hidden gems…

Don’t you just love the internet? No matter what your interests or line of work, in the blink of an eye you can become ensconced in a community of like minded individuals.

When I started this little blog a year ago, it was out of frustration. I had been toiling for a number of years on an internet forum, in front of and behind the scenes. My participation came to a end (and frustration to the boiling point) when I began to rebel against the censorship I was being forced to enforce against my fellow participants, and when I myself became censored and subsequently pushed under the “you’re not a real fan if you speak out against the series” bus.

My blog became my little private personal oasis of unabashed opinion and foul language. ( I do so love the word “fuck”!) A place for me to speak my mind and record my thoughts on the series, the races and the situations that came up throughout the season. For a couple of months I was convinced it was as public as the paper journal on my beside table. Then a few of my former forum conversationalists came out of the shadows. It was like a mini, unmoderated forum.
Eventually through some shout outs and linkage via other open wheel bloggers, my little world started to expand.

With the recent “unification”* of American open wheel, I found myself suddenly thrust into the blogging spotlight, linked to and commented on by IndyCar bloggers!! I took a step back. Did they know I was a Champ Car follower? That I had championed that series while openly disagreeing with and oft times bashing theirs? Would I have to watch what I said from now on?

In a word, no. I was pleasantly surprised to find that as open-minded as I have been over the last couple of months to our new future, learning about IndyCar and accepting the challenges ahead, so too were my new internet brethren open to my point of view from the other side. I remain outspoken and opinionated, both positively and negatively, and am truly enjoying the conversations that have sprouted up within the comment section of my little online oasis. I have also enjoyed reading and conversing on the many funny, intelligent and informative blogs from the “other side” of the fence. Would I have given them any eye or air time a year ago? Probably not. (of course I was but a blip on their radar as well) But as we’ve all come to discover, some of us rather painfully of late, things change. Situations change. People change.

So this is my shout out to some great reads out there in open wheel internet land! Don’t be afraid, my Champ Car refugees, to click on links with the words Indy or IRL in the title. You may find yourself surprised, like I was, that they are just like us. They passionately support the series and drivers they champion. They loudly protest slights and wrong doings against it. And they puff out their chests and brag when the good stuff happens. Many even agree with us on what needs to be changed or improved upon. *gasp*

Many of you have discovered the links on the sidebar on your own and bravely clicked. (I see it in my stats) I hope you have taken it upon yourself to bookmark them in your own browsers and have made them a regular stop during your surfing day.

While everyone on my list is highly recommended, I am going to give a few some extra shout outs…(this is where I inevitably offend someone on the list who didn’t get the spotlight… so… sorry in advance)

Yaumb was my first “linker”. He started the ball rolling on my losing my anonymity here in interweb land. He’s not as prolific as some of us, but with him it’s about quality not quantity.

SpinDoctor is a valuable and rare gem. He posts every Tuesday. I count the days. As a wannabe motorsports writer and PR person, it’s like a priceless “how to” workshop. If you’re in the biz… bookmark this guy!

Is it May Yet & My name is IRL, daily stops for me. May yet is more straightforward in his delivery and you would think he is “all business” until he pulls out the horrifying PT picture or the “son of stache” version of Graham Rahal… thats when you realize his humour is understated. My name has that enjoyable touch of snark that keeps you coming back. Admittedly I rolled my eyes at him a lot the first few reads, but now I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy his POV. (I guess I’ve been fully assimilated!)

Pressdog. What is there to say about this guy other than I sincerely hope to sit beside him for a race in the future. His post race commentary notes are the highlight of my Mondays. Seriously. Humour and satire at it’s best.

ok… I’ll close my gushing suck up fest of a post with this weeks discovery:

Dr Indy. This is part news portal, part blog. There is no commentary option sadly, as I would love to give him many pats on the back. Today he posted an amazing article. (which prompted this “gee ain’t the internet great!” post)

The article was posted with permission by the author, Jason Peters. I won’t repost it here because I wasn’t the one to procure such permission, but I highly HIGHLY recommend you click and read. Stellar insight. Truly.

and with that, my lunch break is over and I must get back to work. If you know of any “must read” blogs out there that I have yet to discover on my own, please make me aware! There’s always room on my link list!


11 responses to “hidden gems…

  1. Meesh and other regulars: as you may know, I recently stumbled in here and it changed my surfing habits immediately. I love this place. The level of discourse here is incredible: Meesh, you are hilarious and insightful as are your groupies (I nearly pooped my pants laughing at the Will Power “deer in the headlights”/ autistic comment.) People post strong opinions on here without being dicks. And, it is clear that those opinions are backed by knowledge. I think that it’s a new World Record for the internet. This is really one of the only troll-negative forums I’ve seen.

    I follow nearly all forms of racing (no Monster Trucks, lawnmowers, or figure 8 bus racing need apply), so I’ve frequented many boards. I typically just lurk, since most of them are devoid of information and intelligent conversation. Sometimes, I find myself simply counting the typos in these shitscapes.

    I really appreciate the conversations that I’ve had with you all in the past week or two. I hope it can continue, and I’ve enjoyed jumping into those links and finding so many other quality blogs that I didn’t know existed. Thanks to all! I appreciate the chance to share my opinions with you guys…God knows my wife doesn’t want to hear it!

  2. *blush*

    Thanks for the mention, Meesh. I check your blog more than I do my own. I love the fact that you’re an unabashed Champ Car fan with an actual working brain, and I think you’d make a terrific addition to any media center. If I weren’t already semi-retired, I’d be honored to share a rickety seat and a non-functional network drop with you anytime. 🙂

  3. Oh goody, now I actually have good stuff to read. I signed up for google alerts for Champ Car earlier this year, and most of it is pure crap. I check your blog daily. Thanks Meesh

  4. Drindy.com just enabled the comment feature in direct response to your posting “There is no commentary option sadly, as I would love to give him many pats on the back.”

    That being said, start patting. We would love to hear from you.

  5. *jumps up and down and claps with glee*

    dayum… I feel so influential all of a sudden!

  6. I did some quick reading, and I am also impressed with what has been linked here. Someone should tell the delusionistas at CCF that there are many remarkable ICS blogs, and that the gomer writers are more intelligent and literate than they. Amagione that.

    Maybe you crazy cats have inspired me to get back in the “listen to me” game.

  7. it would fall on defiantly deaf ears my friend. Groupspeak/think.com over there. The only blogs they read are the commatard’s (thanks to the desperate pimping by his minions) and Donath (thanks to his own desperate pimping)

    Besides, they’re still too busy wishing for the demise of IndyCar, and planning for the magical new bigger better open wheel series run by the pure P. Gentilozzi and the principled J. Forsythe to rise from the ashes afterwards. The Magical Unicorn World Series! Look for it in city near you !

  8. and yes… you should get back into the listen to me game. (I still have you bookmarked)

    Just don’t fall into the pimping trap. It’s unbecoming. 😉

  9. Well golly, Meesh. Thanks for the shoutout!

  10. “touch of snark”, eh? Sounds like a Cary Grant movie.

  11. well, now, that can’t be a bad thing can it?

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