and the hits just keep on coming…

no, no one slugged Flash-in-the-panica yet… but I’ll keep ya posted 😉

David Phillips is reporting that Forsythe Racing is set to enter IndyCar and ALMS as soon as 2009.

OH the meltdowns are going to be epic!

Not that I’m ok with it. I mean I’m ok with them joining all of those series. I’m not ok with the way it’s come about and the damage done in the process.

All the drama and political posturing and legal wrangling and derailing of drivers careers (yes, driverS plural. There were three drivers left on the sidelines with their thumbs up their ass when FCR decided to balk on the transition) For what? What was really accomplished in all of that? I’d be curious to know. Guess that will be one of my first interview question next season…


7 responses to “and the hits just keep on coming…

  1. Yeah, I just read this on Speed. Doh! Now I hope PT gets a ride somewhere so he can deliver the chrome horn to his old team. Wow, do we need PT in the series or what? He’ll bring his own storyline to every race.

    I was looking forward to watching Montagny and Martinez this year. Hopefully we’ll get to see them in the future.

  2. It’s such a soap opera!!! LOL! Who can keep up?

    Ya, I feel bad for all the boys. Although Montagny has landed on his feet with AGR in ALMS, David , David got a raw deal. He’s a good kid and good little driver. I hope he can get something going for next year. Maybe FCR will bring him to Lights.

  3. Sorry about linking to the same report, meesh.

    Talk about silly season. 😛 I don’t know what he plans on doing next year (A1GP? GP2? another year of WSR?) but I’d love to see Robert Wickens back in the States if he can’t go further in Europe. He really impressed me last year in Atlantics.

  4. Hey no worries! I was on a bit of a posting tear there tonight. Easily missed.

    I of course can’t say with 100% assuredness, but I’m sadly, fairly confident that we won’t see Wickens back Stateside anytime soon. He is establishing himself in Europe. He is on the F1 track (figuratively) (and well, sometimes literally! LOL)
    He is in the Red Bull stable, and their interests, open wheel wise, are all in Europe.

    I think Wickens is our next Canadian F1 star, or at the very least, has the potential to be.
    That potential would be squandered and lost were he to return to North American Open Wheel.
    No disrespect to anyone on this side of the pond, but facts are facts… It took Seabass four Championships at the top tier to even be considered and he is toiling around on essentially a farm team. If F1 is your final destination, then you’re better to work your way up the Euro ladder system.

  5. Quite true, meesh.

  6. I agree. Even with the merger it will be a while before anyone racing in NAOWR can hope to land in F1.

    There seems to be a storm brewing over in F1 as Bernie’s GP2 is about to have a rival series to compete against. I believe it will be called F2, but I’m not positive. It will be interesting to see what happens as a result of the fall out between Bernie and Max.

  7. I thought it was Bernie himself who was going to branch off from F1 with “GP1” to which he trademarked years ago.

    How ironic… American Open wheel finally unifies and the Euro Open Wheel is on the brink of being Tony Georged…

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