F1 season opener…

Well. My my.

Formula 1 put on a very, um, Champ Car like show last night… (er… this morning)

5 cars out in the first couple of laps. 50% attrition by mid point. With a handful of laps to go, it was basically finish the race get points. (actually, you didn’t even have to finish as it turned out…)

Engines letting go, brains letting go, some great driving, some awful driving. You barely heard Hamilton spoken about as he was having a Bourdais like race out front. Bourdais on the other hand was having a surprising then heartbreaking drive. 2 laps!! 2 fucking laps!! ugh. Oh well, he got a point (possibly 2) Good on ya Sebass. Have to say the best part of that was the reaction in the booth. They were so genuinely gutted for him. Some funny lines.

Kimi is driving like a cowboy. (actually he had a very PT like race *snicker* ) Alonso is driving like a crazy man. (I do have fun imagining his inner dialogue)

Fun podium. Nice to see the comradery. Hamilton is well spoken and confident, but on the verge of cocky…

I think I’ll be watching F1 this season… at least until they decide to reinstate all the driver aids, then I’ll be bored again… hehehe…


14 responses to “F1 season opener…

  1. Yeah I will be watching as well. Wild ride for Timo huh? Another guy who I will be keeping an eye on. I also love the pre race stuff on my DVR the race started 30 minutes in. Why does NASCAR have these marathon pre race shows?

  2. I hope Timo came out of that OK. His back and neck really took a beating. It was great to see Seabass keeping the gap to Alonswho too.
    What happened to HK on the last lap? I was still jumping up and down celebrating his pass on Fred when he slowed.
    Anyhoo, cockiness is fine in my book. At least he’s not arrogent. He’s well groomed for this sport and it shows.

    Congrats Hammy! (Nick and Nico too)

  3. Ya, that off by Timo was pretty rough looking. I immediately thought back to PT’s drop at LB last year. He did walk away though, so that’s a good sign.

    JC, Why does Nascar have the marathons? Cause they can I guess. They haven’t quite mastered the quality over quantity concept. I do appreciate the Nascar performance show, cause it explains a lot of the technical things. And the show with Kyle Pettty (the name which escapes me at the moment) is also pretty good. But all those other shows and the marathon pre show stuff is nothing more than a giant infomercial for Nascar. I guess it’s a way to get face time and plug time for all the drivers and their sponsors.

    Roger: no idea what happened to HK. That was way bizarre though. They never really followed up on it and I haven’t had a chance to do any reading up today.

    Cockiness is indeed fine. I just hope it doesn’t develop into arrogance… I’ve seen it happen too many times.

  4. Crap, that was awful what happened to Seabass. I was on the edge of my seat watching him lead Alonso and HK lap after lap. The gap closed a bit but Seabass was still able to hang on and then slowly increase the gap once again. Damn it people, I have enough stress in my daily life to not have to sit there watching to see if Seabass can do the unthinkable to most of the World and hold of the two time World Champion. It was a fun race to watch. I wish Seabass’s car held out those two more laps that would have been cause for celebration.

    I’m sure a lot of the mechanical failures will get worked out as the season goes on, but hopefully the racing between the drivers remains similar to the Aus GP throughout the rest of the season. I just read that Timo has a sore wrist, but expects to be racing in Malyasia. Good to hear!

  5. Here you go…

    Heikki Kovalainen, McLaren (5th):
    “Obviously my competitiveness was better than the result shows. Unfortunately the last Safety Car phase prevented me from finishing second. Nevertheless I enjoyed the whole weekend working with the team on such a professional high level. My start was okay but during the first stint I had a bit of graining on the tyres, but it didn’t affect me too much. In my second stint and especially in the last part of the race my car was really good and I was flying. I had a great battle first with Kimi (Raikkonen) and then Fernando (Alonso) which I really enjoyed. I managed to get past Fernando but then as I tore off a visor strip on the main straight I accidentally hit the pit lane speed limiter button and Fernando managed to get past me again. I am pleased but also a bit disappointed as we were looking strong for a one-two finish today.”

  6. Thanks Yack. This explanation is more forgivable than HK thinking the race was over.

  7. Ahh! Thanks Joe for the info on Timo and HK.

    and ya Roger, that is definitely more forgivable LOL!

  8. i was happy Glock’s nose didn’t dig into the ground… that could have been all kinds of nasty…

  9. yup that or flip. Actually, someone on the first corner came very close to flipping over too. (can’t remember who now)

    oh and how bout DC’s car just fricken disintegrating! holy crap! It’s like Massa’s car was made of steel and DC’s of paper. Insane.

  10. G’day Meesh, we put on a pretty good show for you guys considering that is our No. 2 motorsport event in the country……
    BTW, I’m trying to sort out my options for this season, will you be attending any of the ‘Dark Side’ events this year???

  11. G’day m’luv!! You did indeed! I really hope things sort themselves out and that race remains on the F1 schedule.

    I will indeed be attending a few dark side events. (part of job mate, part of the job…)
    LB, Indy, Watkins, Mid-O, Belle Isle, Chicago

    I’m also trying to squeeze in a few non-IndyCar events as well. (shhh… don’t tell anyone, but we’re doing Nascar in Montreal!)

    How bout that Gore/KK deal huh? The hits just keep on coming! LOL!

    BTW, loved your piece on Billy K. I hope he lands on his feet somewhere.

  12. You’re right Steven. He’s lucky indeed. Reminded me of Servia at Laguna Seca.

  13. they just showed it on WindTunnel again. he’s really lucky the ass end didn’t catch the wall as well.

    gah! that was some serious acrobatics for servia. (Wasn’t that the same race that Patreek went over the fence?)

  14. i was thinking exactly the same thing Roger 😉

    I believe the was the same weekend as the Rodriguez corkscrew thing… not sure about Carp. i know Carp didn’t do it in the race though.

    yeah Meesh, it’s like DC was driving a car they forgot to put together completely!

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