Gentlemen… start your…

Travel broker browsers!

So the 2009 schedule came out today.Surely this had to be a hoax! I mean it’s July! That gives me months to plan my schedule, Book hotels, look for flights, apply for credentials. As one who comes from the Champ Car side of the fence, I’m used to hoping for a “tentative” schedule by xmas and learning the driver line up at the first practice in Long Beach… But I digress…

I’m a little underwhelmed really. Yes, yes, my home race is back, yipee! But I would have liked to see Cleveland slip back in there. I would like to see the Aussie race confirmed. I can’t understand the reasoning behind keeping Homestead… Especially as the season finale! Blech!

Kudos to them for opening with St.Petes & Long Beach and for dumping Napville.

More in a bit (heading into a meeting)


4 responses to “Gentlemen… start your…

  1. I’m guessing Miami is getting one last shot. They obviously wanted to give it a chance by keeping it far from the St. Pete date, which makes sense.

    One would think Cleveland will be back eventually, but its probably going to have to wait for either the sport to grow (to allow for a 20+ race schedule) or one of the midwest dates to drop out.

    I wish they’d alternate oval/non-oval a little more. But overall I think consistency is very important. Glad to hear you aren’t diving off the nearest cliff like some fans.

  2. Lol! honey… If unifimorphication didn’t send me cliff diving, then it’s safe to say a fairly balanced (as far as disciplines go) schedule isn’t going to nudge me!

  3. Hmm, if I could find someone to hitch a ride with, the Glen sounds good. If not, I’ll stop by Toronto. Hope to see you there.

  4. Nice! I hope to be at both!

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