we interrupt this racing blog…

to bring you a little blogger to blogger shout out :ScottyPruettttwothumbsup:

One of the very first of the “IRL” bloggers to reach out, say hello and sort of welcome me into the “brotherhood” if you will, was the witty fella who fills the pages of Is it May Yet? with information, witticisms and horrifying photoshops of Graham Rahal and Paul Tracy… LOL.

Well, in his spare time, he’s one of those brainiac types, and this weekend he got a little shout out from another blog… the NASA blog! (no… not NASCAR… NASA!!)

There’s a lot of talk about algorithms and infrared thingamabobs, and all sorts of other stuff that is way over my head but I got the gist: Storms = bad, Will’s research = good!

Bottom line is, NASA is impressed and so am I! And so should y’all be!

Congrats Will! That’s very cool and you should be very proud.
I wish you much success with your research.


5 responses to “we interrupt this racing blog…

  1. Nice work, man! I thought that I was one of the only science nerds that loved racing. Sure ain’t anyone else in my building…well, save the Euros and F1.

  2. That’s awesome.

  3. Will is the shizzle, and hopefully he won’t go evil and decide he wants to rule the world by controlling the weather. He’s that powerful.

    And for the record Meesh, I would have welcomed you as well except I can’t find an email address for you anywhere on your site. What, are you worried that your loyal readers will send you bogus cash transfer offers from Nigeria? Come on.

  4. I don’t think he is truly capable of evil. (well, photoshops aside! LOL! )

    You should have an email for me on one of my comments over in your neck of the woods!

    Of course I guess I could set up a little “contact me” moment in the sidebar… (adds to to-d0 list…)

  5. There! “Contact me” all set up!

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