Monday Monday…

a few observations:

IndyCar was the lead story on both SpeedNews and Windbag.
Despain was giddy like a school girl. LOL! I mean, I get it… the whole “patriotic murican” thing, but geesh guys, dial it down. That said, if they want some coverage and excitement when the circus rolls into town in Canada later this summer, it better be on the heels of the announcement of the Toronto race in 09 and beyond, and a Canadian driver *cough* PT *cough* or two on the grid. (and no, Marty Roth doesn’t count)

Why is everyone in the IRL camp of fandom so surprised by Kanaan informing race control of the track conditions? Who better to inform them than one of their top drivers who is presently on the course? This was kinda standard practice on our side of the fence. *shrug*

Am I the only one that saw that AWESOME move by Viso and Bernoldi on FoytIV??? Seriously! I can’t believe there are not entire threads on that alone!

Did they leave the blue flag in the truck? Just curious…

Nascar = “competition yellow”
IndyCar = “Danica yellow”
Can’t have the princess go a lap down now can we?

I don’t understand the reasoning behind not watching or supporting something, but covertly gathering enough information about it to participate in conversations to bash it, rally against it, or tear it down. It’s funny; there are a lot of things and people I don’t like, but I don’t wish abject failure or demise on them. It’s a sad existence. To hold such anger and negativity… what’s the point? Move on. Find a new hobby! Find your happy place. It’s much better for your health.

I’m looking forward to a weekend off. LOL! Holy racing overload this weekend Batman. I feel like I’ve been watching and/or writing from sun up till sundown, and still there is a to-do list a mile long, especially as we prepare for the last hurrah… *tear*

Ok… I’m sure there is more, but I’ll leave it at that for now.


11 responses to “Monday Monday…

  1. I think I yelled “Oh Sh*t!” When Viso & Bernoldi split Foyt. I’ve think I’ve stumbled upon a theorem, Foyt IV + street/road course = moving chicane.

    There were quite a few good passes(Servia had a couple, Rahal, etc) that were not even mentioned by the announcers, WTF?!. That crew is second rate at best.

  2. Were blue flags included in the assets of Champ Car? Maybe they need them for Long Beach. That was sure some dangerous lookin’ debris, though, ya gotta admit! 8^)

  3. LOL! my favorite part was when one car drove over it and it rolled up! LOL!

  4. People are actually hoping for the demise of Indycar in the hopes that something better will rise up out of the ashes. This is AOWR’s last chance. If it fails, the 500 becomes a ‘cab race and we’re done. I still can’t embrace the EARL, too many hurt feelings there. But I’ll have to eventually, probably when there is a new car. That’s really my main problem at this point.

  5. I know!! I’ve noticed that sentiment more and more lately at a certain place 😉 and was going to blog about that at some point. There is no “new better open wheel” series that will magically rise if this fails. We already WERE that. It didn’t work. It’s now or never. It’s funny, they are so busy being vigilantes that they haven’t even noticed their own moral leader changing his tune and and realizing that it’s embrace and fix this, or nothing. Period. (as far as top tier open wheel)

    Ya, hard to get past the car. It really is horrible.

  6. I think as long as terms like “EARL” and “Crap Car” and such are still around, this sport is going to stay in the shitter. But that’s just me.

  7. LOL… Well that’s true too. It would go along way to removing the negative connotation if they changed the name, removing the “league”. I can’t even refer to it as the IRL as that just gives me the shudders from all the years of referring to it negatively.

    (of course I find it hard to use pictures of the car in my articles too cause they are so damn ugly! LOL!)

  8. I understand your point yaumb, but there’s no getting around the fact that it is a crap car. They need to improve their product, and it must start with the car. As far as EARL, to me at least, IRL represents something negative, and I’m sure I’m not alone. But that’s the least of their worries.

  9. Weren’t the ALMS cars turning faster laps in St. Petes?

  10. I’m pretty sure the hot vendors were turning faster laps in the parking lot…

  11. The car sucks. It’s ugly, slow and doesn’t inspire. Hopefully the new cars will be faster, sleeker and better looking… I also wouldn’t mind if they went on a bit of a diet. Until then I’ll watch and lend support with hopes of a better future.

    I haven’t noticed the 360 cam mentioned anywhere. I thought that was pretty cool on the street course. It was especially good that they would go to it for replays. Not a bad little piece of technology… still talking about the cameras, not the cars.

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