Never forget…

that the sport we love is a deadly one. This weekend we were all sadly reminded of that once again.

Before I go into one of my signature “state of racing” rants this week, I feel it necessary to pause a moment for two men who lost their lives this past weekend behind the wheel of their race cars. While they died “in the moment” doing what they loved, that doesn’t take away the heartache their friends, fans, colleagues, teammates and family are all feeling in the aftermath of these tragedies.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t send a quiet thank you out into the universe for all the lives that are spared around the world, every weekend, year after year, so that we may be thrilled and entertained.

Rest in peace gentlemen

Scott Kalitta – Drag Racer ( Died June 21, 2008 )

Dino Crescentini-Vintage Racer ( Died June 22, 2008 )


2 responses to “Never forget…

  1. RIP Dino and Scott. My thoughts are with their families. -_-

  2. I saw Scott on Friday night at Etown. I can’t believe what happened – I’ve never seen anything like it. Drag racing is going through some serious technical issues right now and it isn’t pretty. It reminds me of the Kenny Brack era when so many people were being injured by flying cars in the IRL. There is no leadership in the NHRA right now. Sometimes, you’ve got to love the dictators that take control and make changes.

    There is nothing quite as sad as losing a driver. I’ll never forget losing Greg Moore (or Senna, Russell, Medlen, Earnhardt, Irwin, Petty, etc.) and how horrible I felt. I get physically sick every time it happens and it makes me question the sport I love. I guess we are lucky that it doesn’t happen more often, but man, it sucks.

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