a show devoted…

to back-markers??

Seriously, I just turned on SpeedTV and there is a show called “Go or Go home” that is devoted to all those boys who are outside the top 35 automatic entry into the show. That’s funny. I guess it’s good that they and their sponsors get a little airtime/interview time. Ahh… the Nascar machine man. Hey maybe IndyCar can do their own show called “5 laps down” so that all the kids at the back can get a little face time! 😉

Patreek is looking good today (12th in Cup practice)

I don’t understand why they don’t run him in both series. (especially when they are running the same track that weekend) Seems like a logical way to get some seat/track time. Besides, he’s had all of his results in Nationwide.

*shrug* who knows.

Ok… I just heard the phrase “knock a little new offa them” in reference to warming up the tires… time to change the channel.


6 responses to “a show devoted…

  1. What have you heard about Derrick Walker and P.T? Seems like something is going on but finding the money is well a little tough it seems. Maybe someone should tell that carnival barker in Texas to offer that 100k to P.T. Although that would not do to much good for Indy.

  2. Gossage wouldn’t pay 10 cents for PT, unfortunately.

  3. As of last night, nothing is set for Indy, but there are still irons in the fire… fingers crossed.

    Gossage is an ass.

  4. Yes, Gossage is an ass. That should be repeated frequently. The ICS will take a huge step forward when they drop their race at that deathtrap. No real racing car can run there safely.

    Hey, Meesh. Can you feel your IQ drop when you watch those things?

  5. LOL, when I watch Nascar you mean? hehehe… well, I don’t watch enough to challenge my IQ I’m sure.

    Honestly I do enjoy some of the info shows like Nascar Performance and Trading Paint.
    (If I’m not going to like something, I’m going to educate myself as to why I don’t before I do… if that makes any sense)

    The races themselves… meh… I like the road courses. The short ovals are crap. They are just giant accidents waiting to happen. Poor Patreek last night!! He was like a target in video game. A sitting duck on that tiny track and he got hit like 5 times. Walked away, but I’m sure he had a big headache later.

  6. Holy crap! I couldn’t wait to leave work on Friday just to get away from the race. I’m so glad I moved out of that town. Now, if I can just get further away. : )

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