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So, the new job is a bit of an adjustment. No longer are my mornings free to write and read about all things racing. So I’m sneaking in a little update on my lunch.

First up, the vile bastard that for all intents and purposes killed NHL mechanic Davey Evans, has been charged with murder:

I hope they lock the fucker up and throw away the key.

Second, it wasn’t until I got home last night that I realized that the Champ Car auction was yesterday. That made me a little sad to be truthful. Makes it all so final. Not that there won’t be constant reminders of what was and what could have been…. Hell, my closet provides that. 80% of my wardrobe is CC or CC team related.

Speaking of what was and what could have been… it’s funny to read around the bloggosphere after each IndyCar event this year. While we of the Champ Car/CART fan ilk are feeling decidedly ripped off (and rightfully so) the IRL fans are beside themselves with joy on how their events have improved. Better fields, better attendance, more “excitement” and enthusiasm being shown by the promoters, venues, teams, drivers, etc… I have to wonder how many of them came to a Champ Car event. My guess would be very few or they would not be quite as pleased with the “success” they are witnessing.

I have to say, I’m not as enthusiastic when it comes to my race weekends. First of all, our site (not this blog but the news site I write for) is being treated like shit on the IndyCar side of the fence. Apparently we aren’t worthy of media credentials. Nice huh? To be fair, it’s the tracks themselves, not IndyCar proper who are shunning us. Way to win over the fans. Perhaps if they took their heads out of their antiquated asses and got up to speed on this thing called the internet (most of these podunk tracks still require you to send in request via snail mail… đŸ™„ ) they would realize that just because we don’t print a paragraph in the smallville gazette, it doesn’t mean we are a legit and viable news source. Talk about being behind the times.

Whatever… maybe next year we’ll just concentrate on the junior and European series. Fuck IndyCar. Don’t come crying to us next season when the “warm fuzzies” about unification no longer garners the interest of the MSM, and there is tumbleweed blowing through your media rooms.

hmmm… apparently I’m grumpy today…

Happy story… AGR, I’m sure prompted by Tony Kanaan, (who is the only person involved in that team that doesn’t make me want to smack them upside the head) gave Sarah Fisher racing some much needed car parts to assist her in getting back on track this season. In addition to that, some of the sponsors that didn’t screw her prior to Indy, saw a huge jump in their ROI with her, and are also stepping up to help her out. Good for her. It amazes me that more companies don’t get behind other female racers. I’m sure if Sarah or Katherine Legge were given the money, sponsorship and top equipment provided to Danica throughout their careers, they would be getting the results and the headlines. (good headlines… about their racing, not their modeling careers and pitlane temper tantrums…)

damn… still grumpy it seems… LOL… guess that’s my lunch break rant for the day.


13 responses to “around the racing world…

  1. IMS was gracious enough to help out lowly bloggers like myself for the Month of May. It may have been troublesome with the rush of unification, but perhaps your site would have a better chance, however low it may be, in acquiring hard cards instead of going track-by-track. Most tracks don’t know crap about the Series itself, let alone the media covering it.

    As far as women in racing, I agree with you on Katherine. Probably not as much on Sarah. Sarah blamed D&R rather extensively for giving priority to Buddy Rice last season, and now Townsend Bell has come up and shown that he can keep up with Buddy a lot better than Sarah (or Milka) ever had (or has). Danica, on the other hand, did a lot better job of keeping up with Buddy at Rahal-Letterman as a rookie. Danica isn’t TK or Dario, but she’s probably been on par with Marco since jumping to AGR.

  2. Ya, we tried the hard card route, but with the surge of requests, were out of luck for this year. We will definitely be requesting for next year. It is next to impossible to provide the coverage we would like with the lack of access and the late LATE approvals of credentials. (if and when we are approved) Our team is all over N. America and Europe. When you get your approval a week before the event, it’s not great for planning travel and accommodations.

    Admittedly I’m not as familiar with Sarah’s track record. I do have personal knowledge of what Kat experienced however, and she was never really given a fair shake. Personally or professionally. With Danica, she has had the support financially and technically from the get go, so she really has no excuse.

  3. I guess I am probably one of those overly-excited IndyFans. But to be fair, I attended several CCWS events at Road America. During the split I never considered myself a fan of either one specifically. I am an open wheel fan.. so I tried to follow them both as much as possible. Now that they are together though.. you know what I miss the least? The constant bickering over which series has the better drivers.. better tracks.. better tech. The discussions are now directed at the sport itself, instead of the business behind the sport. Now everyone is pissing and complaining about who’s fault something was, or who is going to win the next race. And it is much more enjoyable if you ask me.

    Don’t get me wrong… I don’t blame you for being angry (especially about the media stuff..). CCWS was a very cool series and far more fan friendly. Can you believe they wanted me to pay 75$ per person for pit passes at Milwaukee? CCWS didn’t even require an extra pass to go hang out with the drivers. Maybe that is a track thing, but still…

    Maybe you will feel better once PT gets a ride. đŸ™‚

  4. Sarah does well with sponsors because she is likable. She is just a nice person, and it shows.

    BTW, she had huge crowd support at Indy.

  5. Classy move by AGR for sure. You could tell that TK felt horrible about what happened to her in his interview. She is definitely likable, and how could you not feel horrible for her after having put up a tremendous amount of money to go racing. It had to rip a hole in your gut watching her try to plug her sponsor as she broke down.

  6. I consider myself an open wheel fan as well and didn’t have a real leaning towards one series or the other. Though I was quite happy that the sport was getting unified, I just wish that it could have been done sooner and more equitably. It’s pretty disappointing when those who were IRL loyal pretty much want nothing to do with Champ Car whether that be certain drivers, tracks, rules, etc. The future of the sport is limited if it’s just what the ICS had before and only with a few more cars, tracks and sponsors. There has to be a paradigm shift in order for there to be a chance for even greater growth.

    Though not specific to women in racing but I do hope that it gets to the point where rides are garnered much more on merit than on one’s name, marketability, or checkbook. A series should not be dependent on a driver whose ability to win on a consistent basis has been questionable up to this point. It’s not as though the fact that DP’s not a backmarker isn’t noteworthy but the perception of health of the series’ brand should not solely rest on her shoulders. It’s sad when writers thought the series might as well shut down if she went to NASCAR. Not Dixon, not Wheldon, not Castroneves, not Kanaan but her. I’m actually a fan but it’s just like hitting one’s head against the wall.

    I, too, felt for Sarah and her plight and it was quite a fitting gesture by TK and AGR to help her out. While there are things about the sport that are currently frustrating as mentioned above, it’s stuff like that which reminds me why I love the sport.

  7. Evan: as a CC loyalist, I’d take issue with only one thing said in your eloquent post. I can understand how an IRL loyalist would feel like we’re headed right back where we were: indeed, it does feel like 1995 in many ways. Where I’d disagree with you is that the IRL paradigm did not work: there wasn’t an abundance of American drivers in the IRL before the unification, and the oval-only formula failed at producing crowds and TV ratings. Young American sprint car talent went to NASCAR. That said, I think we can all agree that things need to change moving forward. I suppose that the question becomes how?

    I personally don’t like what I am hearing about rumored changes. I don’t like the idea of having multiple manufacturers of cars and engines since we could be left out when they leave (again). And, only those teams that get into the right setup can win. I’d love to have a pure spec series where everyone gets the same parts and has to do a better job assembling and tuning them. I think it is clear that costs have to be cut.

  8. Young American sprint car talent won’t be going to IndyCar until they design a rear-engine sprint car.

    As far as heading back to 1995, well… that’s what Tony’s been aiming the IRL toward ever since Penske, Ganassi, and Andretti came back from Champ Car. It’s what THEY want, and that’s what he’s giving them.

    Meesh – re: credentials, definitely go hard card if you’re going to be at even 3/4ths of the events. Otherwise, it’s a crapshoot every single time.

  9. Sciguy: I agree with you that the original paradigm didn’t work. What I meant was that whether it was the original idea of all-oval, low-cost, trying to get the short track driver back to Indy or the current trend towards CART in its prime, I have felt as though there is this tendency of the IRL to have a “sit and wait” stance on certain things and to be somewhat reactive rather than proactive. They seem to expect that just BECAUSE they have certain things that sponsors and fans will just come in. They have to sell a particular defining trait in order to make it work long term, I believe. Maybe I’m being overly simplistic but that’s how I have felt. What I’ve heard from their marketing prez, Mr. Angstadt, seems to be a way of changing that old “wait and see” approach. Whether he can actually get that done (get a title sponsor, attract big sponsors for the teams and such) remains a question.

  10. Evan: Hey! Do we even need Meesh here? Maybe we can start a discussion board within a post : )

    OK…sorry…I digress. Right – I see your point. Yeah, I’d agree with you on that one. Hopefully, some of the big sponsors and teams will flow back in by diffusion, but I’d agree with you that more aggression could be good. As long as it doesn’t involve Gene Simmons…

  11. Hey you guys keep right on talking!! I may be too busy to log in and participate these days, but I love reading the conversation!

  12. Gene left a bad taste in my mouth after what happened with Hemelgarn a couple of years ago. Not to mention he looked pretty ridiculous when he appeared on “Wind Tunnel” soon after his company and the IRL reached an agreement.

  13. Tee hee!, Meesh. Just testing ya…

    Yes, the Wind Tunnel appearance was painful. The great American driver, Dan Wheldon…

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