So, while no one knows whether they are coming or going over in IndyCar world, the rest of the world is finally getting on with the business of racing!

Star Mazda kicks of their season in Sebring tomorrow. They also released their revised schedule today, filling in the holes left by the mergifimorphication of CC/IRL. I said many times last year that some of the best and most enjoyable racing I had the pleasure of watching was this series. Toronto and Road America were off the hook!

The euro snooty pants of F1 kick off their season this weekend as well in the land down undah.  A bittersweet kick off as it is apparently the final Aussie GP. I wish I found the racing exciting… maybe they’ll surprise me this year.

A1GP are in Mexico this weekend for their demolition derby! er… race. Seriously. Carnage abounds with those kids! (oh, gotta give a shout out to my boys! Kick some ass Rob and Daniel!)

and speaking of “shout outs” Scott Pruett and the gang will be will be keeping us entertained for 12hrs or so in Sebring on Saturday!

and last but not least, it’s initiation of the Napcar noobs this weekend as they take on the beast that is Bristol.

A little something for everyone this weekend! Timely as I intend to spend a lot of time curled up on the couch


One response to “TGIFATALORF!

  1. Let the racing begin…

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