Milwaukee Mile *live race blog* June 1st/08

wow… I just heard the mess that is ‘I am Indy’ as I booted up the video player… may I never hear that again…

I can’t believe I didn’t blog between Indy and now. I know I had a lot to say. hmmm… weird.

Drivers to your cars!

4:08pm – “Danica and gentlemen start your engines” gimme a fucking break. How bout “driver’s start your engines” ?

4:10pm – Vomit inducing demonstration of the 360 degree camera

4:11pm – green green green

4:13pm – I have the IMS radio on as well and they are screaming like crazy people, while the Perry Como-esque ABC broadcast crew are filing their nails. Apparently Townsend Bell made a bonzai move on the start, overtaking a shitload of cars (10 spot gain!) The TV crew missed the whole fucking thing.

4:19pm – Restart – Servia gets around Andretti the lesser (or “least” as I’ve been corrected) so he can get his lap back. He was caught up in the first lap melee and damaged his front wing.

4:24pm – I’ve decided to mute the tv and just listen to and watch the online video. It’s all about Danica on the TV broadcast, while the online video/radio is actually watching and commenting on the race. Imagine that!

4:25pm – can someone explain to me again why Conquest tossed Franck “holy fuck that kid is fast” Perera aside for Jaime “how are you enjoying my impression of a chicane” Camara?

4:29pm – EJ is a wildman!!! Damn I like this kid! He and Briscoe are the fastest on track. EJ makes the move on Power, gets loose, almost into the wall, but holds on! He is my new PT! up to 7th. Hey Danica, maybe if you catch up, we’ll introduce you to EJ… bwahahaha!

4:32pm – Dixon around Andretti the Least for the lead.

4:35pm – Wait a second, now that John Andretti is in the field, what does that make him?

4:37pm – Viso around Briscoe, working on Andretti the Least (who has decided on a trying Danica’s race strategy of driving backwards through the field, now in 8th)

4:41pm – Caution for no apparent reason. Let’s call it the “Marco need’s to pit” yellow.

4:42pm- Pit Pit Pit – ugh, all of Viso’s hard work, thrown away in the pits… back down to 10th. Way to go guys…

4:46pm – They’ve got the zamboni out now… :confused: When did my race turn into a hockey game?
LOL Mutoh missed his pit box and messed up the Princess…*snicker*

4:49pm – ooh Will Power looking racy today too. Come on Will, you can get can get RHR!

4:53pm – Viso up from 11 to 9th again.

4:57pm – Buddy Rice has decided to start racing, while being lapped by Dixon. Almost takes him out! nice…

4:59pm – Andretti the Least & The Princess are about to go a lap down… bwahahaha!

5:00pm – on the other end of the spectrum, Cookie boy has gained 15 positions from that first lap melee and is now in 11th behind Justin. OOh… Justin just got around RHR!

Top Ten run down:
1. Dixon
2. twinkletoes
3. Tile teeth
4. Son of the Stache (shout out to Is it May yet?)
5. Briscoe
6. Kanoose
7. Power
8. Viso
9. Wilson
10. Servia

5:11pm – Rahal into the wall. Throws it away trying to push himself around two lapped cars. Big rookie mistake. (of course he blames Manning…)

5:14pm – crazy pit stops ensue while the track zamboni turns laps. The Least and The Princess manage to get up into the top ten. (they will be writing a cheque to Rahal for that gift)
Viso up to 7th! sweet! Servia right behind him. Power and Wilson big losers in that round of stops.

5:20pm – Viso the Wildman!! high low sneak attack pass on Carpainter. Sweet!

5:22pm – I like how the ABC crew is trying to convince us that The Least and The Princess “worked their way up to the top ten” … *cough* BULLSHIT *cough* They worked their way through the pits. Their crews are earning their keep, not them.

5:29pm – Briscoe on a tear! Get’s himself up to 2nd.

5:34pm – Briscoe takes the lead! Sweet!

5:36pm – Getting dicey out there now. Lots of traffic and dirty track.

5:39pm – Briscoe blows by The Princess putting her a lap down… see ya beyotch…

5:41pm – Briscoe into the pits (green flag stop), gives up the lead.

5:42pm – The Wildman bobbles but saves it! holy crap! LOL! That kid has mad car handling skillz. He drops way back, but the track stays green. (the leaders will be sending him a cheque later)

5:47pm – Everyone has made their final stops. Everyone shuffles through and Briscoe gets the lead again. 14 laps to go

5:52pm – Huge crash turn 2!!! with 3 laps to go! Andretti the Least, Meira takes flight, Carpenter into the wall too. Andretti squeezed Carpenter, Vitor does the alley oop over the Least.

5:55pm – yellow/checkers – Briscoe takes the win! The world simultaneously gives The Princess the raspberries.

Congrats to Briscoe on his first win!
Congrats to Viso for his cajones of steel and mad skillz to get back up to finish 8th!
Congrats to Servia to go from dead fucking last and almost lapped to finish 6th!!
Congrats to Wilson to go from dead fucking last himself at one point to finish 7th!
Congrats to Moraes for somehow staying out of the way and off the wall… LOL! That kid is getting schooled, but he’s keeping his nose clean and finishing races.

Congrats to me for watching and listening to two race broadcasts while simultaneously typing my thoughts here and having a conversation on facebook.

And with that… it’s dinner time! I’m outta here!


13 responses to “Milwaukee Mile *live race blog* June 1st/08

  1. Yeah – “danica and gentlemen” was asinine

  2. I believe that was A.J.’s attempt at humor. I laughed. Maybe I’m crazy. :/

  3. Yeah, thats A.J. He tries something weird every time…

  4. I’m surprised, Meesh… the ABC Boothtards mentioned that 15 drivers had won for Roger Penske in IndyCars and went down the list… mentioned 14 drivers. Guess who they neglected to mention?

    I’da thought you’d have saved an F-bomb or two for that… πŸ˜‰

  5. I probably had muted the ABC broadcast by then as they were putting me to sleep and I was sick of hearing about what happened at the Indy 500 last week. IT’S OVER! MOVE ON!!

    Of course those fuckers wouldn’t mention Paul Tracy. Whatever.

    I’m sticking to the IMS radio broadcasts from now on. If you’re ever bored, play the two simultaneously (TV/IMS radio), you will laugh your ass off at how different the enthusiasm levels are. You would swear they were commentating on two completely different events. Seriously.

  6. John Andretti = Andretti the Forgotten.

  7. LOLOL! No shit! Did they even mention that he was in the race today?

  8. I’m doing my best in spreading the word of the merits of listening to IMS radio.

  9. Do it!
    They actually know what they are talking about, are armed with interesting facts and figures, know the names of the entire field (not just the top three) and they don’t have a hard on for Danica.

    They call the race with excitement. Not ALMS excitement (nobody is as excited as THAT guy!) but excitement nonetheless.

    I tracked them down in Long Beach and thanked them personally for doing such an awesome job and expressed my displeasure (especially as a Champ Car fan) with the TV broadcast crew.

    They just grinned. hehe

  10. IMS radio is good. I listen to it while at the track. I wish I could get it locally..

  11. Boothtards. : )

    John is Andretti the Nice. Seriously nice guy.

    Best race so far. Will they pleeeeeese drop the NASCAR tracks?!

    Hi, Meeshie.

  12. Gary McDonald

    “Briscoe takes the win! The world simultaneously gives The Princess the raspberries.”……..Had me in stiches there Meesh…..And just for the record, ‘Briscoe + confidence = One heck of an awesome racer’……Let’s see where he goes from here!!!!

  13. Boothtards (c)2008 yaumb inc., all rights reserved πŸ™‚

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