St. Pete’s Qualies *live*

Woohoo! This is fun!

Segment 1 – Group 1:

Mario Moraes brought out a yellow at 11:04;40, missing a turn and getting stuck in the run off. He returned to the pits, but was unable to return to the track for the session.

With two minutes to go in the session, Marty Roth stuffed it hard into the tires in Turn 10, bringing out a local yellow.

Power snatches top spot on his final lap!
Knock out session #1 top 6:
1 W. Power
2. T, Kanaan
3. G. Rahal
4. F. Perera
5. D. Manning
6. R. Hunter Reay


Segment 1 – Group 2:

Wilson and Viso both ran into the run off at turn 7. Neither car made contact, with each other, nor with the tires, but they brought out a full course yellow and lost their fast laps.

Junqueira knocked off a blistering lap bringing him from the bottom to 3rd spot, then ran off course causing a full course yellow, losing that lap.

1. J. Wilson
2. R. Brisco
3. M. Andretti
4. H. Castroneves
5. D. Wheldon
6. O. Servia

SMOKIN BABY!!!! wooohooo!!

oh ya, and shut the fuck up Princess… wah wah wah…

OK, I don’t care what anyone says, this is fucking awesome! It’s like the best of all qualifying formats combined into one. I don’t think I’ve been this entertained by qualifying in a long time!

Segment 2 – 12 car shoot out!

Absolutely clean session of full out blistering laps by all 12 cars. A few sketchy moments of tire smoke and cars almost kissing the wall, each driver desperately trying to be one of the 6 drivers heading to the final shoot out for pole.
D’oh!! Helio Castroneves bumped Oriol Servia out of the top six on his last lap as the checkers waved.

1. W. Power
2. T. Kanaan
3. R. Briscoe
4. J. Wilson
5. R. Hunter Reay
6. H. Castroneves

For the Firestone Fast 6, each driver get a new set of tires that they must return at the end of this session. Smooth, consistent driving has been the key today.

And Tony Kanaan gets the pole! but look at our boys!!!
1. T. Kanaan
2. W. Power
3. J. Wilson
4. H. Castroneves
5. R. Briscoe
6. R. Hunter Reay

Holy schnikeys batman, that was fricken fun!!

I’m really excited about the race tomorrow!


11 responses to “St. Pete’s Qualies *live*

  1. NICE!!! That’s what I like to wake up to.

  2. Are you at the race? How are you watching this? I haven’t been able to find it on TV. Is it on the web?

  3. LOL… indeed Evilwoman! 😉

    Joe, you can watch ALL the sessions (yes, even practices) live with commentary via

    and follow along with live radio as well:

    Just one of the things that CC could never wrap their fucking heads around.

  4. see, now if you were checking you would have known that! 😉

  5. Thanks! I found it too late. Darn! I heard the last part of the lineup. Who will be the first to post the qualifying order? I’ll go check out

  6. KK may be a tard but I really like Will Power!

  7. here ya go Joe

    LOL JC! Both Will and Cookie boy strutting their stuff this weekend!

  8. I missed it. Dammit! Busy jacking up my wife’s beamer to change fuel filter only to find out I had wrong one. And replacing garbage disposal. Sunny and 70 F; I should be outside.

    2nd and 3rd on the grid. I am on cloud nine.

    On to a opened bottle of wine before heading out to a benefit fundraiser.

  9. I just looked at results. 5 of top 10(with Perara taking 10th) are newbies to the Crapallara?!

  10. Thanks Meesh! I read your article about qualifying. It sounded like Junky was doing alright until he lost his fastest time. Hopefully he’ll be able to safely move up the order tomorrow.

    Sunday should be a good day of racing.

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