So… I was talking to Helio…

No really, I was. (I’ll post the pictures later)
He confirmed that he didn’t give Danica the win.
(and I’m a big scary girl who demanded the truth! LOL)

So, I’ll rescind my original call.

(doesn’t mean I’m happy about them putting her fucking smug mug all over OUR race broadcast…)
(at least they didn’t put her in OUR victory circle like they originally were trying to do…)

Ok… off to decompress… today was too sad for words…


8 responses to “So… I was talking to Helio…

  1. Not to harp, but if it was YOUR broadcast they’d have had YOUR pit reporters, anchors, and broadcast team instead of Marty, Scotty, Jamie “I won the celeb race!” Little, and Jack “Goat-ee” Arute polluting the airwaves… 😉

    Honestly, I was impressed with the way the broadcast paid tribute to the history of the race, and if you’ll notice they were nearly unanimous in hoping that all of the good qualities of Champ Car (turbos, onboard starters, push to pass, option tires) be incorporated into the 2009 IndyCar campaign.

    I felt sad too… until I saw the points standings and saw everyone on one sheet. The only real tragedies of the weekend were Derrick Walker and Paul Tracy… and I can hope that they’re only temporary tragedies.

  2. although the Danica on air thing was a bit overdone… the race was long over, and overall the coverage was better then any champ car race or irl race i had ever seen, they even took time to talk about drivers. Although the word shout out was getting very old.

  3. LOL Meesh did we bump into each other on pit road? I’m a tall white guy about 6′-3″. I was wearing a visteon patrick racing crew shirt? I saw Helio on pit road as well and figured what the hell might as well get a picture with him as a joke for for my wife since she never misses that dancing show. Anyways I bumped into a lady that was walking in between us and after my pics she started taking some pictures to. Was that you?

  4. For those who don’t know me, I am one of those CC fans who has been trying to bend over backwards to be accepting of the future we now share with the ICS. I say that because I found this broadcast to be a slap in the face for champ car fans. I don’t know if those at the IRL/ABC are capable of seeing anything through the eyes of an actual racing fan and not some typical American WWE fan/idiot, but I was highly insulted, both as a CC fan and as an intelligent person. If this broadcast was a signal sent by the powers that will control the future of the ICS, then I have been alerted that what will be presented will be the lowest common denominator of racing.

    Get ready for all-Danica, all-the-time. Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  5. Hey Indy… no matter how bad the ABC broadcast is, at least they don’t say the thrice-repeated “B” word… 😉

  6. OMG, I recorded it on my DVR and I’m going to replay to my friends this weekend. I’m going to make a drinking game out of it, everytime they mention Danica and her win in Japan I’m going to have them take a shot. I guarantee none of them will be standing at the end. Get ready folks, all Danica, all the time. You’d think with two minutes left in the race they would have thanked her and discussed the LB race, but they kept her on ’till the checkered flag.

  7. yaumb, I never cared about NASCAR, so those broadcasts are just comedy for me. Boogity, gophers, c’mon, nobody can possible take that shit seriously.

    I see in Indy Car a great loss. We have gone from the dignity of Mears to the inanity of Danica. Pathetic.

  8. Pathos isn’t limited to the IRL, Indy. I mean, with all the sadness of Champ Car’s final race, it wouldn’t be proper to list the list of idiocy perpetrated by Champ Car and CART before it…

    The “dignity of Mears” was mortgaged on the first day of the 1996 season. And we won’t see its like for at least another 10 years… assuming they can keep everything together that long.

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