A1GP Mexican Feature race *live* – March 16/08

They certainly do do a lot of things right. (they being A1GP)
The website, the email alerts, the live timing and live video (FREE and cross platform compatible) Oh and I love that the tear aways on their visors have the date and location of the next race. How smart is that?!

Great crowd in Mexico today! (very sad that our boys aren’t going to be racing there this year… *sigh*)

The starting lights malfunctioned during the first attempt at the start so they shut the cars down, allowed them to cool down and decided that they will instead “drop the flag” .

Nice start!!! Go Robbie!

*side thought, I wonder how confident everyone is with Ferrari taking over the engines next year after last nights F1 debacle…*

Edit: All 22 cars still cleanly through the course and still running after 3 laps. Good boys!

Edit: ooh Robbie! a little Kubica off roading there

Edit: nice piece of driving by Jani there. Probably smart of Robbie to let him go. (mathematically Canada is out of the Championship run, so jeopardizing Jani’s run wouldn’t be prudent) Jani clearly has the faster car as well. (he’s really pulled away)

Edit: Switzerland and Canada in the pits. clean and out.

Edit: shit… stellar pit by Ireland got them out infront of Robbie to snag 2nd spot. Come on Robbie! Hang in there!

Edit: fuck! Robbie drops another spot. (nice pass by Great Britain that!)

Edit: geesh! here comes Germany now. (and this guy does not race clean) Robbie’s car is just falling away…

Edit: holy crap! talk about edge of your seat dicing. *whew* … OK… yellow flag… Yikes. This could get dicey on the restart though. (wow, they sure go fast behind the pace car! )

Edit: here we go… clean restart! *whew* but USA is all over the back of Robbie.

Edit: 16 to go or 20 mins… USA got around Robbie 😦

Edit: Ouch! contact with Germany and Canada. Robbie is away clean. Germany to the pits.

Edit: final pit window open… here we go kids…

Edit: Wooohoo! Ireland takes the lead. Happy St. Patty’s day weekend for them!

Edit: wow! Drive through penalty for Jani! (racing on pitlane) with only 5 laps to go. Dang! go Ireland go!

Edit: So New Zealand and Switzerland are out of the points! OUCH! (Jani is lucky that Reid had brain fade)

Edit: AWESOME RACING!!! Holy Crap! Good clean race boys! beautiful dicing for the last 2 laps with GB & USA. Ireland wins! Green beer for everyone!! (they are the sister team for our Canadian team, so we can celebrate too!!) As an Irish-Canadian myself, I may have to join in the celebration tonight!

1. Ireland (first ever win!!)
2. Great Britain
3. USA

*5. Canada (good on ya Robbie for hanging in there and fighting off the wolves!)

Edit: another A+ to A1GP for continuing the feed throughout the podium ceremony. Seriously high marks all around today.

Edit: Holy schnicky! That’s a big ass trophy!!

Edit: oh Neel… don’t be a poor sport… serve your penalty like a man. (fuck I hate whiners)

Edit: another thing they do right… top 3 interviews out on the podium, in public.

Enjoyable afternoon of racing! Thanks boys!


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