Just when you think…

you can’t possibly think less of someone… they go and do something that sinks them lower than the gutter you had already placed them.

Apparently this bloke got a phone call from his mate at the track:

From The Pit Lane

Everyone loves a cat fight and we’ve had one at Mid Ohio and it could have major conseaquences for Danica Patrick

Milka Duno blocked her on track which angered Patrick (who of course never blocks)

they then clashed again later in practice as Patrick dived down the inside of Duno from a long way back and they nearly made contact

as they were both in the pits Patrick entered the pit garage of Duno who initially apologised but Danica wasn’t done

an arguement started which escalated and according to IMS radio Danica became abusive and apparently spat in Duno’s face, which is an incredebly dismissive and nasty thing to Do

Duno wiped her face and then apparently told Danica to get out of her pit garage

Danica was escorted from the garage by Dreyer and Reinbold officials and also Buddy Rice, who is a personal friend of her’s

Duno’s team owner Robbie Buhl has reported Patrick to the IRL and Duno has also made a statement

Co owner Dennis Reinbold has just been interview and said it was one of the worst incidents he’s seen as Patrick’s tirade he desribed as ‘vicious’

we’ll hear more of this…

a friend of mine who is at the track has told me that it’s this incident is the buzz of the place

I want to get a properly confirmed story on this before we start going on at Patrick and also if Duno said something to set her off

We need more info

he further added:

Just a note here guys

the post above is now all over various IndyCar related sites

I can’t take any credit for the report as it was my mate that phoned it in too me but i’m slightly worried that we are getting linked but not credited for the content…

i await futher developments……

once again, i am still waiting for a CONFIRMED report of what happened before I give my own opinion

of course, as with any hearsay story, there are a couple of different versions. No matter the version this story has legs. I had actually heard it mentioned on ESPN during qualies long before I saw this post. (of course they piled on Milka for her on track actions but carefully avoided saying anything about Skankica) The point of contention with the Danicamaniacs of course is the spitting, and whether or not it happened. To me, it’s a moot point.

Regardless of whether or not she spit, this was yet another confrontation by little miss pissy pants on another driver, in another driver’s pit/garage area. This is supposed to be a professional sport. This is your place of work. There are rules of conduct and of professionalism. If it were a male driver or less cherished/protected driver pulling this bullshit week in and week out, there would be hell to pay. Punishments, fines, etc… But because it is the sainted one, nada.

While the fact that she merely threw a towel at her only further serves to prove just how classy Milka is (I will be sure to go out of my way to tell her so next weekend) part of me wishes she had thrown a punch and knocked that petulant little bitch on her ass on behalf of all the guys she has confronted, as she is the only one who would actually be able to get away with it without legal/social ramifications.

Hey Danican’t! You got a problem with a driver on the track? Either become a better driver, improve & get out of the situation yourself or take it up with the officials. That’s their job. If it’s a legitimate claim, they will do something about it. But this storming up and down pitlane and physically and verbally abusing your fellow competitors is wearing thin, especially when you are FAR from perfection on track or off track. (just ask any of the crew members you have sent to the medical centre this year) (the Coyne crew member is STILL NOT back FYI)

The fact that the series mouthpieces turns a blind eye to all of her infractions and can’t shut their fucking mouths about her is beyond my comprehension. The entire second grouping of the first session, they blathered on and on about her, hardly mentioning the other 11 drivers in the group. (which reminds me I have to boot up the IMS radio separately now that we are being force fed Snot Goodsnooze and Smarmy Sloth’s “All Danica all the time” commentary online during the qualies)

Newsflash! Not everyone gives a flying fuck about bitchy barbie. Stop talking about her unless she actually does something of accomplishment on the track! And for the love of God, stop telling me I have to vote for her for the Espy’s, or the Teen Choice awards, or whatever the hell other contrived or undeserving accolades she is being showered with! When she does something worthy, on or off track, of earning my respect and my vote, only then I will I be motivated to do so.

GAH! Enough!!!

If I hear anything further I’ll update y’all.

EDIT: Curt Cavin digs a little deeper

hehe… my favorite quote:

“I don’t like the show she likes in every race weekend,” she said. “She can push the guys because they cannot do anything to her, but she cannot push me. We meet on equal condition (as women), and I know what kind of character I have.

“I know if somebody pushes me and finds my bad side they are going to get a problem.”

Push her Danica PUSH HER! *snicker*

Damn… all the good stuff happens on the weekends I’m at home.

Oh, and another thought… for those using the fact that Milka is off pace and quite frankly out of her league on track as a means to defend Morticia, its irrelevant!!! First of all, every series has back markers. If you don’t want back markers, start paying the quality drivers rather than accepting cheques from the less than drivers. Secondly, whatever her skill level on track is, that is something to take up with the officials or owner to owner. Not to go all WWF in the pits over. I thought it was bullshit when Champ Car used Tags and Sebass’ temper tantrums against PT for publicity, and I think it is equally bullshit for IndyCar to allow the same thing to happen with Danitantrum’s weekly diatribes. It’s embarrassing.

15 responses to “Just when you think…

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  2. I know Milka is about as nice as can be but it looks like she could pack a punch (i.e. she has some gunz!). If I’m DP, I would be careful going up to her again.

  3. LOL! No argument here. Hell, I wouldn’t mess with her, and I’ve got a good 4″ and too many pounds to admit publicly on her!

  4. It’s not a moot point, it’s a scurilous rumor. It’s far more damaging than any other detail of that story, and you damn well know it—unless, of course, you are an idiot.

    Milka was interviewed on the radio, and she said nothing about being spat at. She said that Danica was saying “the bad words.” And she said that Danica got away with doing that with men, but not with her, blah, blah…

    Milka seemed unaware of the irony of her remarks. How many male drivers have taken a pass on giving Milka a piece of their mind about her lame driving because she’s a woman?

    In any case, plenty of drivers have ended up in similar dust ups over stuff like this, including your beloved Mr. Tracy. You damn well know that too, so why not just be an honest person…

    and cut the crap.

  5. When they play the alleged tape a million times over the coming days, (and you know that if they have it, and it clears up the rumour, they will) people will see that that aspect of the tale was false.

    And it is a moot point, at least for the point that I was making.
    My post wasn’t about whether or not she spat, but about her ridiculous behavior and the people that continue to put her on a role model pedestal (yourself included I assume) when clearly she doesn’t deserve it.

    If she kept her petulant little self in her own fucking pit box then stories like this wouldn’t come to the surface and be absolutely believable.

    And therein lies the rub my anonymous little friend. Her own actions of late don’t do anything in her favour to dispel rumours of this nature, because her own previous behavior witnessed very publicly over and over again at race after race, lend credence to this type of action on her part, whether or not it actually happened.

    She made the bed… so she has no right to complain if she finds it uncomfortable now.

    Oh, and your reading comprehension skills are lacking, or you merely skipped over most of the above in your blind danicamania rage, as you would have seen that I also mentioned and condemned the same behavior by and in regards to my “beloved Mr. Tracy”.

    If there is one thing I am sweetheart… it’s honest. (sometimes brutally so)

    And sorry, mr/miss hide in the shadows, but I will not “cut the crap”.

    My blog. My opinions. My crap.

    Thanks for coming out. Enjoy the race tomorrow.

  6. Meesh, I gotta love ya for telling it like it is here with such passion. Unfortunately, I’m not at all surprised by Whaaanica’s actions. I was writing a piece (that I never got back to) after Indy and the perfectress’ rampage up the pitlane toward Briscoe’s pit…saying that I thought every team was going to need to hire a female mudwrestler to run interference and put the little tantrum throwing girl in her place by keeping her from assaulting men who would otherwise be able to defend themselves against aggressive actions by other male drivers. How is it she keeps getting a ‘pass’ on this behavior? Because everyone is riding the train. Actually, it could do some good for the sport in terms of media visibility if they would suspend her for this kind of crap.

  7. well, I’ve never been accused of mincing words or not speaking my mind, that’s for sure! LOL!

    I look at it this way. If I’m angry about it enough to rant about it, then that’s a good sign. That means I actually still care about the series and the sport enough to be angry about it and want to right the wrongs. The day I become complacent about it is the day folks should worry.

    Complacency is a cancer. It’s what’s been slowly killing the sport for the last few years. When people stop caring, they stop holding people accountable and demanding more and better. Look at how the sport has deteriorated over the years. Complacency my friend.

    ok.. back on topic. Not everyone is riding the train. 😉 I never did, and I never will. I was on the Kat train before it was derailed. (actually, it never left the station… but that is a rant for another day) I will be (and am on) the Ana Beatriz train. She makes her mark on the track, and is a pleasure and a REAL role model off track. (as is Cyndie Alleman)

    They will NEVER suspend her. (DP) Are you kidding??? But it would be nice to see a public admonishment of her actions and some fines levied. (maybe some public service)

    Every series has their untouchables. (except NASCAR who brings them to “the hauler” for a wristslap and a fine)

    Seabass got away with some ridiculous crap when he was driving in CC (of course he had the talent on track to back up his unsportsmanlike behavior on and off) He could say and do what he wanted seemingly without repercussion, which for the most part I just shook my head and bitched a little (a lot!) about. The one that really pissed me off however was when Seabass got out of his car and ran across a hot track to confront Tracy in Denver. Nothing was done or said about it. No fines. No nothing. That’s bullshit. No, not because of who he was going after, but because young drivers watching these guys and gals emulate them and adopt their behavior. (Much like the junior hockey players are all beating the snot out of each other because that’s what the NHL guys do)

    You guys didn’t get this in the states, but there was a show called Star Racer up here. A reality show type contest, where the winner won a year ride in Star Mazda. (Devin Cunningham got the ride) There was one driver, Lorenzo Mandarino, who pretty much owned the field on track, and should have and could have won the seat. But his off track attitude and behavior worked against him. His show boating in the car after he won a session lead to him losing credit for it. His mouthing off and his ego lead the sponsor of the future seat to take a pass on him.

    I was so proud of the show for doing that and SHOWING that. It shook a few people up in the junior formulas trying to make their way up the ladder. They realized it’s a total package that gets you the ride and the sponsors. (and sometimes even then it doesn’t happen)

    Accountability man. That’s what it’s about. She (Danica) is NEVER held accountable for her actions or her attitude.

    Since people like to throw my support of Paul back in my face in these instances, let me say this. Yes, he can be a jackass, but he is and always has been held accountable. Good lord, your face would melt off if you saw a tally of the fines levied against him in his career for everything from on track incidents to wearing shorts to a press conference. (he was dinged $10,000 for that!I kid you not! )

    Instead of the commentators fawning all over her behavior as being “cute and scrappy” , they should be saying how unsportsmanlike, and in some cases, dangerous it is. That Indy pitlane romp was bullshit, especially considering she was doing exactly what the fellow she plowed down earlier that week was being “blamed” for (standing on a hot pit lane with her back to oncoming traffic) to take the accountability off of her yet again.

    Not only did she endanger herself, but she endangered the other staff who were chasing her petulant ass down the lane.

    IndyCar has created this monster. They opened Pandora’s box. Now they need to figure out a way to either control it or close it.

    whew… that was almost a whole other blog! LOL!

  8. People view Danica’s tantrums as her being tough because she has to be to compete in a sport that has for years been dominated by men. If one of the male drivers were to act like her the media would treat it differently no doubt. It’s a double standard that works in her favor. If she crosses the line the IRL should penalize her. I’m not sure that they have the stones to do it though if they ever did I think she may gain more fan support.

    It seems from the video footage this weekend that she clearly had a reason to be angry. She even seemed to be the one with restraint during the conversation. Perhaps someone on the AGR team needs to manage these situations rather than letting the driver do it. Overall it just sets a bad precedent. If the male drivers start behaving similarly then they’re going to expect the same lack of punishment, which could really cause things to get out of hand.

  9. She only showed restraint because she was so taken aback by Milka’s reaction. Watch it again. She is full of piss and vinegar and swearing then Milka snaps at her. This stops her in her tracks. She doesn’t know how to react cause no one ever talks back to her! She pushes in a little more (all the while aware of the camera beside her) and tries to be all quiet and “I just want to talk to her” but Milka is having NONE of it and gets right in her face again and calls her on her bullshit, to which she has no response.

    She is probably lucky that the D&R crew formed a human barrier and that she was behind the pit wall. I doubt she will ever make the mistake of confronting a Milka again, cause Milka will take her down.

    It’s up to the Team managers or owners to take it up with the other teams or race control. It’s NOT up to the drivers to go all WWF on each other in public. It’s tacky.

  10. You’re spot on with that last statement Meesh. I just saw it for the first time, and DP was definatley taken aback by Milka’s reaction. She was ready to be all agressive, then went into passive/agressive mode, “I just wanted to talk to her”. Bullshit. She expected Milka to just sit there and take it, and that wasn’t about to happen.

  11. I had to write my thoughts in a blog post because my desire to see Milka destroy Danica was so great… 😉

    Love the fact, BTW, that the IRL posted the video on YouTube… wouldn’t want to see the RACING get the lion’s share of the attention…

  12. Seriously fucked up ain’t it? Heaven forbid it be about talent and racing!

    ok… running over to read your thoughts now.

  13. “Anonymous // July 19, 2008 at 7:38 pm

    It’s not a moot point, it’s a scurilous rumor. It’s far more damaging than any other detail of that story, and you damn well know it—unless, of course, you are an idiot.”

    Anonymous, Huh. . . I don’t know why Danica would hesitate to use her own name. . .

  14. BWHAHAHAHA! that’s funny!

  15. 1.) You are correct that sponsors determine the drivers. Milka doesn’t belong out there based on talent. Hugo Chavez and Citgo want her out there. That has to grate on the other drivers.

    2.) This has been on CNN and Sportscenter in the past 24 hours. That is a good thing for the series and you can’t convince me otherwise. Racing is entertainment and based on the incredible amount of coverage on this blog alone. . . we are all very entertained.

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