There’s my boy!!

I’m giddy like a school girl right now!

The worst kept secret is being officially announced via webcast on (again, kudos to IndyCar for being leaps and bounds more technically adept than Champ Car ever was in this area)

I’m pretty sure Paul is wearing a Vision Racing golf shirt… (my mind is doing sommersaults)

PT: Enjoyed spending time with his family, not something he’s been afforded the luxury of over the years. Lots of talk about being competitive, thanks to the new sponsor (which hasn’t been announced yet but I believe it is rumoured to be Boston Pizza) and to Tony.

Derrick: Thanks to Tony, new sponsor, Paul, makes joke about Paul being bald just like him. Not going in to Edmonton with any illusions, but just want to get the best out of the car and make the best of the situation. More eluding to this being a direct marketing ploy to help the Canadian races.

Mark Bamford: Such a polite Canadian man. LOL! referred to them all as “Mr”.

*drumroll* unveiling of the new sponsor….

Subway!! oooh cool! I had Subway for breakfast yesterday! I can support them for sure! Subway sammiches washed down by Monster! The perfect meal!

Hey it’s Jared!! LOL! Gee I wonder if they will put Paul on the Subway diet!

Fielding questions now from the press: (who all sound like they are 100yrs old)

Question about being out of the car so long: Paul doesn’t foresee a problem considering his years of experience in these types of cars.

Question about the Edmonton track: Nice PT gives major props to the track and the CDN fans.

dunh dunh dunh: The inevitable Indy 500 question: Paul takes the high road. Class act. Tony shifts uncomfortably… Speaks about “looking forward”, sincerely hopes that Walker and PT can participate beyond Edmonton. (maybe another race this year, and hopefully a full effort for next year)

Question: “is there a back up car for Paul” LOL! that made PT grin.

Question: Derrick will you be calling strategy for Paul? Yes. They have a full effort for the weekend between the Atlantic squad and the IndyCar squad.

Question: Paul’s observations about the transition teams so far. Talks about the 5 yr disparity between the teams, $$, windtunnel testing etc..

Question: (robin Miller… I’d recognize his voice anywhere!) is Paul’s continuing contingient on Paul’s results this weekend? TG: Everything is just a one race commitment at this point, not based on performance, but based on timing. Would like to see it evolve though

Question to Walker: How does it feel to be back in big league competition. Walker: makes a quip about the IndyCar train leaving the station and he and Paul not being on it. He and Paul are a couple of old renegades looking to get back on the train!

Conference over, but they are keeping the video rolling so we can watch the photo ops. Damn, Jared’s a big guy! Makes Paul look little!

haha… my pal Pat Caporali just handed Paul his Indy Car hardcard. Too fucking funny. I feel like I’m in bizzaro world.

oops… camera is moving… nice ceiling… nice floor… ok… feeling nauseas now… and *click* that’s all folks.

off to write it up!

EDIT: So I just have to say… around my little circles of racing friends, the general consensus has been “meh”. Lot’s of indifference, and lack of interest where IndyCar is concerned. (many not even watching or remembering to watch the races)

Today however, my inbox and facebook walls and messages are filled with glee and excitement over the announcement that Paul is back in a car. Just think of how much more interesting this season could have (and should have) been. It’s a fucking crime what was done to him out of pettiness and egos. This is but a small step to righting the wrongs. One will NOT be enough. Keep him in that ride for at least one more race. (how bout Detroit??? )

I am sooooooooooo happy about the Edmonton flight confirmation in my inbox right now. You have no idea. Well, those of you that know me or are regular readers may have an inkling of what this means for me 😉

Following this season as a writer has never felt more like a job than it has this year. Next weekend, I get to feel like a fan again. The thrill is back! (literally and figuratively)

This is going to feel like an excruciatingly long two weeks. LOL!


32 responses to “There’s my boy!!

  1. Nice! Finally…

  2. absofuckinglutely!!

  3. As far as I am concerned, PT was the last missing piece. I really hope they decide to run him in more races.

    And I don’t believe that performance is irrelevant. I guarantee that if he pulls of a top 5 finish.. he will be back for more this year.

  4. I’ve sent my appreciation to Subway for sponsoring this effort. I hope everyone else does so as well.

    *happy dance*

  5. Six words that will not sit well with ya, Meeshie: “You owe Tony George BIG TIME.” 😀

  6. hehe… I’ve already made peace with that…

  7. More than about time, it’s got a lot to do with the series’ waking up to what the potential is. Paul was the most obvious missing piece, but there sure are some others that would raise the racing world’s awareness. Maybe I’m being a bit impatient…after all, it wasn’t realistic to expect it all to come back overnight. This is a huge step in the right direction. Tags needs to be here too. So do a number of others, to replace some who have no business being at the top-tier of open wheel North American racing. I hope we see a reshuffling at the end of the year.

    Congrats, Meesh…I hope you have a blast in Edmonton.

  8. Too bad Almendinger has started to look like he’s going to race Cup cars with a hope of success…that’s a guy that should be here too.

  9. Mark: I don’t believe performance is irrelevant either. Neither does Paul. I think the way it was stated was that this is only a one off, regardless of performance. Everyone would love it to be more, but right now the with the funding/personnel/supplies/etc… it’s a one shot deal. Now if he wins… LOL… nah… not gonna happen, unless it’s a bizarro world race like Cleveland last year.

    Evan: Sent off a thank you to Subway myself this afternoon. 😉

    Mike: couldn’t agree more. (well, not about dinger… but that’s another conversation)
    And thanks, I’m totally stoked for Edmonton now! It was always on my wish list, but this just makes it sweeter!

  10. “well, not about dinger… but that’s another conversation”

    Well, to clarify my thought…I’ll be forever pissed at the guy for doing what he did when he bailed. I was just talkin’ about the level of talent he had (note tense).

  11. ahh… ok then, we agree on all fronts then. 🙂

  12. Glad to see PT back. I don’t know how much of an impact he’ll make, but there’s no doubt he still has a lot of fans he could bring to the league.

    I still think Quizno’s is better though…

  13. hey Chris! thanks for dropping by! (I’m honoured!)

    Personally I think it all came together a little too late to really make an impact, especially with it only being a one off. It screams “ticket sales are waning, we need a gimmick” Even to this diehard Canadian PT fan.

    He should have been in the car in Watkins Glen (drawing the orphaned Torontonians to make the drive down on their now raceless weekend) then again this weekend in Mid-Ohio, building momentum leading up to Edmonton. But what do I know…I’m just some chick on the internet who happens to follow and write about racing 🙄

    So far it’s been nothing more than a one line “oh btw” on all of the major networks during the sports reports here it Toronto tonight. (of course we are still smarting from the loss of our race this year, so I’m sensing a little bitterness) Oh and some Canadian dude one the home run derby at the All-Star game last night, so they are pimping that like crazy!

    No pictures, no soundbytes, no video on any station. It is getting a lot of newspaper and internet play though. My google alerts have been going nuts all day.
    we shall see.

    I agree on the Quizno’s for hot sandwiches, but I’m still a sucker for the occasional Subway Club.

  14. so I guess I’m driving to RA on my own…


    and guess I had best send you a better copy of my logo, right?

    Much thanks for that (he’s everywhere, he’s everywhere)

    So… here is your Edmonton assignment …

  15. yup sorry dude. Edmonton trumps RA. Of course next season, when I’m working full time in racing, I won’t have to worry about pesky scheduling in the real world.

    and yes, a proper resolution of the logo would be helpful.

    LOL on the assignment. (didn’t we talk about this? I swear I wrote somewhere or said in conversation “on the bright side you’ll have a Level Ten rep in Edmonton” of course I may be hallucinating )

  16. What’s the deal with uncle Jerry switching to the Indy Light?

  17. More like what’s the deal with Uncle Jerry making an announcement that is ambiguous at best on the same day that the driver he shafted finally has something good to announce.

    Lights, gather more data, train drivers, move entire team up in 2010 when new car/engine introduced.

  18. Plus it gives him another year to pout and not yet admit that he’s folding after all. It was just a matter of time.

  19. Sounds like Tags is on his way as well, which is pretty sweet.

    I’ll take him and PT over a dozen Brazilians I’ve never heard of.

  20. sciguy: he’s pouting all the way to the bank… mark my words.

    Desmond: hey! Welcome! The Tags rumour is still just that. My contacts in his camp are in full on denial mode. However, my feeling is that this whisper is too loud not to have legs.
    Now of course my sources could be just fucking with me by not confirming one way or the other. That said, if he were on board, would it not have made sense to make that part of today’s announcement? Perhaps Conquest just floated the Tags rumour to make Bernoldi shit or get off the pot.

    [sarcasm]What??? you’ve never heard of Helio??? He was on Dancing with the Stars you know! [/sarcasm]

  21. no, you weren’t hallucinating. we just need to figure out exactly who the target is (did I say Target …)

    Now that could be a problem for my DP team and then Liz (Ganassi’s rep) would get mad at me.

    Maybe PT could use a new rep… stop giggling

  22. Well, lets’ get him in a full ride first…

  23. FPT!!!!!!

    JK! Good for Paul, it seems he really wanted this.

    Meesh, Subways for breakfast? Really? I saw that the other day and threw up a little bit in my mouth. The only thing I eat there are the meatball subs. I really hope that Daniskank tries one of her patented blocking moves on Paul and he holds his line and takes her out, exposing her as the fraud she is. Than when she gets in his face, he just grabs her helmet and twists ’till she’s on the ground. (Could ya tell I’ve fantasized about this scenario before?). Enjoy the race Meesh, looking forward to your report as always.

  24. hey now! LOL!

    I was skeptical myself, but it was actually quite yummy and fresh. Much tastier and more appetizing than the horrible pictures they use to advertise them!

    As much of a <insert your own descriptive here) Danica is, one would think she’s not stupid enough to have a go at PT. Unlike the other lily livered pretty boys on pitlane, he’ll pick her up and snap her like a twig. (I’ve already started collecting bail money…)

    Actually, it would just be funny to see him pick her up and walk down pitlane with her flailing about under his arm like the petulant child she is, then toss her at Andretti the Lesser in his pit box.

    Thanks I will!
    I’ll be a little more frequent with my updates from Edmonton too I promise!

  25. The race I won’t watch, but THAT, (PT carrying her in his arms) I will.

  26. [desperate fangirl mode] Dude! you gotta watch! Think of how we can plead his case for more seat time if the numbers jump dramatically for that race!! Just tune the tv in, and walk away if you must… [/desperate fangirl mode]

  27. Well darn, I’m too late. So Fla Champ already wrote my dream. I just want PT to piss princess off. I hope he lands a ride next year.

    What’s this crap about Forsythe? He’s heading to Indy Lights. He’ll be there for a while since the new car isn’t coming until 2011. They really dropped the ball on that crap. The new car should have been set to go in 2010. The extra year is lost time. Can you imagine how many wrecks there will be in the last race for the ugo-Dallara. Might as well smash those things up, so we never have to look at them again.

  28. Joe! Where Ya been friend?? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a good outing next weekend and a great season next year. He deserves it damnit.

    I think they’ll push for the new car for 2010. 2 more years of this shit ain’t gonna be acceptable to anyone. Not the teams, not the drivers and especially not the fans.

    LOL.. they’ll just leave them at the track with signs: “free to a good home”

  29. I’ve been buried in work. I still pop in from time-to- time. Not enough though.

    I hope PT does well, I hope Subway execs are at the race and I hope they like the race. I’d really like to see PT racing in the IRL next year. It’s still weird to me to say like about anything IRL, but it is what it is. If PT gets a full ride next year, then the question will be, who can we find to sponsor Bobby D?

  30. Sweetheart, I’m gonna be spending the Edmonton weekend in the Vision pits… now THAT’s weird.

    I will keep my eyes and ears peeled for Subway execs and be in total PR pimping mode.

    Man, if Bobby D could find a big healthy cheque for the season, I’m thinking a few teams would snatch him up. (second car at HVM, replacement at Conquest…)

    *imagines The Princess stuck behind the “very wide” Doornbos… and snickers imagining the radio chatter*

  31. OK fangirl, for you, anything! But if they REALLY want me to watch, I need two things:

    1) New cars (duh)
    2) No ” all Danica, all the time” (double duh)

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