The month of…

Moist… *sigh*

hmmm… did I really go the entire week without an entry? Apparently so.
I suppose I just felt like I was blogging as I was doing the majority of the coverage for this week, so I’ve been writing about everything, just not here. I was also a bit of a commenting bunny on everyone elses blogs this week instead of my own. Oh and I spent the last three days of the week losing, then looking for and then getting another Job. Can you say tense??? Holy crap. Anyway, crisis averted, lets get back to the racing.

So, I’m gonna say it, this week was… meh.
I’m trying to get into the whole spirit of the “Month of May”, I really am. But good lord, it’s like watching paint dry. And Pole Day… that my friends was a bit of a let down. I don’t really know what I was expecting exactly, but it was more than that. I was exhilarated when Graham was getting ready, with a few minutes to go, to go back out and try to bump Scheckter. That of course never happened, as the crew made an uncharacteristic error in judgement, so everyone stood around and stared at the gun dude for 2 minutes. *yawn*

ok… so the week in review:
Rain, rain, rain. Nuff said.

Tough week to be a crew member:
Following the unthinkably tragic Davey Evan’s situation that the NHL crew had to deal with, we then got to watch the Princess plow down DCR’s chief mechanic during Fast Friday (or Freaky Friday as it turned out to be) then with all the emotion her cold heart could muster she chalked it up to being “unfortunate” Gee, you fucking think so??
Even worse was the people defending her and blaming him!! LOL! classic.
Even the media spinners were in full tilt. Jack Arute had the audacity to say, on air, live, at the top half of the ABC broadcast yesterday, that Chuck was “doing fine, taking full responsibility and would probably be at the track tomorrow”. When in fact he was still in intensive care with a skull fracture and arachnoid hemoraging. (hell even I knew that and had already written about it in an update for the site, and I’m in my livingroom in fucking Canada) Dale Coyne confirmed what I knew later in the broadcast. Maybe a little fact checking and a little less spin is in order Mr. Arute.
Then today it was reported that two other crewmen, from RLR, were in an accident on the way to the shop. Neither were injured thankfully. Their car and the deer weren’t so lucky.
These things happen in threes, so hopefully that is the end of this string of bad luck.

Diplomat of the year award:
Jay Howard very diplomatically answered awkward questions from the ESPN track reporter (not sure who it was) regarding his being bumped from his ride. Hesitating slightly and choosing his words very carefully, I’m sure he ended up spitting out blood from biting his tongue so hard. He said he understood they had a very difficult decision and that he will be back in the car from Milwaukee onwards. But the pauses and silence said more. Personally, I think Marty should take his ass out of the car and let John and Jay contest the race. I mean come ON! Even Whindretti knew when it was time to say enough is enough, just stick to being a team owner and put someone in the car who could possibly get some results.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a rumour about PT getting a ride:
Rumour has it that should both Penske cars comfortably qualify this weekend, it could open the door to a deal being brokered behind the scenes between Penske and Walker Racing to provide Walker with a spare car to run Paul Tracy for the Indy 500. Well… Both Ryan and Helio are in the show…
Please Mr. Penske!!!! PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! Please…
:collapses from embarrassing display of beggatry:
A Penske prepared car would be almost as good as running on a top tiered team… right? Paul?
If this does come to fruition, then the weather has played an integral part in improving PT’s chances at a good grid position considering positons 12-33 are still up for grabs. Mother Nature must be a PT fan! LOL! *fingers crossed for my boy as usual*

I don’t like this crashing business:
Sure crashes happen. It’s racing. It’s part of the deal. But crashes in open wheel cars on ovals are just plain scary. I know we had big scary crashes and injuries in Champ Car too. (Hell Paul’s broken back last year came from a much more innocuous shunt.) But I don’t like the whole “driving on the edge” careening towards the wall thing. Thankfully for both Alex and Ryan, neither were injured in their SAFER barrier christenings. *fingers crossed* for everyone else for the remainder…

In other racing news:
Voted multiple times for Patreek to get into the All-Star Race. Ya… not gonna happen, but I did my part!

F1 race as a snoozefest as usual, except for the midpack dicing between Kovalainen & Glock! That was some sweet driving right there! They need more of that. (oh and Lewis made a nice pass and made it stick too)

Little Johnny Edwards (well not so little anymore I hear) has been signed to AIM Autosport’s Star Mazda program for the remainder of 2008. They have only had one race, so he is not at that much of a disadvantage. John was in Atlantics in 07 on the jr. Forsythe team with Robbie Wickens. Good for him! Now if we can just get Charles Anti some sponsorship…

Apparently nothing is going on until Wednesday, so we all get a couple of days to rest and prepare for the next mindnumbingly boring 6hr practice session. (which will be less boring if Paul is taking to the track for the first time this month… ) (just putting it out to the universe… don’t mind me)

Ok… I just nodded off twice trying to write this, so I’m going to end here. (geesh, hope I don’t put you guys to sleep too!)


3 responses to “The month of…

  1. Meesh! You’re back! I was beginning to worry about you when a Danican’t post didn’t appear 5 minutes after the event! I thought something was wrong…

  2. LOL… I don’t want to be predictable!

  3. Welcome back Meesh. On the subject of crashes, don’t forget about Bruno Senna v. the dog. Scary business indeed.

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