Gotta luv Robin…

I used to really look forward to Robin’s Chat’s. Fun, off the cuff, tell it like it is, banter. Now they’ve decided that there will be weekly “mail bag” sessions. Bad move in my opinion. Instead of dozens of unedited, fast paced questions/answers, we get 3-5 long winded email questions and answers. meh.

Anyway, one of the long winded questions attacked Robin’s assertion that the DP01 should be adapted and brought over to the unified series, this was his response:

RM: The Dallara is an old car and the Panoz is much younger but the bottom line is that the DP01 looks like a sexy, open-wheel car and the Dallara looks like an old boat plowing through the water with its bow in the air. The IRL engines have always been painfully loud (look at the fans holding their ears) and sound like a stock car engine that’s dropped a cylinder. Again, the turbo Cosworth sings when it goes by and has a distinctive, powerful sound. I’d like to see the rules opened up so you could run whatever you wanted, so I’m with you on the good old days too.

hehe… love him.

Here is the rest of this weeks “mail bag”


11 responses to “Gotta luv Robin…

  1. I love that he said “I am flattered that you took time to make a sign” to the guy who said the sign called him a moron.

    He is funny and usually right when viewed through my prism. His views regarding the war (and the end of it) were very similar to mine with respect to timing. He was great in the end, the only source I could find telling us what was going on behind the scenes (of course, I didn’t know about this world at that point).

    We need more personalities like him IN the cars.

    I’d also much, much rather have him calling a race compared to Paul Page. I could get on board with most of the Jason Peters essay, but Paul Page? Really? Man, I’d kick in a bit extra out of my paycheck to get that guy into retirement. He still haunts the NHRA, and I can’t take it. I think a new model is required to spice up the broadcast: no more of the old guard, please.

    P.S. I didn’t mind Derek Daly so much, but what the hell are hollyhocks?

  2. Yup. He was in the confidence of more people than anyone gave him credit for. I quite enjoyed greeting my old friend in the media centre in Long Beach and giving him a big hug.

    I don’t know if he would be good at calling the raises, but he would be fun to add some colour commentary.

    Our best group was Varsha and TK in the booth Fish and Daly in the pits. (and I think Pruett was around then too)

    I hated the Daly/Benjamin combo. Daly never shut the fuck up, there was no back and forth.

    Benjamin/Beekus was great. I know a lot of folks didn’t like Rick, but to me he was a poor man’s Varsha. Great voice, great enthusiasm, asked the questions that the casual fans would probably have. Jan was great with the technical stuff and the driver viewpoint (again sort of TK like, but without the badass attitude)


    DD will be forever remembered for his “look at her chest!” comment towards Kat, and his endless explanation of a flat spot… LOL!

  3. OK, so I did actually Google Hollyhock one day. But, let’s just say that it would have made a devastating drinking game. Maybe not as good as the mention of Danididbutneverwillagain, but silly drunk nonetheless.

    I love Varsha, although he is a little stiff: he’s perfect for F1. Beekus is great, but I’ll totally take TK.

    I guess I’d just like to see the broadcasts take off the tie and get a little more GenX. Not pierced nose and eyebrow, but a little more fluid and without the old model. I think some of the characters mentioned could pull off some interesting commentary and insights in a less forced way. Maybe I am being naive and don’t realize how hard it would actually be.

    Anything but Paul Page, please! (Sorry, Paul – nothing personal.)

    Oh, and somehow I missed the “look at her chest!” comment! “Oops!!! Did I just say that out loud?” That is really funny!

  4. I always enjoyed Beekhus as the technical commentator and thought he was a good guy when I met him in Denver. Fish was awesome in the pits.

    Benjamin has that classic voice for radio or television and I did think he brought, what felt like, real enthusiasm to the races. This current group has got to go; with the exception of what’shisname in the pits. I can’t believe his name escapes me now. I think he’s knowledgeable, can ask good questions and keeps pace with everything around him.

  5. Beekhuis is definitely one of the best pit reporters/technical color guys in the biz. That he’s not working and Jack Arute still is is a major crime.

    Rick Benjamin should be doing HSN and not racing commentary. He sounds like the most boring weatherman in the world. Not sad at all that I won’t see him do another IndyCar race.

    Bob Varsha is the best racing commentator in the business. Bar none. Maybe in the history of the sport. Mike Joy came close but that was before he became FOX’s whore and DW’s cocksmoker (I know you luv that word, Meesh ;)). Unfortunately, there’s no way they’d be able to pry him from the F1 gig.

    The guy that should anchor the IndyCar coverage is Vince Welch. He’s been doing local Indy TV work for years and is a staple in Indianapolis. He’s the only pit reporter left for ESPN/ABC who is at all competent, and he’s very well respected by just about everyone.

    My dream crew: Varsha or Welch as anchor; PT as color if he’s not driving, Memo Gidley if not; Jan Beekhuis anchoring the pit reporter crew with Adam Alexander providing support. If you need “female presence,” hire Erin Crocker away from Ray Evernham. At least she knows what she’s talking about.

    Just my opinion, of course.

  6. Jan is over doing ALMS now. (at least he was in LB) Great for them, sucks for us.

    Jack doesn’t make me want to stab myself as much as Goodyear/Reid
    Poor Rick. LOL! I think I’m one of like 5 people who like the guy. Maybe because we were going through our Champ Car learning curve at the same time. He is a lovely man in person, always willing to stop and have a chat.

    Varsha is da bomb. Isn’t it amazing how the Speed Report suddenly feels “credible” now that Varsha is the host? I actually enjoy watching it now.

    Vince is great. Unfortunately, in our tape delayed abortions they try to pass off as races up here, we rarely get any of his contributions as it’s during the 113 laps they cut out of the broadcast.

    PT would probably be great (I loved when T-Bell did commentary while on probation, and Hinch calling the races was stellar on the international broadcast) but I would rather hear his commentary from the car… iffin ya know what I mean… He was very insightful as one of the hosts of Star Racer. (you guys didn’t get that in the US)
    (actually, DD wasn’t a total asshat as the other host either… in fact, that show redeemed him in my eyes) (Kat was the third host/judge, and was terrific)

    Do we “need” female presence? Really? We’ve got grid girls and driver’s wives… and plenty of pit ho’s or “eye candy”. When the pit reporter approaches a driver or owner, I don’t care if it has boobs or a dick, it needs to be someone who actually cares about the racing, not just how he/she looks on camera and is using this as a step to her “real” career whatever that may be. We had Cameron Steele last year… he was kinda the male equivalent of Brie… a himbo if you will.

    hmm… Erin Crocker huh. Ya, a female racer could work. Of course having racing experience does not guarantee personality and good camera presence.
    see: Danica Patrick

    Jamie Little didn’t make me want to kill myself in the little bits that I saw of her. (maybe a little too bubbly) and the girl can drive!

    all just my opinion of course… 😉

  7. Yaumb: Memo Gidley…interesting call! I’d be all for that.

  8. The whole crew has to go, now. The whole crew.

    I don’t even care who they replace them with, but I will say this. If there is an intelligent woman reporter who can think on her feet but is not attractive enough to be a playmate, please hire her anyway. Believe it or not, ABC, a cute pit girl is not going to score you ratings, but an intelligent broadcast just may.

  9. See now YOU can say that. (thank you and I agree btw)

    If I say that or make a disparaging remark about Danicanbutwon’tagain then I’m “jealous” or being petty.

  10. True, and not fair.

    Is it a requirement that you have to be a scumbag to be a broadcast executive? When will these guys learn that making obviously sexist choices will never endear them to their more serious fans or to their female fans?

    Clearly the problem with the IRL broadcasts is a lack of intelligence among those who make the decisions. My first grader could make better choices.

  11. LOL… well, yes.

    I’m afraid gender is not the issue with the current ESPN team. They are equal opportunity offenders to their fanbase with the current line-up.

    I watched the Celebrity race from LB today on Speed. What a shame that Jan Beekus was there that weekend covering that and the ALMS, but not our race. :headontablebangingrepeatedly:

    At the risk of relegating myself to a gomer moniker, I have to say that the females that report on the Nascar broadcasts are not that bad. They are personable and knowledgeable, and don’t seem like a deer in the headlights everytime the camera comes on them. They actually think on their feet and participate in spontaneous back and forth conversations! (sad that that is something that is surprising to me based on my experience with the ladies on the open wheel side)

    I highly recommend listening to IMS radio in lieu of the tv broadcast team in the meantime.

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