GAINSCO Indy 300-Season Opener-*live blog*

OK… here we go kids. Strap in for a night of *cough* “exciting” *cough* racing.

Not the most exciting opening bumper I’ve seen for a race…

Vision Racing cars bumped to back due to an unexplained technical infraction… (apparently they do not divulge the infractions) That bumps Princess Permapout to the front row. (how convenient)

Once they got the obligatory pimping of Danica in a bikini and Helio doing the mambo out of the way, they got back to talking about racing.

Marty Reid is horrifyingly awful. OMG. Make him stop.
Scott Goodyear… bland.

The whole production is bland. Bland bland bland.

There are a few folks in the stands. (thank god… cause from what I was hearing at around 6:30pm there weren’t that many people there)

Edit: Well, they are on track for the warm up laps. Just showed Graham up in the press box with his dad.

I’m feeling queazy… with nerves… and not in a good way. God, I hope I don’t feel this tense for every race this season.
First run at the green waved off.
here we go… green green green…

Edit: Wheldon is cutting through the field like a hot knife through butter.
What the fuck is up with the sparks!? Holy shit.

Edit: OMG… make that noise stop!!
Princess Permapout is driving backwards.

Edit: The one thing that they do get right is keeping the on track action in view during commercials. Oh and Marty Reid butchers the first of the Champ Car drivers names. (Mario Moraes)

Edit: First yellow. Rice loses a mirror. Kanaan had just gotten around Dixon for the lead. The field bunches up and hits the pits. (Lap 19) Dixon wins the pitlane drag race and regains the lead. Hideki UhOh stalls on pitlane.. oops. Wheldon is up to 9th

Edit: J-Wil and Will Power may have hit on the restart.

Edit: J-Wil had a flat tire. Power is out. No reason given yet.

Edit: bent front suspension for Will.

Edit: Bruno out. (not surprised… he was 5 laps down for chrissake) Bruno: Car got really loose. Stopped to make a change, but it’s still too loose. Car was barely drivable, he was becoming more of a hazard to the other drivers. Decided to pull the car off the track.

Edit: the poor flag stand dude! His arm is gonna be sore tomorrow waving the blue flag so much… LOL!

Edit: Oriol in 12th, Perera in 13th, both on the lead lap. Good boys! (boy, Franck is the real deal huh?)

Edit: jeezus… that was close. Apparently Andretti-the-lesser grew some stones in the off season.

Edit: Danican’t is all over the track.

Edit: Jeemy… too funny. It’s not that bad dude. Cookie boy’s a couple of laps down but he’s doing well.

Edit: it’s very weird watching a race on a Saturday night… just sayin is all…

Edit: nice tire mark on the side pod of Helio…

Edit: Milk&Donuts loses it and spins into the back of Briscoe, snapping his rear suspension and ripping the wing off ending his night. WTF is the deal with these cars going ass end towards the wall? Both drivers out and ok. Track is dirty now though.

Edit: Briscoe is very complimentary of the transitioning teams saying they are all driving well and sticking to their lines making it easier for the faster drivers to get by. Yay, Kudos to our boys :thumsup:

Edit: Jack Arute needs to go away too…

Edit: one of the tools in the booth just welcomed us back to the “XM 300″… fucktard. :rollseyes:
Andretti the lesser made the wrong choice there and hands the lead to Tony Kanaan.

Edit: seriously… can they not fix the microphone levels on the pit lane?? The production value of this broadcast is fucking horrible.

Edit: Oops. Viso loses it and takes out the race leader Kanaan with a handful of laps to go. Well HVM will be working hard this week to fix what is left of his car.

Edit: Dixon, Andretti-the-lesser, Wheldon.
Geesh… No victory lap. No donuts. Nice celebration. :rollseyes:

Edit: Servia 12th, Perera 14th, Wilson 15th, Moraes 16th. (all still running)

wrap up: Well, guess that was my first official IRL race… :vomit: I will never use the term IRL again. IndyCar is more palatable.

I don’t feel like I’ve watched a race to be truthful. I mean, I’ve watched some Champ Car snoozefests, don’t get me wrong, but this was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally boring. On the bright side, no one flew. No one was injured. Only one of the transitioning teams cars was heavily damaged.

Ok… off to write my official race report.


9 responses to “GAINSCO Indy 300-Season Opener-*live blog*

  1. Great post! It was a snoozer of a race. Glad to see Servia brought it home in one piece; KV Racing didn’t look too bad. I think I was tired of hearing “he’s one of the transition drivers from the Champcar World Series” after lap 10.
    Princess Permapout, that is classic! I hadn’t seen the SI spread and it doesn’t look like I missed anything. I’d rather see racers in the track and I’ll take my T&A in the paddock.
    The broadcast team is deplorable; ‘tools’ is right. I’d rather hear Varsha and Beekhus.
    Now I think there’s a chance at top 10 finishes in St. Pete’s-crossing my fingers.

  2. FullyC: Varsha & Beekus… now that’s a dream team. Varsh/TK were my fave combo. Never gonna happen sadly. It would have been nice to have them bring over Benjamin & Beekus from our team to counteract the abject blandness of their team.

    I agree, if our boys can get a better handle on the set up of the car, they will definitely be more competitive on the street/road courses.

  3. Varsha’s got the F1 gig and I doubt he’d want to stoop to IRL. Paul Page, however, is available, and I’d take him (mistakes, nasal whine, and all) over Marty Reid any day of the week and thrice on Sunday.

    FWIW, that IRL race looked like basically every IRL race last year — TCGR and AGR up front, the Penskes somewhere around until one wrecks, Milka Dud spinning out and taking someone with her, and everyone else basically doing time. Vince Welch acting as the only competent member of the entire broadcast team (put him in the booth!). Jack Arute rockin’ the stupidest goatee ever and still as grating, self-important, and useless as ever. About the only thing that’s changed is that there were more cars for the first few laps, but then most of the back of the field was out and it turned into just another IRL race again.

    I can’t wait until the new car comes out and equalizes things a bit. For now… meh.

  4. What a bunch of stuttering idiots! When they weren’t choking on their tongues, screwing up names or forgetting to speak into the mic, they were giving commentary like it was a fucking golf game. Fuck. I’ve described my trip to the grocery store with more enthusiasm.

    Of course it was about as exciting as a fucking golf game, so hard to blame them…

    I will agree on that Vince guy. He was the only one who seemed to know what he was talking about.

    Well, if this is the norm, I sincerely hope that they work on bringing about a new car/engine sooner rather than later. Cause this is not entertaining in the least.

  5. Sorry about that, I had a brain-fart and completely forgot he was doing F1. Paul Page would be a good reminder of days gone by in CART; I’d take him in a heartbeat.
    My first thought on Arute was, “holy sh*t, what’s he doing with a goatee?!?!?!” He is as useless as ever.

  6. OK… I’m a day late but I did have to get to Sebring for what would turn out to be a terrific day for my day for my skip barber driver. Client A got pole on Saturday (only to be taken out by possible client b’s dad in the race) but he would come back to take the win from p9 on Sunday in a four-car battle over the last six laps that saw the finish decided by the many extra zeros on the stop watch. Fun WOW…

    Now back to homestead. I stayed long enough to watch the start – if you can call it that. If not for the first yellow, the field never would have been lined up 2×2 for any start. I was in the tram back to my car when that yellow came out – at least the droning stopped.

    just a comment on the crowd (that is singular by the way). Not sure how they showed it on TV but while the picture I sent you at 6 pm was rather dismal, there were at least a few more people in the stands.

    However, the crowd “sorta” started well down the straight from turn 4 and trickled into oblivion before the entrance of turn 1. And there was plenty of air along the way. As long as the showed the start finish line, you would see people.

    Best part of the night was when a police escort brought in some band (which I later found out was 3 doors down – whoever they are) but it looked like a scene from America’s Most wanted.

    OK, flight boarding from Charlotte so I can sleep in my own bed tonight.

    Chat tomorrow.

  7. Well, as they have perfected the “don’t show the crowd” shots over the years, there was no real indication of how many were there. You could “hear” that there was a crowd of some sort off the start, but other than that, you never saw the stands. It helped that it was dark too.

    That drone! KILL ME RIGHT FUCKING NOW!! I was trying to figure out how to not hear it, but still get the commentary. Then of course I heard the commentary and just kept muting. LOL.
    I wonder if the radio broadcast uses a different team… (like CC used to have the international feed on RD…) I’ll have to test it out next weekend. Although one would hope they don’t sound as fucking awful on the streets as they do on the oval.

    Safe flight, I’ll talk to you when you get home.

  8. The radio broadcast has Mike King, and if you can get around him being the uber-cheerleader for all things IRL and him pronouncing Wheldon’s name “Whey-o-dun,” he’s better than Marty Reid. I don’t have much use for him because of a bit of personal history from early in the Split era but to each their own… 🙂

  9. Not a fan of Scott Goodyear. I’d love to see him replaced in the booth. The other guy sucked too, but Goodyear is the one that burned bridges long ago.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but this whole “drivers transitioning from Champ Car” seems weird when half of the drivers never even raced in Champ Car. It’s a travesty that PT and RD are not on the grid. PT is Mr. Champ Car and even though RD only had one year there his attitude in that one year and his talent make him a good representative from Champ Car. Both should be racing.

    I actually am going to go in the opposite direction and say the race was a bit more entertaining than I expected it to be. This is mostly due to my level of expectations, which were very low.

    I look forward to the new car in ’09. I hope it’s a better car than the current Dallara. After Champ Car’s experience with Elan it would seem that the series will have to rely on multiple chassis manufacturers in ’09 if the current car count is to be maintained. Early reports indicate the possibility of a larger car count in ’09. Elan busted their butts to get the DP01 ready for 18 drivers. If this is any indication it doesn’t seem that a single manufacturer building for 26+ racers is doable.

    As for the engine in this day of high oil prices turbos make the most sense whether they’re powered by Ethanol or bio-diesel or both. Champ Car and Indy Car be for it had a tradition of running turbos. It would be stupid to not utilize them when they are now taking on a more prominent role in the auto industry.

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