and so it ends…

At the end of the race yesterday, instead of his usually spry exit from the car, Paul took a moment…
That’s when my tears began to fall…


12 responses to “and so it ends…

  1. So very sad :((((

  2. That totally sucks. I think we’ll all perk up when we hear that he has got a ride for Indy. They can’t leave him on the sidelines. I guess the lawyers are hard at work today (?) to deal with Forsythe. I just hope someone will give him a good car to race: c’mon, Penske, he was young!

    Meeshbeer: glad to hear that you (generally) had a good time at the race. Obviously we all wanted better for Paul.

  3. He will end up somewhere…This “business” with Jerry completely screwed him with Monster for a full deal for 2008. Maybe the door will be open for 09? With that said and with some things I asked Paul I’m going back on my RLR prediction.

  4. ~sigh~

    And didn’t the cars sound absolutely wonderful? It is so hard to watch those get put on the shelves. We can only hope there’s good things around the corner in 2010.

  5. Agreed, Fullycompletely! They were beautiful and sounded beautiful, too. It certainly was a bummer to see them shelved. Hopefully the IRL will change it up. They were smart enough to do it from the horrible sounding stock block, so hopefully they’ll do the right thing when the time comes.

  6. They looked, sounded and smelled gorgeous…
    It was heartbreaking when they pulled into pitlane for the last time and all went silent…

  7. You haven’t seen the last of the turbos. Mark my words.

  8. Yaumb that was the word up and down pitlane. That’s fine and all and not to bring up bad blood but if what I heard this weekend is true. Turbo’s schedule that mirror’s pre 95 then….I guess the lot of us stubborn CART elitist snobs was not so far off the mark all these years. When we called B.S on every different reason that came out of 16th & Georgetown as to why the IRL was created.

  9. I totally agree with you, jcollins28. That being said, I think that the owners proved that they can’t run the series. I think that we have to have a dictator. Whether TG is the correct dictator is an entirely different question, but a moot one: we don’t have a choice. We’ll just have to hope that he surrounds himself with good people and makes good choices going forward.

  10. Great picture Meesh, where’d you get it?

  11. wow! Look at y’all debating while I’m in travel hell! LOL!

    I hope you’re right about the turbos.

    So Fla: I took that shot. (tweaked it with some effects)

    I took more pics of Paul this weekend than the last 3 yrs combined.

    I just arrived in my livingroom… *thud* 14hrs… needing sleep. Once I’ve regained some semblance of lucidity, I’ll post more pics and more thoughts on the weekend.

  12. The worst thing about open wheel is that the participants rarely get the satisfaction they deserve.

    The best thing about open wheel is seeing the owners torture and cannibalize each other. They most richly deserve that.

    Go PT. I will cheer you on at Indy.

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