returning to the scene of the crime…

Press releases and lists are popping up all over the internet and mainstream media this week, announcing the line-up for the Grand Prix of Long Beach. Apparently Paul Tracy is going to be there to avenge the wall that broke his back. Or is he? Apparently not…

While writing up a recap of day 1 of the Indy 500 media tour, I’m reading through transcripts of Tony George quotes when I find this little gem:

You know, I don’t know. I intend to call; I got a message yesterday from his business manager. I didn’t have a chance to call him back. The message was that he’s free to talk about a ride beginning as early as Motegi. He said he would not be running Long Beach, much to my surprise.


He then went on a bit about the lack of seats actually available at this point, but he hoped that something could be worked out and that he would be talking to him later, yada, yada, yada… ending with:

But it is kind of unfortunate, some would say a travesty, that he’s been sort of left on the sidelines here.

Gee ya think?? A fucking travesty indeed.

For those who aren’t following along, that was Tony George’s response this afternoon to a question about Paul Tracy. Paul Tracy who is the winningest active (or non-active at this point I guess) Champ Car driver. Whose first race was at Long Beach. Who has won there 4 times. Who should, after putting up with all the bullshit, and standing by when most others bailed, be given the opportunity to race in front of his supporters (and detractors) along side the rest of his colleagues when the Champ Car circus rolls into town one final time next week in California. He should have been given the opportunity to go out there and give Champ Car a proper send off. He should have been given the opportunity to put on a show for the fans who have poured their heart and souls and cold hard cash into following him and the series.

Seriously, I am so spitting mad right now I can’t even find enough expletives to describe just how much.

And just where the fuck are those much touted principles and integrity from the Forsythe camp? Unless they live in a fucking cave, they must know and just be turning a blind eye to the deception being foisted upon us, letting the public and the media run with the notion that Paul is contesting this race on their behalf next week.

Hey Monster! Throw some cash over to Derrick Walker for a one off. We’ll get W-Power’s car out of moth balls, and both Derrick and Paul can reap some sweet vengeance on the field. No one drives better than a pissed off PT!! Do it!

fuck… if I haul my ass all the way to California and Paul ends up racing in Motegi… stay the fuck out of my way kids cause it won’t be pretty.


10 responses to “returning to the scene of the crime…

  1. Amen, sister. What the fuck is going on? Hopefully someday soon PT will tell us what happened. It just doesn’t make sense. How could Forsythe do this to Paul? You’d think that they’d do just about anything to spice up this race that’s going to go down as the suckiest in LB history. Meeshbeer, if you do haul down there, look on the bright side: at least you’ll witness history. And, there’s always the beer tent.

    By the way, I somehow stumbled onto your site and I love it. You are spot on and no holds barred.

  2. I like the idea of PT and DW getting together, although Derrick probably won’t want to go anywhere near LB. Very very sad. LB will be more a novelty than history making I’m afraid. Don’t bother. Racing has always taken a back seat to the “show” in LB anyway.

  3. Couple of things. If Walker did field a Monster car I know it would look great! No matter how poorly funded Walker was at times his cars always looked professional and were quite simply some of the best looking cars on the grid. I’m going to miss that part of not having Derrick around.

    Secondly this news does not surprise me and since I’m going to Long Beach it does put a huge damper on things. Would have been nice seeing PT and Jimmy going at it once last time.

    As for who may get PT in the IRL? I’m sticking with my original prediction I made over at YAUMB a few months ago…RLR.

  4. I don’t get it. Isn’t Forsythe a part-owner of the LBGP? Is he so spiteful that he would shoot himself in the foot? I always admired his standing on principles WRT the IRL, but he took the money and sold the farm, so what’s left to stand on? He even has Tony George shaking his head! Strange days. I hope Paul doesn’t just fade ignominiously into the sunset. That would be the saddest thing.

  5. Sciguy: hey! glad you stumbled in! What the fuck indeed. Although apparently it’s not a done deal at the moment. (according to my buddy Rick Matsumoto at the Toronto Star) I will indeed witness history and I definitely find the beer tent 😉

    Roger: Stranger things have happened right? LOL! Next week is more about saying good bye to friends, covering the stories of the farewell, and PR for the site (not this one, rather than the race itself.
    Of course if Paul is racing, I will be in my usual spot in the Forsythe pits enjoying every glorious moment.

    jcollins: agreed on all of the above.

    RLR huh? makes sense as he is currently only fielding a single car correct? Although the last thing Paul needs is to be on another team with a penchant for running their driver out of fuel… 😉

  6. Brian: Foolish pride brings out the most unattractive qualities in some people. One would hope both of them will want to take pride in their actions rather than their non-actions next week and go out with class.

    High five for the $20 word usage too! (humiliating indeed)

  7. If TP can bring sonsorship maybe Walker can rehire the crew he had to lay off a few weeks ago.

    TP would run up front in the IRL and Walker could be an outright team owner again.

  8. I bet it’s really chapping the Champ Car die-hards’ asses that in this situation Tony George is actually the voice of reason and sanity and Gerry Forsythe is the asshole… 😉

  9. Not likely Yaumb. They would have to remove their rosy glasses in order to see that, or possess a voice of reason themselves…

    Rat, I’m going to assume you mean PT.. LOL! (unless there is a driver whose initials are TP that I just can’t think of off hand…)

  10. ok, quick comment that as nothing to do with your post Meesh. I wanna know if Sciguy is MRI_guy’s cousin?

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