is a bit of fuel strategy going on throughout the top 10. Vettel? Seemed like an oddly timed retirement.

    Fuck Alonso indeed. Kimi I like. Poor bastard just has shit luck. I laughed my ass off at the anvil comments by Hobbs. LOL!

    Ya, I’ll have to remind myself to mute immediately following any F1 broadcasts.. hehe 😉

  3. Loving the lack of TC. I don’t think it’ll last because Bernie’s drivers (or show) aren’t perfect anymore, but while it does I’ll enjoy it.

    Hopefully SeaBass (capital B to distinguish which one) will get his qualifying sorted out. Vettel is looking damn good right now.

    I think this may be the most interesting F1 race in a while. I’m expecting a good amount of driver mistakes as there have been a lot during practice and qualifying. Even though he could have had P1, it’s great to see Kubica on the front row.

    Enjoy the race!

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