A rebirth in Canada…

So I was having a little side chat with Jeff from my name is irl the other day and got a bit bloggy in my reply to him regarding the kerfuffle between The Princess and Milka and how it will bring eyes and attention to the Edmonton race that had no attention from the American IndyCar crowd last year. (well, duh, of course it didn’t, it was a Champ Car event, why would any of you have watched? OH the fantastic racing, awesome cars, talented drivers and great Canadian crowd??… oops… side tracked there… hehe)

Anyway, this was my reply and I felt it warranted a little bloggy discussion:

I get what you’re saying, and maybe that will be enough to get you murican’s to tune in for the WWF’ness of it all, but truthfully it’s a non-story here in Canada. Actually, the whole damn race/season/series is a non story here in Canada this year unfortunately. PT is getting a little press right now which is good. But motorsports is fading fast up here sadly. Hopefully with Edmonton and Toronto, and potentially PT fulltime next year we can start to rebuild our fractured racing culture. Hell, the only races I’ve seen some of my local “legit” motorsports journalist compadres at have been Nascar events. (legit as in paper and paid!)

Their editors aren’t interested in open wheel stories. Hell, even the Nascar stuff is cut to shreds. It’s pretty sad. These are the guys that have been the eyes and ears of motorsports for decades in the major newspapers, and they are being relegated to one tiny column a week if that and all Nascar all the time.

wow.. I just got all bloggy there! LOL! (might have to turn this one into a blog actually… )

Of course if my “beloved Chrome Horn” says or does something ridiculous this weekend (which is always a possibility), it’ll play… But I think he will be in full focus mode as he wants to produce a half decent result that he can use as collateral. The Princess may try to pull a pitlane encounter with him for her own ratings, but she’ll have to get by me first (I’ll be in his pits working the whole time) And I’m just as focused on his future, and will not give a second thought to snapping her like a twig. (Don’t mess with the big gal on her home turf… just sayin is all)

So, twig snapping aside, the point is that it’s going to take a lot more than a Danitantrum every week to rescue open wheel racing in Canada. This weekend’s event is very important as it is almost like starting from scratch, and will be the foundation for IndyCar to build upon in Canada.

more later…


5 responses to “A rebirth in Canada…

  1. Hmmm, I’ll be looking for you in the race reports, Meesh. Guaranteed you’ll be there if you have anything to do with Danica in PT’s pit. :p

  2. LOL! Ya this could be the start of the end of my career in open wheel racing…

  3. Well so far the CCWS boys are representing well…Yay, it looks realistically like there could possibly be six of ’em in the top ten in qualifying…hahaha…PT is certainly doing his part.

  4. HAHA! Yeah, Bruno!

    BTW, has anyone seen the Whaanica…?…ah, I see…she’s hovering somewhere in the last third of the field…she’s SUCH a shoe!! (who, me? Cynical?)

  5. That’s my boy! Sitting at my boarding gate right now… Can’t wait to get there!

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