she’s not singing yet…

apparently the chubby gal is just warming up in the wings…

“He would like me to run Long Beach and I would like to run Long Beach, but there are some things that have to happen before we can commit to that. At this point I’m glad that we’ve got some correspondence and we’re dealing directly with Gerry’s lawyer.”

hug it out bitches.

Come on Jerry… what do you want be next week on the AP wire? Hero or villian? What will the story be?  All the great things and people that were there? or the one that wasn’t?

Let’s have something good come out of this fucking messed up situation.


17 responses to “she’s not singing yet…

  1. Meesh this is off the Entry List

    Long Beach, California, USA

    Dated April 3, 2008

    3 Paul Tracy Las Vegas, Nevada Canada
    INDECK Forsythe / Pettit Racing Indianapolis, Indiana Chief Mechanic Chris Muir

  2. Ya Rat, it’s been on the entry list for a while, but that doesn’t mean squat unfortunately. Rick talked to him on the phone yesterday. TG got msg from him the day before yesterday. Nothing is set regarding his participation in Long Beach.

    I’ll believe he is driving there when I see him in the car on Friday.

  3. I may be reading between the lines, or inferring TG’s lack of personality but did he sound less than enthused about trying to get in touch with PT?

  4. So will Jerry’s lawyer be attending the race to give PT a pep talk? This just gets more bizzare.

    And I am starting to wonder if PT has just burned to many bridges in the past. A driver with his experience should have been plucked by one of the IndyCar immediately.

  5. The problem is that whatever team desired to “pluck” would have had to pay a pretty hefty buyout clause from what I understand.

    I can’t really speak to the bridge burning. Hell, who HASN’T burned a bridge or 10 at some point. I sure as hell know I have!

    I just think he is a victim of circumstance, bad timing, and just plain bad luck.

    If he were 29 as opposed to 39, he’d have 2 races under his belt this year… and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    The thing that makes him “PT” is the thing that makes him so desirable and the thing that comes back to bite him in the ass. He’s a mouthy, no-holds barred, tell like it is, heart on his sleeve, win it or crash trying kinda guy. If the series was healthy and the money was pouring in, teams would be fighting over him. He’s good for business! He’s good for press. He’s awesomely entertaining on track. Unfortunately times are lean. He’s comes with a hefty price tag and a hefty repair bill 😉 Personally I think he’s worth every fucking penny. He alone got 90% of the press in the last 4/5 yrs, either directly or indirectly. He was the big fish in a small pond.
    Now with the unification he is still a big fish, but the pond is an ocean, and there are other big fish.. and interesting fish… and young fish.
    The worst thing that could have happened to Paul this week was any of the CC drivers winning the race. No the WORST thing that could have happened was the young American son of a racing legend winning the race.

    It’s heartbreaking the way this has gone down. If I were a driver I’d think twice about putting my career and my livelihood in the hands of Jerry Forsythe. He just doesn’t seem to understand the heart of a racer.

  6. I totally agree about PT. I mean, who’s the boss, applesauce? You can’t buy that kind of entertainment. And, of course, no one is more exciting (or expensive if you’re buying parts) than PT. But, his price tag is too high, and he’s certainly old for a race car driver. The last few years haven’t been kind to him either. Your age is underscored when some 19 year old kid comes along and wins his first race. I think that his flirtation with NASCAR also made some think that he’s not as committed as he once was. I hope Monster steps up and helps Paul into a good ride with a good team because I agree that he can still get it done, and his return will be great for the sport. I’d bet that Monster at least gets him into Indy.

  7. Meesh – Do you plan to attend the Indy 500? Ever been?

    Is the link new on the blog? I just noticed it…

  8. sciguy: LOL! I have a picture of PT on my desktop right now with the heading “I’m the &#%$ boss applesauce!” Maybe I’ll use it in my next PT post 😉

    BBH: Schedule permitting, I will be making my first trek to Indy this May. I figure if ever there was a year to go, this would be the one right?

    As for the link, I’m curious why you ask so suspiciously… *looks around for hidden camera*

    Yes it’s new, as are a few of the other ones. I did a little spring cleaning/tweaking this week.

  9. This is your first Indy? Well, you can console yourself with the fact that it won’t be nearly as lame as the past decade of Indy 500s… but seriously, as a guy who’s been to every Indy 500 since 1971 you missed out on some pre-Split classics. 😉 Better late than never!

  10. Never to old to learn new tricks right 😉

  11. Congrats. My first year too.. I was planning on going already before the split, but the merger was a pleasant suprise.

    I hope there are alot more like us now that things are groovy again.

  12. I think there will be. Especially if there is true bumping and a full accomplished field as opposed to 5 good drivers and a bunch of cheques.

  13. It is quite an experience to look down the front stretch and see that mass of people in either direction. Makes me as giddy as a skool guhl.

  14. If you get ESPN Classic, it shows some of the old Indy races during the month of May. It’s quite shocking to see the cars pull into pit lane as fast as they did back then.

    As for PT, I don’t care how old he is get him in a damn car. I’m not so sure about this Forsythe guy anymore. Some hail him, some want him to go there.

  15. Preaching to the fucking choir my friend…

  16. I’ve got an idea of where Forsythe can go….

  17. Meesh — If you go to Indy, bring and wear ear plugs. It is LOUD.

    A couple years back I didn’t wear plugs and my ears hurt for two weeks.

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