Honda Indy 200 *Live* race blog

Well kids… this could be an interesting day no? What’s the over/under on the race being pre-empted due to the British Open? What about the fact that it’s raining at the track currently?
Add that to the ALMS race being aired on NBC (nice of them to wait until today to air it) and the F1 race airing on FOX all at the same time and well, the ratings should be positively abominable!

Ok… off to get myself all settled for race time. (there had better be a cold beer or two in my fridge… just sayin is all)

back for race time

1:40pm: Gotta love Golf recaps… like the live golf isn’t boring enough… zzzzzzzz. Nothing happening on track yet. Some interviews, lots of standing around, recaps from last year, etc… The camera is fixated on Milka. Are they expecting her to suddenly bound down pitlane and attack? Are they expected The Princess to pay a visit? Too funny. oooh… they are replaying the interview from yesterday. LOL! omg… it’s even funnier to hear it. You go girl!

NO guys.. it’s NOT great PR for the IndyCar series! geesh… ok.. moving on.

Hey! Townsend Bell! I’m so happy he’s driving next weekend! TB, PT and Viso! LOL! Total festival of carbon fiber potential there!

1:46pm: pasty white fat guys without shirts… blech. We really don’t need to see that.
I am admittedly impressed by the number of people still there to watch. Of course you have all the folks that would have gone to Cleveland who likely made the trip out, desperate for a little on track action, no matter the vehicle.

1:49pm: the obligatory Danica shot… (first of many I’m sure) *checks tv…* yup… still a bunch of golf dudes

1:57pm: “Drivers start your engines” (wow, they sound shitty…LOL) Looks like the track is drying rather quickly. Look for a festival of pitting pretty early on. Damn! Where’s my beer??? brb

2:03pm: Cars on track for their installation laps… sun is shining… loving the aerial view.

2:04pm: Green Green Green!!! looks like everyone got thru cleanly. Nice.

2:05pm: Wilson gets around Marco for 3rd sweet! Helio way out in front. Briscoe looks to be slowing the pack down. Ooh Wilson up to 2nd.. nice! Now Dixon, who also has jumped a few positions is now all over the back of Briscoe. Hate to say it, but damn these cars look slow. I really hope it’s track conditions and tires…


2:13pm: well… that sucked. :headondeskbanging:

2:15pm: I haven’t got a fucking clue what is going on. LOL! Dominguez does some off-roading. Saves it (creatively)

2:17pm: RHR and Bernoldi bring outing the full course caution over cooking it into the turn.

2:19pm: LOL… here we go… the obligatory Danicawatch! Ooh.. good for her, she’s gone from 20th to 17th! Alert the media!

2:20pm: LOL! the full soap opera tape. Of course she’s getting a pass. “you can make up your own mind as to who’s side you want to take”… hmm… let me think… I pick Milka. Good for her for calling her on the bullshit and making a show of it. I love how taken a back The Princess was that Milka didn’t cower in her presence… too funny.

2:24pm: Is everyone on some wacky pit strategy? How the hell did Briscoe and Wilson end up in 14/15th??

2:29pm: Is this the race that Meira finally breaks through? Will Manning get around him for the win that eludes him? Will they take each other out and gift the win to Will Power making today an Aussie Sweep?

2:34pm: So the real question is… was there irreparable damage to Bernoldi’s car, or did he just say fuck it and walk away? Where is my fricken beer??? (I keep getting distracted by on track shenanigans when I start to head to the fridge)
Buddy Rice had a major FUBAR moment in the pits… that sucks.

2:38pm: Tires and fuel for Briscoe. (new strategy for the Penske driver)

2:39pm: oops Mario Moraes stalled in the pits… OOOPS… Mario Dominguez has a major wing failure. Luckily it was in a good area with a big run off of kitty litter. Bad mojo for dudes named Mario!!

2:42pm: Tyler… LOL.. poor guy. They are gonna try to get him fixed and back out there. (is it wrong that it looks better without the rear wing?)

2:44pm: Festival of pitting! Holy crap. As P-dog would say, clown cars everywhere! Viso hits a tire from Rahal’s pit box, airborne but continues. Foyt IV, who can’t buy a break, gets caught up in someone’s airgun hose and comes to a grinding hault in the middle of pitlane. Order is shuffled coming out of the pits Power, Castroneves, Dixon, Meira

2:50pm Wilson in the lead, (on a way different strategy however) Green Green Green!

2:52pm The Least spins unassisted and drops to the back of the pack.

2:54pm So Wilson and Wheldon on one strategy. Briscoe and Moraes on another. (LOL) and the rest of the pack on another.

2:56pm 20 of 26 cars on the lead lap. Marty Roth isn’t one of them. :mocks surprise: Justin pulling away to a huge gap! (he will have to make a green flag pit and get back out for position, so he’s gaining as much of an advantage as he can) ooh… everyone is on commercial break! *makes a dash for the fridge!!!*

2:59pm Fastest lap of the race so far to Wilson. ooops! Duno spins and stalls on track. Wheldon on the closed pit lane (fucked up his strategy) was about to pit. Wilson could be fubared now. too bad, as he built up that amazing lead. Wilson in and out. Clean stop. Wheldon back in. We’ll see how this plays out.

3:03pm for those who care, I’m now enjoying a frosty Nickel Brook Green Apple Pilsener. It’s a cross between a cider and a beer. It’s most refreshing on a humid summer afternoon.

3:04pm So, Milka has been started, gone to the pits, gone back out, and yet still… we are under yellow. Why is that??? BTW… race leader is Briscoe, followed by Moraes! hehe. Go little Mario. I ask again… WHY ARE WE STILL UNDER YELLOW?????

3:08pm Apparently we stayed yellow for and interview between The Lesser and The Least.

3:09pmGreen Green Green CRASH CRASH CRASH! Dominguez gets into Wilson who spins, which bunches up the field. Foyt gets into and spins Wheldon, The Least tries to avoid everyone and drives under Wilson. YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW

3:13pm Wilson in and back out. Wheldon in and back out. Apparently Dominguez was supposed to give Wilson the corner then had “handling issues” okey dokey then. Looks like The Least is done for the day. Wheldon is in and out a second time. Strategy officially FUBARED.

3:17pm GREEN GREEN GREEN! Let’s see if we can race like big boys and girls shall we?

3:23pm 34 laps to go… Kanaan is starting to get racy. LOL! OOps… Rahal spins on his own. He is trying frantically to get someone to refire and point him in the right direction. Local yellow. LOL… Rahal pulls out right into Dominguez! oops. Neither are damaged, and keep running.

3:27pmBriscoe pits from the lead. In and out cleanly. Moraes leads! BAWHAHA! I love Coyne!

3:29pm ooh… here comes Power… he’s gonna try to get around Moraes. (which is silly, cause Moraes is stopping) In and out. Good boy!

3:30pm Will Power takes over the lead. Marty Roth runs out of what little talent he possesses and over cooks it and takes himself off track.

3:32pmOh… Viso’s car is toast! Can’t get it to stay fired. Major suckage! Power pits from the lead, in and out clean.

3:33pm Briscoe somehow has taken over the lead again. Viso has now lost 3 laps. Apparently a clutch issue. He is still stuck on pitlane.

3:35pm OH… Full course yellow. Moraes overcooks it, goes off into the kitty litter and is done for the day. Heartbreak! He was doing soooo well!! Damn.

3:42pm 21 laps to go GREEN GREEN GREEN! Briscoe, Junky, Castroneves (potential podium)

3:45pm Come on Briscoe! Give my buddy Gary a great ending to his Canadian adventure!!

3:49pm 14 laps to go… Just confirmed that Junky will be about 5 laps short on fuel if it stays green. 😦

3:51pm Wheldon will apparently let Power go if he can catch him… guess we’ll see… Edit: not an issue as Wheldon is back on pit lane…

3:53pm Coyne hoping for a yellow… Milka? Marty? AJ? help a brother out?

3:54pm Going the distance. Not a timed race. 10 laps to go.

3:55pm Bruno being called in for a flash and go Edit: OOPs! LOL… that would be a Splash and go!

3:57pm hmmm… wonder if will has anything for Dixon? Doubtful. This is Briscoe’s race to lose at this point. HUGE gap between him and Helio. (poor Helio… he’s having a Bridesmaid season)

4:00pm Dixon is getting racy with Helio. Wilson getting racy with The Princess. Servia getting racy with Power… hmmm… that could get ugly.

4:02pm 3 to go… Briscoe is out for a country drive. Dixon is desperately trying to catch Helio.

4:06pmWIN WIN WIN!! Go Briscoe!!!!


Ok.. I’m officially kicking myself for not being in Mid-Ohio right now! Aussie win in Lights. Aussie win in IndyCar. Aussie Friends at the track. Damn Damn Damn! Of course I would have had to leave before any serious drinking could be done anyway. So maybe it’s a blessing in disguise! LOL! Gary, I want serious details when you get home!

Ok… my bum is numb, must get up and move about. Got to do my laundry and finish my pre-pack for Edmonton. (Thursday is going to sneak up on me quicker than I think…) If I have time, I’ll post prior to then, but otherwise I will be coming to you LIVE Edmonton in 3.5 days!!



4 responses to “Honda Indy 200 *Live* race blog

  1. Given the way Davison’s season has gone, it’s somewhat fitting that he won the way he did. That’s not to take away from his run but that was just an odd race.

    Have fun at Edmonton! 😀

  2. LOL! No kidding! It’s been a tough year for the Aussie boys of late. Johnny Reid will be having nightmares about this day for years to come.

    oh… I’ll try… 😉 hehehe

  3. Meeesh we missed you.

    It was aussie day at mid oh; although it would have been even better if it was Will who won. Briscoe is cool but he still smells of IRL BS. James D was over the moon with his win!

    Apparently i started a first by bringing beers into the press room for the post race interviews – WTF it was aussie day!

  4. OMG!!! LOL! I hope someone snapped some pics of that!! (beer/pressroom)

    I was soooooo happy for James! I can’t believe they are not running this weekend, I was looking forward to congratulating him in person.

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