F1: Canadian Grand Prix *live*

Hello from slightly overcast, hot and sticky Montreal, Canada! Ok, I’m not actually there. But it’s equally as hot and sticky in my apartment.

It’s pre-race time.

80% chance of rain today. (what? Rain in Montreal??? Say it ain’t so!!!) (I swear I still have wet clothes and shoes from the Montreal 2006 Champ Car weekend)

Much complaining about the state of the track. (What??? Norman Legualt taking money but not putting any back in??? Say it ain’t so!!!) Mr. L might want to invest a little into repairing the track or else Mr. E will take his toys and go home.

Alright… going to prepare a little lunch before the start… I’ll be back…

1pm: tire warmers off!! Car’s off the line for their installation lap!

Green Green Green! Everyone cleanly thru Turns 1 & 2! Rosberg picked up a position on the start, getting around Alonso for 4th.

God, that hairpin looks awful. How embarrassing. They are now reporting no chance of rain for the race. We’ll see about that. It is Montreal after all.

Sad that I’m so desperate for interesting open wheel racing that I’m overly excited for an F1 race. (which normally wouldn’t hold my attention…)

Gotta feel for Seabass, who stood atop the podium here in 06 with Champ Car, now teetering around at the back of the pack in F1. I’m sure he was well received this week by the french Canadian fans, as he was sort of adopted as one of their own during his Champ Car years

Lap 62/70: It’s a parade. A quick, prettier, better sounding than IndyCar parade mind you, but a parade nonetheless. Oooh… a pass!! Piquet get’s around Glock. They really need to keep the camera’s on the mid-pack, as that is where the action is. Piquet is all over the back of Trulli now.

Lap 58/70: Piquet gets around Trulli (barely) Little wheel banging and lots of brake dust, but he makes it stick. Is it just me or is the picture quality fucking horrible??

Lap 56/70: Car off track. Sutil. Much smoke coming out of the wheels of the car. He hightails it out of the car and over the wall. Moments later, the car self combusts!

Lap 54/70: Safety car out to remove Sutil’s car out of the way. I’ve switched over to Fox, as I prefer the dulcet tones of Bob Varsha. (and I’m still pissed off at TSN who is merely piggy backing on a euro feed)

Lap 53/70: Button, who pit under the yellow prior to the pit lane being open, will be penalized. The Pit’s are now officially open, so the leaders are in… WHOA! What the fuck?? Some sort of clusterfuck at pit out. Hamilton ran into the back of Kimi who was stopped due to the red light, taking them both out of the race. Insane! Kimi calmly tapped Hamilton on the shoulder and pointed to the light on his way by.. LOLOL! (Kimi’s on his way to his hospitality to drink… it’s too hot to race anyway… )

Lap 50/70: Safety Car in, Heidfeld leads them to the green flag. (positions 1-9 have not pitted)

Lap 45/70: Vettel is a little squirrelly. Currently shown in 9th, but yet to pit.

Lap 42/70: Piquet does some fancy spinning and reversing, but keeps it lit and off the wall.

Lap 42/70: Heidfeld pits, takes on 12 seconds of fuel and gets out in front of Kubica. (heartbreak!)

Lap 40/70: ooh! Kubica around Heidfeld! (Heidfeld has enough fuel to go to the end)

Lap 37/70: Button, Kova also fueled to the end of the race.

Lap 32/70: commentator factoid: 600 million per year in development spent by the top teams. (doh!?)

Lap 29/70: Alonso got squirrelly into the hairpin, but holds on. Piquet came in to pit, but is pushed into the garage. Day is donzo.

Lap 27/70: LOLOL! Seabass just got a finger waving lambasting by the commentator on the Fox broadcast for waving his hand at the crew because of the fuel rig sticking. LOL! Hey dude! Backmarkers have feelings too!! bwahahahaha!

Lap 26/70: OH! Alonzo into the wall! Day is done. No yellow as they get the car pulled safely off the track.

Lap 23/70: Nakajima out. Ran over his own front wing and into the wall at pit in.

Lap 22/70: Kubica in the pits… clean pit! Out in front of teammate Heidfeld!! Sweet!

Lap 18/70: Fisi spins and touches the fence. He’s out and the track workers get their mini crane and move the car. Local yellow only. No safety car.

Holy commercials batman!! enough already

Lap 12/70: Rube’s does a little off roading, letting both Glock and Trulli by. Can Glock catch Coulthard for the podium? 16 secs back…

Lap 8/70: Trulli suffering with brake issues. (this is NOT the track for that) Massa gaining on him.

Lap 4/70: LOL… pitlane reporter trying to get Alonso to speakout against the track, he doesn’t take the bait.

Lap 3/70: Massa gets Trulli after a big mistake from Glock, working on Glock now. Ferrari the filling in the Toyota sammich

Checkers wave!! Kubica takes his first win!! Followed by teammate Nick Heidfeld! Go BMW!!! Coulthard rounds out the podium in 3rd. After last years terrifying shunt, Kubica comes back with a vengeance! Sweet!

Post race:

Ya Robert Kubica! Gets his first win and takes the Championship points lead! You Go Robbie!

Ya David Coulthard!! I love when the “old guy” proves he’s still got it. (*cough* Paul Tracy *cough*)

I love watching races at tracks that I’ve been to. It’s silly I know, but it gives me a bit of a grin to know I stood on that pitlane pre-race, and in those garages and beside that podium, and in that little alcove to the stairs, etc…

shout out to Formula1.com for their awesome timing/scoring set up. Clean, simple interface, multiple views, with great commentary. Hey IndyCar! It’s not about all the flash components. Some of us just want the information in a clean, timely fashion.


23 responses to “F1: Canadian Grand Prix *live*

  1. It’s hot and sticky in your apartment? For a minute there I thought this blog may go in a whole different direction…lol

  2. LOL… luckily I didn’t mention that I’m sitting in my underwear…

  3. Congrats to Kubica on win #1. I hope this is the first of many. I only hope Nick can get that long-awaited first win as well.

  4. Ok, I might be wrong but I swear in one of the pre-race shots I saw PT screwing with the Toro Rosso fuel rig…

  5. LOL! Was he wearing his mask?

    I’m sure PT is getting a tiny bit of pleasure that the Seabass the “wonderkid” is being shown up by his younger, faster teammate.

    I’ve also noticed that he (seb) is returning to his whiny ways. Apparently it wasn’t a NHL thing, but merely a Bourdais thing.

  6. Yeah, I kind of wish Seb was doing better. It would have been great to see a CCWS champ kicking some F1 tail, but to be fair he is on a horrible team.

    But your right about PT. First AJ sucking in Nascab, and now Seabass in F1. I guess he is getting the last laugh..

  7. Hey – AJ had his Nascab up in the top 10 for most of the day at Pocono and finished 12th. Bad news for those of us who’d love to see him back in open wheel, but AJ is turning things around. He’s been pretty fast and hasn’t put too many wheels wrong.

    So, I guess the question is: do we get Seb back next year or the year after? Or, will he race trucks ; ) ?

  8. Speak for yourself on wanting him back in open wheel…

    He had someone come in and set up his car for a month… Of course he’s doing better.

    Maybe Toro Rosso should get Shumi to drive Seb’s car for a while and set it up for him too…

  9. Wow. Meesh is a little cranky tonight. OK-let’s take those in order:

    Meesh:Speak for yourself on wanting him back in open wheel…
    Me: I did. “For those of us who’d love to see him back…” Your exclusion has been noted.

    Meesh:He had someone come in and set up his car for a month… Of course he’s doing better.
    Me:Yes, Skinner came in and helped out a rookie team and a rookie driver. That was nice of him. I don’t think it’s exactly that easy, however. You set the car up differently for Pocono from Richmond. It isn’t like you just set it up once and go. You’ve got to chase it all day or night.

    Meesh: Maybe Toro Rosso should get Shumi to drive Seb’s car for a while and set it up for him too…
    Me: That’s a great point – I think that even if Shumi came in to set up the car that it’d still be slow. The problem isn’t with the set up (or the driver) – it’s with the car. You can’t polish a poop.

    Red Bull Racing hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. Sure, Vickers has run better than AJ. But, Vickers is also a good driver and has more experience than AJ. And, it isn’t like Skinner jumped in and ran up front in the 84.

    All AJ hating aside, maybe Seb should get Shumi to set up his car. If he doesn’t do something soon, he’ll be next to the guillotine.

  10. LOL! you ain’t SEEN cranky baby!!! LOLOL!

    I’ve always felt that AJ was majorly overrated, a lot arrogant and bought into his own hype way too soon. (and unwarranted)

    I believe his actions (or rather those of his “people”) were the beginning of the unraveling of Gerry Forsythe, and thus the catalyst for the demise of Forsythe Racing and Champ Car.

    Believe me I understand that the TR cars are poop personified, but Seb is still being shown up by his teammate in the same poop mobile…

  11. Boy…I’d hate to see cranky : )

    He might have been overrated but he was good (and I’d still say IS good). I guess the sad part is that we’ll never know. I don’t know about the arrogant part – I always thought that he was too hard on himself, but that isn’t mutually exclusive with being arrogant. I only see what the drivers show on TV.

    I think hanging the demise of CC on him is a little harsh. Many things contributed to The End. It was time anyway – maybe someday you’ll thank him for expediting the necessary and helping us get somewhere good again. It was time.

    No series should ever stand on one person’s shoulders, anyway (not even Danica’s sexy shoulders. (Are we approaching cranky yet : )?)). A healthy series is above that. If AJ wanted to go to NASCAR, why shouldn’t he? He got dumped midseason by the team that came up with/for him, in a series that was clearly limping along. What young, talented driver with options wouldn’t consider leaving? Everyone in the paddock had to wonder if they’d come back to a car this past year. I know I wondered if it was over.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on that last point. The only person to be judged against is your teammate in F1. He better stand on the gas or he’ll be racing German Touring Cars.

  12. I guess because I have been around him quite a bit and had a few conversations and watched his interactions I have a different insight.

    I don’t hang the demise of CC on him. I do think his slap in Gerry’s face was one of the many straws that broke Gerry’s back. Gerry’s actions, reactions and lack of actions then, in turn, lead to the ultimate demise of CC.

    I agree, no series should stand on one person’s shoulders.
    IndyCar better start to learn that lesson sooner rather than later, cause Twinkletoes and The Princess aren’t going to hold the attention of the general public much longer, let alone any real racing fans that still exist out here in limbo….

    I’m going to agree to disagree with you on AJ and his situation in CC. (I again have a little more insight from behind the scenes) Every story has two sides. I’m privy to one of them, so that is all I have to go on.

    Indeed. Especially when both drivers are rookies. No excuses at all.

  13. More insight from behind the scenes – that is why I love lurking here! I only get what’s in front of the scene.

  14. Funny you should say that! As much as I enjoy the “insight” that I am privileged to 90% of the time, there is that 10% that longs for the days when I was blissfully ignorant to everything but what I saw in front of me on tv.

  15. so why does that 10% keep calling me, asking about working behind the scenes?

    hey there Meesh… kept picking up the cell to call all weekend but with being at The Glen for the 6-hour Rolex in 93F heat and another Mazda race (was timing and scoring any better?) plus tracking my boy in Montreal with Formula BMW… and of course Robbie taking Super Pole and a win at Silverstone – I got a bit busy. It’s two days later and I’m still writing.

    Mid-Ohio in two weeks the Tremblant for the Atlantics.

    I was really going to call just to tell you about the new, $4 million media center they just finished at Watkins Glen. I got to christen it (well, me and all the other Grand Am pr hacks).

    Awesome… just freaking’ awesome… however. We’ll go into that later. The Glen has Indy car and Nascar events so sure as hell they’ll get a plush new facility. Teriyaki steak, roast potatoes and fresh vegetables served for lunch during the race on Saturday. At least 150-plus workstations each with power, wired internet, switchable audio feeds and more plasma screens than a Best Buy store. A separate wired room just for the photogs…

    You have to know god (or be one of his assistants) to get into the place. Finally taped my hard card to my forehead so I wouldn’t have to keep pulling it out of my pocket. (a joke somewhere in there about hard cards and pulling out… )

    should I stop writing now and start my own blog 😉

    so… 5,000 sq ft of brand spanking new facility…

    and nowhere to put my media kits *sigh*

    guess I shouldn’t mention that while the drivers were dealing with 110F cockpit temperature, we had sweaters on in the media center. 70F just feels downright cold – so no sitting in or underwear.

    Was there an F1 race this weekend? I only heard about a demolition derby. (we’ll take our FBMW podium on Saturday and shut up)

    Mosport this weekend: KONI Challenge (Grand AM junior series so my hard card works) and Mustang Challenge. There will be some junior open-wheelers there.

    oh yeah… how’s the new job

  16. Stop bitching about how busy you are and hire me for crissake!

    gimme a call ya fucker! I’m still awake.

  17. fyi Sciguy… NOW I’m cranky… >:-(

  18. ***sciguy hides quietly hoping to escape detection***

  19. cj – 70F sounds cold at the Glen, but if you were out here in Phoenix for the summer Grand Am race a couple of years ago you’d agree that 70F would have been a GODSEND. I remember working that race and having to work in 10 minute shifts before coming back to ANYWHERE with A/C to “recharge.” I actually bribed the GAINSCO guys to let me sit in their hauler for 5 minutes (okay, I bribed Travis) after one stretch.

    So for my money there’s no such thing as a media center that’s too cold – unless you’re covering ice racing. 😉

  20. LOL Sciguy! (there is no hiding from me!)

    Yaumb, I don’t know about that “no such thing” thing. Road America last year was a meat locker!! I could barely type my hands were so cold!

    I’m looking forward to checking out the new digs in July for the IndyCar event.

  21. yaumb – you gotta know that I was really just trying to piss off Meesh sitting at home in her skivvies while I lounged in relative comfort eating steak. 😉

    I try to make a habit of pissing off Meesh – no wait, it’s not a habit, it’s a sport – sorry hon (k)

    I am looking forward to Sonoma in August. Hope they have the AC working.

  22. Sonoma in August… gad… doesn’t usually matter at Sonoma what the media center is like because when you’re not in there it takes so freaking long to get anywhere… at least at Miller they let us rent golf carts to get around. ‘Course, at Sonoma you can call trips out to photo holes as “hikes” whereas at Miller it’s more like crossing the Sahara… 😉

    Meesh – you missed the salad days of Grand Am at PIR… mid-July, 120 degrees… and running the GT class DURING THE DAY… egad.

  23. Geez, it’s getting stale in here. Canada was two weeks ago.

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