just sayin is all…

see ya in Long Beach 😉


7 responses to “*ahem*…

  1. I’ll never get tired of that line from PT.

  2. LOL… he’s such a dork. (like the rest of us that grew up in the burbs of Toronto)

    (truthfully I was mortified at the time he said it) (well, minus my added expletives…)

    I did however deliciously enjoy the whineritis line that season (replete with sarcasm & a medical mask to boot!)

  3. So you want have a cold Monster in Long Beach?

  4. You’re on!

    (I’m actually drinking an M-80 right now in celebration!)

  5. How funny was that? Maybe even funnier was the response – who was it, Jordain? “He said what? (*eyebrows raised*) Well, that’s Paul”

    How about the wrestler’s mask? Man, that was good stuff, too. Or the golf cart incident. Gosh, you could just go on and on with this stuff. I wish it were cataloged somewhere.

    I brought my (now) wife to a Champ Car race at Nazareth, PA and we had a scanner randomly looking for chatter. She played with it for a while and then started giggling. After a bit more listening, she asked “Who is driving car 26?”. Nothing but a stream of F-bombs with random bits of info regarding the ill-handling characteristics of his car.

  6. LOL! I was in Montreal for the mask/cape moment… what a hoot! To be in his pits when he got out of the car each time to a wall of booing, while he just smiled and waved. I’m telling ya, the guy is pure entertainment.

    I was always so torn between who I was going to listen too on race weekend. Patreek or PT. Both were… “colourful” in their interpretation of the car/track/traffic…

  7. i was in the stands in turn 1 when he was introduced with the mask and cape. I was sooo ROFLMAO at that, but also at the way the crowd started booing, but after seeing him they were laughing out loud! LOL!

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