Indy 500: Final Qualifying- *live*

Grid Positions 12 thru 33 to be determined.

IndyCar’s were on track for final hr of practice before this afternoon’s qualifying.

Super Mario stuffed it into the wall with about 15 mins to go. 🙄 He has been cleared, but the crew is going to have a hell of a task getting that car repaired for qualifying. (front and rear suspension damage to the right side of the car)

Papis stuffed it into turn 3 as the checkers waved. Oops. Out under his own power. Heavy damage to the car.

50% chance of rain between 3-6pm, so look for most of the action to happen in the early part of the session.

Qualifying Order:

1 #8 Will Power (221.136)
2 #18 Bruno Junqueria (222.330)
3 #44 Max Papis (no time-down for repairs)
4 #06 Graham Rahal (222.531)
5 #5 Oriol Servia (incomplete due to rain/won’t count) (220.767)
6 #14 Darren Manning (222.430)
7 #33 EJ Viso (220.356)
8 #98 Roger Yasukawa (218.010)
9 #36T Jaime Camara
10 #19 Mario Moraes (219.716)
11 #41T
12 #23 Milka Duno (220.305)
12A #17 Ryan Hunter-Reay (221.579)
14 #67 Sarah Fisher (221.246)
15 #83 TBD
16 #25T Marty Roth (did not run)
17 #2T AJ Foyt, IV (did not run)
18 #99 Townsend Bell (222.500)
19 #15 Buddy Rice (222.101)
20 #02 Justin Wilson (222.267)
21 #4 Vitor Meira (did not run)
22 #96 Mario Dominquez (no time-down for repairs)
23 #34 Jaime Camara ((219.345))
24 #88 Phil Geibler (did not run)
25 #41 Jeff Simmons (221.103)
26 #24 John Andretti (221.550)
27 #22 Davey Hamilton (222.017)
28 #16T Alex Lloyd
29 #16 Alex Lloyd (221.788)
30 #25 Marty Roth (waved off attempt)
31 #TBD PDM Racing
32 #17T Ryan Hunter-Reay (221.579)
33 #24T TBD
34 #91 Buddy Lazier (217.939)
35 #36 Enrique Bernoldi (219.422)
36 #2 AJ Foyt, IV (waved off attempt after going squirrelly)
37 #14T Darren Manning (did not run)

*EDIT* 12:21pm EDT

Session is on hold due to rain. (jeezus! Mother Nature is seriously PMSing this month)

Gusty winds are also really affecting the times today. (as are the cooler temps)

*EDIT* 12:34pm EDT

Session has resumed.

*EDIT* 1:30pm EDT

Rumour from the track: Conquest offered $10,000 a veteran driver (Jacques Lazier)to get the car in the show for Jaime Camara (wtf??)
Clearly he was not aware that that wouldn’t be allowed.

*EDIT* 2:11pm EDT
The grid order as it stands so far:
12 Bell 222.539
13 Rahal 222.531
14 Manning 222.430
15 Junqueira 222.330
16 Wilson 222.267
17 Rice 222.101
18 Hamilton 222.017
19 Lloyd 221.788
20 Hunter-Reay 221.579
21 J. Andretti 221.550
22 Fisher 221.246
23 Power 221.136
24 Simmons 221.103
25 Servia 220.767
26 Viso 220.356
27 Duno 220.305
28 Moraes 219.716
29 Bernoldi 219.422
30 Camara 219.345
31 Yasukawa 218.010
32 Lazier 217.939

*EDIT* 2:21pm EDT
Things have quieted down substantially at the track. There is one more grid position to be filled. All but a handful of drivers have made their first runs to qualify. Now everyone is regrouping and making decisions on whether or not to run again.

*EDIT* 2:31pm EDT
Track is now green for practice, All cars welcome on track.

*EDIT* 3:55pm EDT
Hideki Mutoh stuffed it into the wall. He’s out, he’s been cleared. Heavy damage to the right rear of the car.

*EDIT* 4:20pm EDT
Phil Geibler stuffed it hard. Dropped down below the white line, may have hit the grass, popped up and stuffed it into the SAFER. Major damage to the car. Damage to the wall. Session stopped for repairs and clean up. (lots of debris) He was awake and alert the whole time but taken Methodist Hospital as a precaution. (why is this guy in a car anyway??) He hadn’t even attempted to qualify yet. Doubtful they will get the car ready to get in the show.

*EDIT* 5:20pm
Update on broken cars:
Papis: destroyed the car basically. They are desperately rebuilding it out of pieces of Milka Duno’s old SAMAX car. They are hoping to have something together by tomorrow.

Dominguez: No damage to engine or gearbox. Mostly front/rear suspension. They are hoping to have it together for at least a practice run this afternoon. He will qualify/bump tomorrow.


2 responses to “Indy 500: Final Qualifying- *live*

  1. Ooch, nice slam on Giebler. Why is he in a car? Oh I don’t know could have something to do with how well he was able to get that dog Panoz well up into the top ten last year. That was a hell of an effort just to get that P.O.S qualified IMO let alone race it up into the top ten. I like Phil a lot and I’m pretty bummed that he had that set back today. I hear he has a bruised lung. I doubt he will get a chance to run Indy this year. Shame….

  2. Not meant as a slam against him per say, more of the situation. He hasn’t been in a car since last July. They super glue a bunch of parts and an engine together in an old chassis and send the kid out for the first time on qualifying day, in less than ideal conditions. Not surprising he ended up in the wall.

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