It’s race weekend!…

hmm… just dawned on me that I’ll be saying that pretty much every weekend this season. What a refreshing change. (of course there is no down time to regroup and catch up)
Another refreshing change? Live cameras and commentary for practices! Who knew!? And, because of the scrolling sponsor logos, I’m learnin stuff too! LOL. (hey! Homaltro! are they with the series now? or just a race sponsor… hmm… I’ll have to research that)

Ok… so a week between posts?? What the hell? It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say. I’ve just been trying to keep up with everything on the site, so not much time to rant as well.

So what’s been happening…

Lots of announcements! Coca-Cola and DirectTV jumped on board as series sponsors. (not presenting) I love how the delusionistas (thanks Indy) are ripping these apart.  You know they would be falling all over themselves if these were CC announcements.

Already you can see the presence of DirectTV all over the website. It will be interesting to see how both of these companies practically activate these sponsorships in a way that gets the word out to the fans and general public. Hopefully this won’t be another “McDonald’s” type sponsorship.

Atlantics: Bomarito signs with Mathiasen, and Wirth is back in the saddle at Brooks. And the series finally released their schedule. 9 events, 11 races. Better than nothing I guess.  Hopefully they can build on that for next season and gain a little stability over the season. Kudos to Vicki O’Connor and her team for hanging tough.

St.Petes: Well this is a little more palatable. For some reason the cars don’t look as hideous on the streets. (don’t get me wrong, they’re still ugly as shit) Are they as wide and flat in person?? gah.

The first practice is on now. “our guys” are holding their own and looking pretty good actually, with a handful in the top ten, and Wilson in the top spot!  (and yes, the other top drivers are on track!) Of course they ran him out of gas, which means they wer really running him light.

There are quite a few spectators milling about too. I would think we will see a bump in attendance and probably viewership again. We in T.O. are tape delayed to Sunday Night. Guess I’m gonna bite the bullet and purchase Race Control (apparently it will run in Safari on a mac)

oh and last but not least, Paul is not only out of a seat in the unfied series, but it doesn’t look like he will be in the Forsythe car for Long Beach. I hope someone else puts him in a car (Maybe Minardi?) and he kicks Forsythes ass. Whatever iota of respect I had for Forsythe is pretty much gone now. To hold a driver hostage until his options are so limited that his season is fucked is beyond pathetic. Principles and integrity my ass. Pettiness and petulance more like it.

Will I hold a grudge about it? no. Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the other guy dies.

Success will be my revenge. Success of the unified series. Success for Paul in whatever avenue he pursues.  Success for anyone and everyone that has taken the unification leap of faith.

As someone said earlier this week: we are making lemonade from the lemons we have been served. It’s not the best tasting beverage, but it sure as hell beats going thirsty.

Ok… off to get on with my day…


9 responses to “It’s race weekend!…

  1. Remember the pre-04 Bankruptcy rumour about GF and BE buying CART? I told the infamous internet personality who leaked that one that I trusted GF as much as BE…which is not very much at all. I’ve always suspected his motives from the time of the McDonald’s Drive-thru 3rd franchise power-plays.

    BUT – I still have usually rooted for his drivers. 😉 Still one of my favourite teams from CART/CC days. So, whatever…my favourite drivers have always ended driving too soon. I’ll have to find another one (if I find myself interested enough to watch).

  2. Man, what a good feeling to see ‘our guys’ up on the speed charts. Hope Will Power and his team can work some magic as well. That was great news about DirecTV and Coca-Cola; hopefully that trend will continue to the teams.

    And unfortunately yes, that sh*tbox is just as wide and flat in person.

  3. yup Padre. I guess I’m more disappointed than surprised. Players/Indeck/Forsythe have always been my team. Looking back I guess all of the drivers have had tumultuous moments with “Mr. F”

    I’m holding out hope and crossing everything for Paul. I cheer for him not matter what he ends up driving. For all the joy and entertainment he has provided me throughout his career, it seems it’s the least I can do.

    I’m also rooting for all “our guys”, no matter where they end up. (and they seem to be spread out over hells half acres now)

  4. Okhipfan, I agree! It was quite grin inducing to hear those familiar names being shouted during the practice as they jumped to the top of the charts!

    I’m sure Power will find his way soon. He’s not as consistant as J-Wil or Servia, so it might take him a little longer. I’m waaaaaaaay impressed with Perera. I was one who was against his moving up so soon, but obviously I was wrong

    I think the trend will continue. I think we will see a steady wave of sponsors coming on board for both the series and the teams/drivers. If I were a sponsor I would get in now while it’s a deal and lock in to a long term contract, cause once this pony leaves the stable, and gets up to speed, the $$$ will increase for those who waited “to see how it goes”

    Oh and gee thanks for confirming the flat ugliness… LOL!

  5. Sorry-posted from work; FC & Okhipfan are one in the same.

    How about Practice 2?!?!? Four of our racers in top 10! And Perera P6. I may be drinking the Kool-Aid a little too soon but this has to be a positive sign:

    1 3 Castroneves, Helio
    2 11 Kanaan, Tony
    3 27 Mutoh, Hideki
    4 02 Wilson, Justin
    5 8 Power, Will
    6 34 Perera, Franck
    7 4 Meira, Vitor
    8 26 Andretti, Marco
    9 9 Dixon, Scott
    10 5 Servia, Oriol

    I’ve been to several Crapwagon races: Chicagoland(had season tickets for inagaural season), Kansas, and TMS a few times. Although I would rather go to street race(still longing for my first road course), I enjoyed the Texas races.

  6. Like I said last week, road racing doesn’t require nearly the kind of aero witchcraft that ovals do so I fully expect the Champ Car guys to be very competitive in the race.

  7. LOL on the two monikers! Thanks for clarifying!

    I know I’m drinking the kool-aid. No really, I have a glass of grape kool-aid beside me right now!! LOL!

    I agree that this is a good sign. I also think the new qualifying set up will work in their favour. I guess Will made a liar out of me! LOL! I thought it would take him longer to get up to speed, but I was wrong.

    I’ve never been to a crapwagon race. My only oval was Champ Car in Vegas. Ironically, everyone was bitching about how boring the race was on tv, yet in person it was edge of our seats drama the whole time. (well except for that 11 lap yellow while Gentiloser re-wrote the rule book… ass)

    I got to experience Road America last year and am looking to add Watkin’s Glen and Mid-Ohio this year. My favorite, hands down however, is Cleveland. You get the full course viewing of an oval with the excitement of a street/road battle.
    I really really hope it gets picked up next year.

  8. Cleveland & Road America are my dream races. You’ve just confirmed what I suspected about viewing Cleveland in person.
    I have to agree on the ovals; much more exciting in person than on TV.
    Let’s see if one of our guys can get top two rows today….

  9. Well it’s looking good so far. Servia & Wilson are 3rd & 4th overall in combined practice session results this morning. Group 2 is clearly the fastest group.

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