Senseless violence in Indy… *updated*

I’m just gutted for the entire team. Heartbreaking story

It’s not like it was some dive biker bar either. According to my sources It was a nice bar/restaurant about 20ft from their hotel. The were about to leave to go home when the goon jumped on the table and kick Evan’s (in the head) unprovoked. The autopsy is to determine if it was the initial blow or the fall that killed him. I guess that will determine the severity of the charges against the braintrust of douchebags that think attacking people for sport is “fun”

From everyone I’ve talked to this morning, it is unanimous that Davey Evans was one of the “nicest guys in the paddock”. I didn’t deal directly with him by any means, but when I received the picture this morning I knew exactly who he was and know I have spoken with and shared a smile and laugh with at the track.

There is oddly NO mention of this on any official Indy news site. I guess “they” (whomever they are) are trying to either snuff it out or spin it so as not to draw any negative press to Indianapolis or the race.

Not what I wanted to start my day/week talking about.

I’ll save my weekend wrap up for later…

I still find it incredible that there has been virtually NO mention of this incident in the mainstream. (it’s now 5:15pm EDT) Very weird.

Davey was a much loved crew member that was with Newman-Haas since the virtually the beginning (40 or so yrs according to various friends) Current and past crew members from many teams in the paddock are just in shock that this mild mannered gentleman died in such a vicious and senseless way.

The weird thing is, as a motorsports writer, I prepare myself weekly for the possibility that I will have to write condolences and an obituary type article. It’s the nature of the beast. But this… this was just so… stupid for lack of a better word. My heart goes out to his girlfriend. I’m sure she too prepared herself for something happening at the track or in the shop, but this? Not this.

Just goes to show you you never know what’s around the corner.

I’m torn between sadness, ridiculous anger and a need to make changes in my life. It’s too short to not be living it to the fullest.

If you’re reading this today, be happy wherever you are.

Call your friends, hug your loved ones, make your day count. Appreciate the life that those vile punks showed such disregard for.


11 responses to “Senseless violence in Indy… *updated*

  1. The disregard for human life in an unprovoked act of violence like this is absolutely senseless; and it scares me more than just about anything out there.

    It’s such a tragedy.

  2. I noticed Trackforum had a thread about this also, but they to have removed it.

    I just don’t get how anyone can think that sort of thing is fun.

  3. I know. When I first heard about it this morning I was just speechless for about a half hour. I knew I had to write something, but the words were just stuck.

    So not fair… but then life hardly ever is.

  4. The world can be so ugly and disgusting at times. I fear for the world that my kids have to grow up in. Was there really that much difference between Davey and anyone else that goes out for a beer with their buddies? This is just so disturbing and senseless.

  5. I saw a report on this earlier today. The whole scenario is ridiculously messed up. I’d say I’m angry then sad. What a senseless act. The guys who did this are “known” for this sort of thing. Where in the hell was the deterrent? Hello, law enforcement and judicial system. I’m talking to you.

    My heart goes out to his family and friends. I’m sure they are in a state of shock over this incident.

  6. The sad thing is, this kind of thing doesn’t even surprise me anymore. The “Ultimate Fighting”/”Jackass” culture we’ve spawned practically begs for this kind of unmotivated violence.

    That it happened to one of the real gentlemen of racing makes it unimaginably heinous to me, but what’s worse is that this isn’t the last time we’ll hear about something like this.

  7. Still nothing on as of 9:40 eastern time. True fans such as yourself know that it is truly the teams and its members that are the pulse of the sport. Senseless… Thank you for your reporting and the kind words. We all need to get to know the members and personalities of the Champ Car teams as soon as possible. They are needed and an important part of the entire IndyCar FAMILY. To Davey!! DE/06

  8. The word was spread that this was kept out of the news so that Davey’s family in England could be contacted. It has now been reported locally.

    My condolences to his family and friends.

    For the attackers, I call for cold vengeance.

  9. ya, it’s starting to break now.

    Still odd that the incident itself was not in the news. I mean how many times have your read or watched a news report with all the details minus the names until next of kin are notified.

    I’m still gutted over this whole thing.

  10. I know the girlfriend and she is distraught. My prayers go out to her and his family. This is a tragic loss!!!! An untimely death as well.

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