Quick drive by…

2 days, 3 series, one Meesh. Zoinks!

I’ve taken a couple hundred pictures, taped a couple of interviews & quotes, written notes and walked a thousand miles. I’ve run into my bestest race friends at the track about 2-3 times a day, for a brief moment each time. We are all working this weekend and all on very different schedules. The 12 hr track days (7:30-7:30 yesterday) knock the stuffing out of you. By the time we grabbed some dinner on the way back to the hotel and I plonked myself on the edge of my bed deciding what my game plan would be, exhaustion set in and I began the head nodding. I will try to update a little later as well, but for now, all I can promise is a post race bloggy blog.

I can tell you that I love this event and this track. I love having Paul in the car. It feels like race weekend again. The air is electric.

Ok… gotta run back to the pits. Tag’s is about to podium (god willing) and I want to catch the celebration!

Enjoy the race my friends! It’s gonna be a good one!!!


2 responses to “Quick drive by…

  1. Love your racing blog. Alot of people prob’ly dunno how much work one can spend covering races as a reporter, photographer, videographer, etcetera. Not carefree fun like sitting in the stands or on a recliner with a cold beverage and pretzels.

  2. Thanks Brian! Ya, it can get a little intense during a race weekend, especially a shortened one like this. too much to do, not enough time to do it in.

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