Lest I be left thinking that TSN purposely provided the worst television coverage of Champ Car whilst giving preferential treatment to IndyCar, they proved loud and clear that they are equal opportunity jag offs when it comes to American Open Wheel.
Sure… they’ll run the F1 races live, side by side with Speed. (they’ll even repeat them later at a more optimal time for those that don’t wish to get up at the crack of dawn)
They’ll even run the Nascar races live alongside the 13 other stations doing the same…
Those of us interested in following AOW, however, get the following treatment…

I got around to watching the race I had to tape at 12:30am EST (7hrs after it ran)
I wanted to see all of the things I “heard” about while listening to the race live.
Instead this is what I got:

Laps between commercial breaks (which btw aren’t ‘side-by-side’ here in Canuckdia)
1-14 caution laps/green laps
61-66 green laps, but head scratchingly confusing as the field is in a completely different order and cars are missing (with no explanation) hey wait?! where did those 40 laps go?
107-122 (danica/Motegi montage coming back from commercial) boring racing, still confused as an additional 40 laps have mysteriously passed.
129-132 green laps with lots of Danica commentary
138-146 (danica/Motegi coming back from commercial) boring racing, still confused, more Danica
150-159 pit stops/caution laps (danica out of car… coverage of her going to commercial)
161- 163 caution laps (danica interview) (“ya know” x 100) (bitch please, that tough talk act is pretty pathetic, and I’m sure Viso doesn’t know or care who you are either)
166-169 caution laps 171-179 green racing
19 to go

In total I got 87 laps of “racing” (About 25 of which were caution laps) and would be completely in the dark as to what happened during the missing 113 laps had I not already listened to the race (while watching the leader cam on line) in the afternoon.

No coverage of Will’s accident, Roth’s pit mishap, Roth’s retirement, Viso/Scheckters accident (only Scheckter’s interview later) Viso’s pit mishap.

Lot’s of coverage and in depth analysis however of the Princess, her win last week, her torpedoing backwards through the field, her worn wheel nubs, etc… etc… etc…

This, my friends, is not going to help the plight of open wheel in Canada or convince fringe fans to jump on board with unification.

Let’s add proper international television coverage to the “how to improve IndyCar” to-do list shall we…
(oh and lest you think I’m be too harsh, I was none too kind about the pathetic CC tv package either)


7 responses to “TSN…

  1. Uhh, what is TSN? Canada’s ESPN2?

  2. You got shafted. You think the Danica flood is bad right now, wait til May…

  3. Hey there its Mrs, Problemchild here, Danielle. Meesh i found this article you might want to read.


  4. lol… oops, you got caught in the spam filter *scratches head in confusion* Hello Ms. thang!

    I found the article elsewhere and linked to it. I do find it interesting that PTalk just posted it as if it was their own feature.

  5. Ya, that really bugged me too! And what is TSN?

  6. TSN is like the ugly red-headed Canadian stepchild of ESPN

  7. One word about TSN: Duthie.


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