the hour glass…

gets flipped…

Andretti Green Promotions and Grand Prix Association of Toronto Agree to Extend Closing Date

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. ( May 1, 2008 ) – Andretti Green Promotions, LLC and Grand Prix Association of Toronto Corp (GPAT) have agreed to extend the closing date on the potential purchase of GPAT’s assets until May 15, 2008.

The additional period is needed to allow both parties time to meet certain obligations related to the completion of purchase agreements.

The terms of the agreement will not be disclosed and neither party will be offering further comment.

So, that’s a good sign! Extended deadlines means something positive is happening and that all hope is not lost. It could also tie in nicely timing wise with some “PT has a ride for Indy and beyond” media buzz… (no, I don’t know anything, but am still keeping my fingers crossed for that too)

Of course my spidey senses are also tingling that perhaps unka Jerry (Forsythe, co-owner of race with Kalkhoven from what I understand) is one of the hold outs and therefore the hold up to this going through in a timely fashion. We’ve all seen how frustratingly stubborn he can be when he is in “if it’s going to benefit the IRL then I don’t wanna play” petulant child mode. Just ask Paul Tracy what it’s like not to find out you’re driving until late Thursday night of a race weekend… then possibly lose a year of your driving career as a thank you for your years of dedication… (*deep breath* not going to go there right now…)

My buddy Rick Matsumoto from the Toronto Star weighed in on the situation with a few more unnamed sources and another quote from Bob Singleton. (the fact that Bob is named and spouting off for everyone leads me to believe he is not involved in these talks at all)

So… we go back to waiting I guess. *heads off to mark May 15th on the calendar*


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