If I were a betting man…

… well, actually I’m not a man. (fuck, imagine how much scarier I’d be!?)
But if I was, and I liked to wager, I too would have a little extra cash in my pocket this weekend.

See, I had heard from several people in person at the track, and had it confirmed by David Phillips in his Saturday notebook on Speed, that there were wagers all over the paddock and pitlane betting against Paul’s success this weekend. (obviously if there were detractors there had to be supporters to accept the bets… and they are hopefully enjoying the spoils of their confidence in our boy)

I never once wavered in my support of Paul, no matter how many people said to my face this weekend that he would crash out. Oh ye of little faith…
I knew the first minute he walked into pitlane this weekend that he was focused on success. Nothing else would be acceptable. He has a body language. A look in his eyes. I’ve spent enough time around him that it was clear to me this was the “PT” that was going to be electrifying on Saturday.

When Paul is surrounded by people who believe in him and challenge him to be the best because they want to be the best, and provide him the tools he needs to get the job done, he gets results. Period.

He didn’t have that last year (at least until the last two events) and it started from the top on down.

This weekend there was support. There was the belief that it could be done and he was the man to do it. There was open communication. There were smiles. There was a crew that were on the top of their game. (remind me to tell you the story of Donny)

Forsythe looks like a fool, as do his employees (current and former) for being so petty.
They may think PT is a joke, but when it comes down to it, the jokes on them.


15 responses to “If I were a betting man…

  1. Paul did a great job. He performed far better than I expected. I hope he can participate in a few more events this year.

  2. OK, I know you’re a PT fan….but I liked the old banner better. Just sayin’… :p

  3. hey had to have a little solidarity with my boy ya know 😉

  4. Run those Subway colors! Fuck Forsythe…get rid of the blue!

  5. I’m with you Sciguy!

  6. It’s not the colour. hehehehe. I actually like that livery. I still can’t get my preference around the car itself. 😉

  7. LOL! I know, I know! Believe me! You’d actually laugh at how FEW pictures of the cars I have in my 600+ photos! hahaha!

  8. I didn’t doubt Paul’s ability, ever. A driver of his ability doesn’t suddenly just “lose it” talent-wise. Over a period of years, without a good situation around them, yeah (see Al Unser Jr.)…and age does play into it, but 39 isn’t over the damn hill (ya’ rotten punks!). And whatever about the cars…yeah, the Champ Cars looked and sounded better, but now that they’re gone, it’s time to stop looking in the mirror…and hope that what’s next for this series is a better package. The racing…Paul driving the wheels off the car, the better “transitional” drivers running right in the mix with the former “elite” Big Three teams…(note that I believe that is getting torn down to the Big Two, thanks to the Princess and the Least, to borrow your expression)…oh, BTW, Meesh…if it wasn’t for the Least, Servia and Wheldon never would have had any contact. I put that one squarely on Marco’s idiocy, which began with his gaffs with TK(?!) …then hitting Whaanica (LOL!!).
    Anyway, I ramble…I’m enjoying (most of) the racing again. It finally feels like a top-tier series again…and it should only get better as they weed out the ride buyers and owners who can’t keep up…(Marty qualifying slower than the fastest Atlantic cars…good call, Meesh.)
    “and he just went on, and on…”

  9. I’m ok with the new banner. It’ll just remind me to get more subs. 🙂

  10. Fuck Forsythe. . . and who’s that “old” guy Mike?

  11. Age is just a state of mind my friends… (Unless you’re in the PT+ category (cough) then its a state of being… And tylenol following a long day at the track. (I can’t even venture a guess as to how sore he was on Sunday… Ouch!)

  12. Fyi… I’m in the + category myself…

  13. “Mike is so old that he was chief mechanic on Barney Oldfield ‘s car. This guy knows more about the history of Indy than Parnelli and Rufus is old. . . You gotta love him.

  14. Pardon my associate up there…he’s had a bit too much to drink…he’s imagining himself to be a youthful contributor at this point. Funny, I never knew that beer could make someone hallucinate like that.

  15. It was great to see PT have a good drive. He and Subway received a lot of air time too. Hopefully Subway will come on board with PT and Walker. I think Walker would be a good for PT and vice versa.

    Yes, can we please drop Marty Roth?! That crap is pathetic. He’s the worst rolling chicane yet.

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