hold on to your helmets boys…

it’s going to be a “bumpy” day.

Yes kids, it’s the fabled “Bump Day” When the track becomes a flurry of activity while drivers frantically take to the track laying down fast laps to keep themselves in the show!!

Or, when we watch most of the teams drive around working on their race trim, and some pack it up early and go home because of the conditions, while Marty Roth, Buddy Lazier & Roger Yakusawa duke it out for the last spot on the grid.


anyway… Updates from the track:

It’s a blustery, windy day, which is not lending itself to any speed for the drivers, which means it is highly unlikely that anyone securely in the show is going to attempt to better their position.

Davey Hamilton’s engine blowed up real good like in this mornings practice. Oops.

American Dream Racing is putting their “dream” on hold for this year following Phil Geibler’s nasty accident yesterday. The car is toast. Phil’s still in the hospital with bruised lungs. Ain’t gonna happen kids.

AJ Foyt IV wasted no time getting in the field, qualifying and bumping Marty Roth about 10mins into the session. Not the best time, but he’s in the show.

Marty Roth went out and laid down 4 blistering laps (ok not really) to get himself back in the field so he can play the roll of speedbump on race day. Anyone else enjoying the irony that Jay Howard was removed from the seat for running “slow laps” that were actually faster than anything Marty has been able to lay down the last two days…

Stupid Mario and Max Pompous, who both ran out of talent in practice yesterday, will be able to attempt to qualify today thanks to their crews who worked over night to repair their cars. Whether either will have enough torque to actually make it into the field is another story.

more to come…


AJ Foyt IV, hard into the wall. Heavy damage left side of the car.
He’s out of the car. Appears to be ok.
What a weird incident. Looked like something exploded on the car first, turning the car into a fireball and careening into the wall. Ah, they are now saying that it looked like the fuel buckeye popped off when he was exiting the pits, which lead to fuel leaking out onto the tire once he got up to speed and catching on fire. zoinks. When you look at the replay it was just showering out and over him as he spun around and headed to the wall.

Geesh, hopefully for his sake the rest of the qualifiers don’t find serious speed today or he could be bumped.

Phil Geibler diagnosed with a cervical sprain (will not be cleared to drive)
AJ Foyt IV is cleared to drive (minor burns on back of his neck. )


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