Note to the IndyCar braintrust…

if  you want to have any hope in hell of promoting and growing your series in Canada, you might want to work on finding a new television partner, cause you’re not going to grow the fanbase if the only way we can enjoy (and I use that word lightly) these events live is via our computer.

Texas, under the lights, 9pm eastern…

oh, contraire… I get to watch it from 3am to 5am. Nice.

Gimme a fucking break.


5 responses to “Note to the IndyCar braintrust…

  1. Wow, and I thought we had it bad with the tape delay….

    I guess I should be thankful.

  2. It gets better… the Grand Prix is in Montreal this weekend, and the same shitting sports channel isn’t showing qualifying until 1am, and are enforcing a blackout on Speed who is showing it live.

    When did it become so hard to be a race fan?

  3. Shit, Meesh. I can remember when it was a Big Fuckin’ Deal to have a race on Wide World of Sports! The idea of a Speed Channel would have blown my gasket. In many ways, I think it’s become much easier. But, of course, it’s easy for a Stupid American to say that, and I know I’d be seriously pissed if I were in your situation. That does suck ass.

    I guess the sad part about it is that the networks are aided and abetted by the racing organizations to help kill fan support, and therefore the racing organization. It does make you want to slap someone upside the head.

    I still think in the long run they may be doing us a favor. If we can just make the IPTV (internet) TV experience close to the TV situation, we can cut the cancerous networks out of the equation. Screw ’em. That would also allow the production of the open wheel lifestyle TV programs and the like to be made on the cheap and delivered right to our living room without the bastards. I can’t wait to plop down in front of my TV after work and watch the latest MEESHow on my AppleTV. Hopefully, there will also be 4 or 5 others, and the Adventures of Paul Tracy video blog on there, too.

    This is exactly what’s happening in the tech world at the moment. There used to be a TV channel called TechTV, but there wasn’t enough commercial interest to support it (so, instead they put re-runs of The Man Show on it – woman bouncing on a trampoline – to pay the bills before going belly up).

    Most of the people that worked there have gone on and are now doing IPTV networks – primarily Revision3 and TWIT (This Week in Tech). They have concluded what I think we need to – they can do the same content without having to water down what they do for a fraction of what “real” TV costs, and they can make a profit because the ROI is great and the overhead is low. Tech has advanced to the point where they can produce very high quality shows for very, very little. Please go and check out Revision3 to see what I am talking about.

    Sadly, we might have to wait for these same, stupid racing organizations to come around to this vision. But, at least the MEESHow and the Adventures of PT could be happening without them. Let’s get on it…anyone got a spare 100K?

  4. Funny you should mention that, sciguy. Here’s an article in reference to the IRL starting negotiations for an extension. This might be the chance to try to exploit the internet to an even greater extent. We can dream, at least.

  5. Is that a democratic republic you got going up there? Is this bullshit TV you put up with serving the country well?

    If votes don’t work, I suggest men, guns, and storming the capital.

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