live from pit lane…

So my boy is up to 10th!! And its only lap 9. Rahal did some off roading. Will @ower is toast.

Edit:well Will is back after a trip to the garage as is meira. Mutoh just pounded the wall hard but he’s out and ok..moraes is being worked on in the run off at pit in. It’s like the keystone cops!

Edit:without looking at the timing my visual tells me that dixon, wilson & servia are dialed in. Roth is a fucking slug out there. Christ.

Edit:Bwahahahahahah! The Least just punted The Princess!


4 responses to “live from pit lane…

  1. Well Marco A. just made my day…

  2. According to IMS radio, the team wanted DP and MA to move over for Kanaan (championship/race strategy help) and neither did. Not saying they should or shouldn’t have but I got a chuckle out of that and more so when they came together.

    Good for PT to get 4th! 😀 Great that Wilson finally got a good finish to match his qualifying run. Stinks that Will had early trouble.

    Castroneves 2nd again. I really thought he had this one but big credit to Dixon and his crew to come through in crunch time.

  3. Kanaan: You two idiots won’t move over for me? Find your own damn setups from now on…

  4. When Danica was driving go karts, she wore a Paul Tracy replica helmet.

    “He’s a really fantastic driver and I’m actually excited and honored to be out there with him this weekend,” she said. “I remember when I first came back to the United States (from racing in England). Paul was in Champ Car then. He’s so good and he’s just always so fast in qualifying and he’s tough out there … I remember that from when I was a kid, too. I’ve always been a Paul Tracy fan.”

    Probably as close to gushing as you’re going to get out of Ms. Sober Sides.

    Looks like you and “The Princess” have something in common. For some reason I get a kick out of that.

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