St. Petes Race Blog *tape-delayed*

Ok, so I already know the results so this is going to be an odd blog… but nevertheless.. here we go…

Edit: ok… so the broadcast starts with the cars coming down the front stretch under the double yellow… brief explanation of why, of tires, of the former Champ Car teams hoping for rain, and… cut abruptly to commercial.

hey TSN!! You suck! You always did. You always will!
No opening credits, no “hey you’re joining us for the 2nd round of the 2008 IndyCar Series!”, no production value whatsoever…

Edit: the cars, while still hideous, don’t look as bad in street/road course trim.
of course you can hardly see them presently because of the rain… *snicker*

Edit: wow.. that’s a lot of water on track.
Wow… these cars sound like shit.
wow… these commentators are still as horrible as last week…

Edit: zzzzzzzzz… This is the time for all those filler fluff pieces kids… :bangsheadondesk:
on the bright side however, there does appear to be a pretty decent crowd, despite the rain.

Edit: well look at that! a filler fluff piece! There ya go! hehehe

Edit: hey Kev! (geesh… he looks like he’s aged 10yrs…) Oh, and all those that complained about Michelle Biesner… look at the alternative… :bangsheadondesk:

Edit: and Danican’t run’s out of talent again…

Edit: well, that 360 cam is nausea inducing…

Edit: hmmm… the CC drivers are passing and racing, the IC drivers are stalling and spazzy… LOL! nice… Here I was thinking “man, they really are talking about the transitioning drivers a lot” then I realized they make up 4 of the top 5… schooled I tell ya… schooled!

Edit: nice fucking Nascar yeller there… geezus. The princess can’t get lapped apparently. *cough* bullshit *cough*

Edit: when did Will turn into PT??

Edit: wow, they are taking some strange lines down the front straight

Edit: geezus… who the fuck is calling the camera changes??
oops… J-Wil got squirrelly… Vitor got him.

Edit: and Marco runs out of talent in the pits…

Edit: HOLY CRAP! Viso and Bernoldi are racy little fuckers!! Nice split of Foyt!! bwahahaha! That was fucking awesome!

Edit: wow… Ryan can’t buy a break.

Edit: geesh… the track dries and everyone forgets how to drive!
Justin… Justin… Justin…*shakes head*
um… not a good place to park there Ed…
wow… wonder who Bobby is cheering for?

Edit: Apparently TSN doesn’t see the value in “side-by-side” during commericals… fuckwits…

Edit: Graham is pulling away nicely!
It sure is nice to see all of those cars rounding the corner and coming down the front straight.
Long Beach is going to look like a fucking ghost town now… *sigh*

Edit: oops… that was messy.
Holy SHIT! Nice to see that Townsend hasn’t changed over the years.. LOL!! (and I was one of the folks in his corner during his rookie year with us) Good thing Vitor wasn’t in the process of getting out of his car at that point.
LOL at Vitor screaming at Franck and Franck just drinking his water like “whatever dude.. chill”
Damn… those are some dark skies…

Edit: wooohoooo!!! Go Graham!
aaawww… Booby is all teary eyed.
Dayum… he’s a rather abundant man. (remind me to stand next to him in the media centre when I’m having a bad body image day)(which is everyday, but I digress…)

Edit: Helio, cool cat, classy interview and kudos to the kid.
Kanaan, whiner 🙄 (when did that happen?? He used to be really fun when he drove for our side)
Viso, soooooo laid back. future star. :thumbsup:

Edit: Hey, I just realized we didn’t see the whole Bruno situation. It was funny as hell on the radio this afternoon. I couldn’t wait to see it actually unfold on the screen. Actually, they kinda glossed over the fact that he was even in the race or that he was out suddenly. *shrug*

Okey dokey. That was much better! Still a shitty production, but the race was definitely 100% more entertaining. Ok… gotta go write race reports…


9 responses to “St. Petes Race Blog *tape-delayed*

  1. 6 out of the top 9 were our “first timers”!

    Fanfkntastic! Viso and Bernoldi back to back; I was super impressed by Viso; but Graham coming through the field, spun out and then pulling away in the last few laps. Sorry to see Wilson finish as low as he did after such a great first half of the race. Power looked to be struggling with his car most of the day. And yes Danica spins, goes in hot and almost takes out another racer(can’t wait for her to start complaining-she got paddle shifters and easier steering, what does she need now??)

    So happy for Graham. Can anyone comment as to why Wilson runs the McDonalds livery and not Rahal? It seems like an all American boy would be the perfect fit.

    And Paul could have driven Foyt’s or Carpenter’s car much better than they could.

    I’m just sayin…

  2. It’s certainly nice to see them all up front. (this production sucks though)

    Ya, Wilson seemed to lose the fire and Power appears to have lost his mind! LOL!

    Danican’t… don’t even get me started…

    The McDonald’s livery/”sponsorship” is for the #1 car/driver on the team, of which Justin was chosen to be. I had heard prior to Sebring that the MickyD’s sponsorship was going on both cars, but that is obviously not the case.

  3. Pretty much expected to see the Champ Car guys up at the front, especially in the wet. The IndyCar guys who grew up road racing were up there all day too. Good to see Graham win, though.

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  5. Hey Meesh!

    Thanks to Will McCarty for the link to your blog! Missed you at crapwagon, but I don’t go there no more. Too depressing. Too much hate; mired in the past. Loved your take on the race! It was rather satisfying, no? But what the hell is wrong with TSN??? They just don’t get it, and don’t deserve the franchise. Maybe the IRL will be smarter than OWRS and get someone else for us Canucks. Hahaha…I crack me up!


  6. Hey Brian!

    :bigthumbsup: to Will! Welcome to my little politically incorrect corner of the interweb!

    I agree on the wagon. Sad how it deteriorated. In a way it’s demise mirrored the series demise. Ironic.

    The race was very entertaining and satisfying. Always room for improvement however. Lots of it in fact.

    TSN… *sigh* Like the originating broadcast isn’t already bad enough!! Then to get the bastardized TSN treatment. At least they didn’t scroll the winner along the bottom… LOL!

    Well, first they have to secure some Canadian drivers and get the Toronto race back on the schedule. Then I guarandamntee you that the Canadian networks will jump all over this. Live, primetime, Network. With OUR broadcasters.

    Hey, if you’re looking for a little non-judgemental forum discussion, (well, we judge, just not each other…LOL) there are a few of us over at Gonz’s place who are giving this unified thing a shot and yucking it up. Come on by!

  7. Sorry for the ignorance, Meesh, but which one is Gonzo’s? I tried a few at random, but nothing blue and furry jumped out at me.

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