Reality Check Part 2

I don’t know why I split this into 2 parts. I don’t honestly know what the second part was supposed to contain. Apparently I was a little tired when I wrote part one and didn’t think I would get everything down on the page.

Some of my pics are up over at I will figure out how to create and upload a gallery here this weekend. In the meantime, go check out the gallery from the weekend.

ok… so more disjointed thoughts…

I have to say, for as much grief as the woman takes on track, Milka Duno is probably the sweetest woman you will ever meet in the paddock. She is like open wheel’s Charo. (for those of you too young for that reference, bite me) She always had a smile on her face. Always. She stopped to sign any and every autograph requested and just oozes “nice”.

Actually, I had encounters with Cydie Allemann and Ana Beatriz as well in Watkins. Again, both gals sweet, smiling and welcoming to any conversation.

So where then did it all go so horribly wrong with The Princess ? She’s been a stand offish little beyotch since her Atlantic years, when she went virtually unnoticed [danicamania pr speak] set the world on fire [/danicamaniap pr speak] Did someone tell her at an early age that in order to make it in the racing world she had to be nasty cow? If so they did her a supreme injustice. You see the more women that make the successful foray into racing, and the nicer and more approachable they are, well, the worse The Princess comes across. Especially as these gals, while breaking the gender barrier, also score points, legitimately earn podiums, gain a fanbase, enter and exit the pits without physically harming other competitors and crews, and generally shine as better role models for the sport in general. Where then is the hype surrounding them? They are certainly pretty enough. Where are their commercials? Their interviews? Their pr blitz? I’m looking forward to the day when these gals make the jump to the big show and put The Princess in her place.

So it seems my little buddy E.J was felled with a case of the mumps. 😦 Of course the rest of the paddock garage is breathing a brief sigh of relief for the weekend. I personally think that Vitor is being a little drama queen over the incident in Watkins (it’s called racing boys and girls) but nonetheless, they can all go about their business this weekend without worrying about “big, bad E.J” forcing their hand and proving their driving prowess. Unfortunately my other buddy Speedy Dan (I spoke with him today) didn’t get the call to take over for the weekend. (have I mentioned I like the “bad boy” drivers??) I would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall at the driver’s meeting if that had come to fruition.

Imaginary Scenario:
“Just an announcement to say that E.J Viso will not be driving this weekend” (entire room lets out sigh of relief and nods and smiles to each other) “in the interim, HVM has announced that Dan Clarke will be taking his place” (former Champ Car teams snicker at the irony, Vitor Meira breaks down into inconsolable sobbing)

hehe… I amuse myself.

Speaking of my bad boys, it seems there is still the slight possibility that my main BB will be in a seat in Edmonton. I really don’t know how I feel about that. As much as I want him in a ride… I want him in a competitive ride, for an entire season, not trotted out in front of the crowd like some show pony. If he is going to do a one off, he should be in Montreal for the Nascar race. (have I mentioned it is the who’s who of CDN open wheel drivers? LOL) I am still debating attending Edmonton. It will be very last minute and dependent on the worlds cheapest flight, which likely won’t happen.

Other races on the docket if I can swing them: Mid-O, Road America, Montreal (Nascrap) Belle Island, Chicago. I hate not having the freedom to just pick up and go anymore. Gah!

This weekend: No E.J or HVM, No Dominguez or PCM, and apparently Jay Howard is MIA. (poor bugger… he is really getting shafted this year) (nice bloke, I spoke with him at Watkins) Could be a bit of a snoozefest for me. Oh well… maybe I’ll get more work done! LOL!

speaking of work… later kids.


10 responses to “Reality Check Part 2

  1. Not a huge Vitor fan, but he did have a point. EJ had a bit of brain fade, particularly since Vitor gave him plenty of room. Vitor’s camo driver’s suit is pretty sweet though.

    Does DC actually think he can get a ride?

  2. Yes, but Vitor has that Seabass disease where he feels a sense of entitlement and that others should just give way. Heaven forbid Vitor hits the breaks and then attempts to catch and overtake E.J. later…
    just sayin is all…

    his suit wasn’t as cute in person. Army camo is all pixelated now… it’s weird.

    you say that so incredulously! LOL! of course he thinks he can get a ride! at least he hopes he can. His manager is working hard behind the scenes and Dan is training as if he were in the car to keep up to speed. He is at the track with his suit and helmut. He is focused on a ride in the IndyCar series. Not seeking other one off’s or other genres of racing. (at least for this year)
    Hey it worked for Servia! (and countless others last year) No reason why it couldn’t work for Dan.
    I for one wish him all the luck in the world with that.

  3. *snicker* Charo… πŸ˜€

    Vitor had every right to feel entitled in this instance, though (and I’m saying this even as I am messaging EJ). Viso had the weight of responsibility to make a clean pass and didn’t. Vitor gave him all the room in the world and EJ just drove him off the road. And at the point of the corner where Viso “went wide” as the saying goes – and given the timing of the pass – the only way Vitor would have been able to hit the brakes and avoid the situation is if he had precognition.

  4. This wasn’t the first time Panther sent a salvo like that. When Meira and Perera had that accident at St. Pete, the tone of the press release was fairly caustic as well.

    I’m a bit bummed that Viso isn’t there, either. That little guy sure has grown on me in a short time.

    Meesh, DP’s autobiography pretty much spells it out.

    As far as Tracy, this whole situation has frustrated me. On the one hand, I’m glad things seemed to have come together for a ride. On the other hand, it’s not final and even if (and likely when) it happens, we fans would love to see some commitment to get an extended tour of duty, per se, before Tracy decides to hang it up in OW. A one-off pseudo-farewell tour would be just blah.

  5. If we’re talking about Panther PR, then yeah – they’ve got just the TINIEST sense of entitlement. πŸ˜‰ Vitor himself is probably the last guy you’d ever link with a sense of entitlement, though – have you had a chance to hang with him yet, Meesh?

    Evan – last I heard the Vision/Walker thing was supposed to be for several races this year and a possible full-time run for ’09. We’ll see…

  6. Yes Evan, maybe that’s where my bias against Vitor comes, his PR team and their “not the high road” style.

    DP’s autobiography… ya, um… that’s one tome I can guarantee will not be on my bookshelf anytime soon.

    The whole Edmonton thing is just so blatant in it’s shameless whoring of him to attract the Canadian fanbase and media, that’s what bothers me the most (right now) I’m desperately trying to figure out how to get to Edmonton just for the off chance of seeing Paul drive. I should be able to go to any race on the schedule (you know, races that are closer and more financially viable!) to see him. The more I think about it the more it pisses me off. Not to mention the schedule is fucked up. Thurs, Fri, Sat??? gah. Ya that’ll be easy to convince the boss of.

  7. Yaumb: No, I haven’t had the opportunity to speak with Vitor. This past weekend he was a little pulled in many directions with the armed forces hanging out in his hospitality area for the weekend.
    Funnily enough the driver I spent the most time with this weekend was Speedy Dan! hehe

  8. Yaumb- Oh ok. I wasn’t sure if that was just rumor or not. I’d love to see what PT and Walker could do full-time.

    Meesh- I could have guessed that. πŸ˜‰ It certainly was not up there in quality writing. The pictures were funny, though.

  9. [Where are their commercials? Their interviews? Their pr blitz?]

    and where was the girl with the brand new business cards that could steer them in the direction of interviews, pr etc ?


    hehehe – just bustin’ yer chops

    oops… I have a feeling there might be some payback on the trip from The Glen to Elkhart

  10. Ya ya … I’m thinking of ways to put a plan into action…

    as for that payback, I just booked my flight to Edmonton, so that may have just superseded my trip to RA. (if there is even a 2% chance that Paul is running, I cannot be sitting in my livingroom in Toronto. I just can’t) On the bright side you will have a Level Ten rep in Edmonton! πŸ™‚

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