and with that… we bid Edmonton adieu!

My goodness but this was a good weekend. Especially great for me as my friends both on and off the track had wonderful results.

James “Hinch” Hincliffe, even with a bobble or two, still managed to pull off a pole, two podiums and regained the championship points lead.

My friends at Jacombs racing enjoyed 1st & 2nd on the starting grid and 1st and 3rd on the podium! My buddy Tags hoisted his first CTNS trophy on the top spot of the podium. Woohoo! Such a wonderful result for him and the team and a great momentum builder going into Montreal next week! It will be off the hook!

And then there is Paul. I am floating on cloud nine right now. I couldn’t be happier! Seriously. I’m pretty sure I held my breath for the last half hour of the race. As much as I would have loved to see him podium, I’m just so proud of him for racing hard and clean and just doing what he does best… drive the fucking wheels off a race car. He was beaming when I talked to him after the race.

Today I cried happy tears (privately) for Paul. He deserved this. We all did.

OK… must decompress. More later…


8 responses to “and with that… we bid Edmonton adieu!

  1. All I can say is… awesome.

  2. Very nice! C’mon Subway! Let’s do it…

  3. BTW, Meesh: I hope you had a chance to shake TG’s hand and kick Arute in the ding-ding.

  4. PT = P4!!!! Woohoo! Where were his Vision teammates? Oh that’s right, behind him… Way to drive the wheels off that car Paul!

    Wilson = P3!! Cheers!! Raise a pint for JW.

    Danica = non-factor(must have been a road/street course)

    AGR drama = priceless!

  5. Sciguy: I made a point of shaking TG’s hand and thanking him for making sure PT was back in the saddle.

    Arute wasn’t there this weekend, so no ding-ding kicking, 😉

  6. Congrats and here’s hoping we don’t have to wait until spring to see him race again.

  7. Hehe, ding-ding kicking. Glad you enjoyed yourself, meesh. Hopefully, there’s more PT for all to enjoy. 😀

  8. Thanks guys! Agreed and fingers crossed!

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