streeties & ovals & roads…

Oh my!

So I had about 20mins on my lunch hour to surf my fave bloggies and take the temperature of the fanbase with regards to the schedule…

Holy crap people! Chillax!

If you really look at the schedule, it’s not that bad. Enough mind numbingly boring ovals to keep all the IRListas happily tugging on their wobbly bits, and they threw us Champ Car snobs another bone by adding a street course and keeping all the street/road courses already there in tact.

Sure there could be few more events, but realistically we aren’t sure yet if the patient (AOW) is fully cured yet or merely in remission. Let’s concentrate on gaining strength and growing the events we already have first.

That said, the real issue is not the venues next year but the product being run and the medium capturing it.

Running on all the best ovals and all the best road/street courses won’t mean diddly squat if we are subjected to the same sub-par production values for the broadcasts next year as we have this year… Likewise, if the ball doesn’t get put in motion towards fixing those lumpy slugs currently being passed off as race cars, then neither a cool track or the perfect tv package are going to amount a hill o’ beans. Nobody will give a shit to show up or watch.

The fan base is on shaky ground as it is. If those that are already committed to supporting the series are losing interest, how the heck are we going to convince others to stay the course or hop on board?

Ok… Writing blogs via blackberry while convenient, is a pain in the ass… So with that I press publish!


15 responses to “streeties & ovals & roads…

  1. That is true, meesh. I was initially very disappointed at the schedule due to some tracks not being added and some “questionable” venues kept, voluntarily or involuntarily. After some time thinking about it, it’s not that bad. With the earlier than usual schedule announcement, it should also give plenty of time for those involved to make ’09 as good as possible. At least, that’s what the optimist in me says.

  2. I think you are right on about the schedule, but I don’t think the look or relative speed of the cars have all that much to do with the sport gaining popularity either. I hate to say this, but as far as the casual non-rabid fan is concerned the old CCWS ride looked identical to the current car. As far as more horsepower, we’re talking a few extra mph here. They go a hell of a lot faster than the cabs and that’s what counts.

    To me the drivers are still the missing element. The top cabbies look increasingly like clones of each other and Indycar has a chance to differentiate itself. The bankable stars-in-waiting like Danica, Graham, and Marco need to start winning now. I’m sorry to throw the D-word in your face on your own blog, but it is the terrible truth. Several more crazy bastards like PT would help too.

  3. Heh, I got my question up on Cavin’s Q&A back when I was a little peeved :

  4. LOL Desmond on the D-word. Not that this has anything to do with the post, but I’ll bite.

    I did at one time actually support her efforts. She had the potential to be very good for the sport and to be a true trailblazer for other women. But then she bought into her own hype and sold out. She became a billboard and a marketing tool to the detriment of her actual on track career. If she put half as much time and effort into improving as a driver as she does whoring herself out to the highest bidder, she might actually have some stats to back up the bullshit. ya know?

    Believe me, as a woman I wish I respected her… but every week she gives me another reason to shake my head and walk away in disgust.

    I’ll save my support and respect for the women who are actually going about their business and proving themselves on track with talent and off track with class. Ana Beatriz, Katherine Legge, Simona de Silvestro, Sarah Fisher, Cyndie Alleman, and on and on…

  5. on to the other points.

    How old are we talking with the CCWS cars? You’d have to go back quite a ways, cause believe me, none of the pictures on my walls look like the humpbacked lawn dart that is currently circling the track.

    I can deal with the over sized wings. (hell, the DP01 had a ginormous rear wing that I had to get used to) Hell even the snow plow sized front wing! But the airbox hump? BLECH! horrible. And the boxy squared off body. ICK!

    Trust me, it took a long time for me to warm up to the DP01. Gimme a Reynard or a Lola any day.
    Gimme roll bars and rounded side pods. Gimme sleek and sexy… ya know??

  6. Oh ya, as for those bankable stars in waiting, particularly the pedigreed ones with the “names”. They are children!
    It is completely unfair to lay the pressure of saving the series and this genre of racing squarely on their shoulders by virtue of their genetic lineage.

    Everyone can be a “bankable star” with the right guidance, a pocket full of talent and a great PR/media team.

    As for the crazy bastards like PT… LOL! Well, get him a full time ride for sure. Get Scheckter hooked up. Send Milka back to sportscars and put T-Bell back in the seat full time. And focus some of EJ’s raw energy… Hell, there’s a whole stable of Crazy bastards for you!!

  7. All that said (geesh I’m wordy tonight) the most important point I was trying to make in there is the need to improve the tv package. It’s not so much what channel it is air on, but what in fact is aired that matters. The production value is CRAP! Shite camerawork & angles. Blowhard, self important commentary. So much of the on track action is glossed over or simply missed. Let’s get back to showing and highlighting the racing during the racing broadcasts for fuck sake. You want to do filler and fluff pieces? Then produce a half hour weekly show. But during the race… lets talk about racing.

    The very fact that they have to resort to going to clips of fuck ups from the last race during the boring racing broadcast screams that there is a problem. I don’t give a shit who The Princess yelled at a week ago (or a day or an hour ago). I don’t care that Dixon lost his mind and his talent at Watkins Glen. I want to see what is happening on track now! I want to see the passes on track. I want to see the hard chargers coming from the back. I want to see the dicing midpack. In other words, I want to see the racing!! duh?!

    Fix the on-track situation while simultaneously fixing the broadcasting situation. That should be priority #1. Period.

  8. Well, regarding the broadcast team, it’s kinda hard to get people who aren’t a little self-serving into high profile (relatively speaking) media positions.
    Arute is a goon who wants to be an entertainer of some sort. Brienne Pedigo embarrasses ME when I’m listening to her (though she’s improved some over the year+ she’s been doing it). As pit reporter, they should absolutely hire Yawn Because (as he was called on one team he drove for) he actually strives to do a good job with the information rather than be a highlight himself. Jon is really a very nice guy with a passion to bring out the salient points…and maybe if we could kidnap Gary Gerould back from NHRA…knowledgable, not an offense to the drivers he interviews… and for color in the booth, I’d really like to see Derek Daly back, because he IS colorful, with knowledge…and since we’ll never get Varsha, I’m open to suggestions about who should be the anchor… summarizing, there needs to be a team that is comprised of racers who know what really grabs the people who love racing, in order to draw others and help them see it, and learn to love it too.

    Since I’m running on here…One thing I’ve often thought is they need more long distance shots that show just how much ground is being covered by giving some kind of viewable contrast or context, or…y’know what I mean? When all anyone can see of a car on the TV screen is the car surrounded by black asphalt, with nothing to compare the speed against, it does look really UNimpressive. When you can gauge that the cars are moving at or near 100m per second, then you get peoples attention.

  9. Or could they get Varsha? Only if Fox/Speed gets the package, right?

  10. I’ve totally got to agree with Demond on this one. I think they’re ugly, too, but most people won’t really know the difference. I also hated the high noses on F1, a lot, in the beginning. But I got over it eventually. I also hated the COT but it is also looking normal to me already.

    Personality matters in growing the popularity of racing. Plain vanilla isn’t exciting. F1 drivers are either whiney, boring or both. We DO need more crazy bastards like PT. Villains have a role. Not everyone loved Earnhardt, but you either screamed at him or for him. On the flip side of that, I’d agree with Meesh that I don’t want a fluff piece in the middle of the action. Talking to interesting drivers before or after the race is fine, but don’t cover up the racing.

    And, for sure the coverage sucks. I had to watch the ticker to see what was happening with PT. WTF? If I wanted to watch a car go around without racing I’d watch F1.

  11. Cyndie Alleman, smoking hot as she is, does not belong on that list of women “proving themselves on track with talent “. She has looked lost at nearly every race this year, and that fourth at Mid Ohio was the most random race in history.

    Which is a shame for the league because she is empirically smoking hot. It’s undeniable.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go try some “Chillax”. 🙂

  12. LOL… I did qualify that by saying “on the track with talent and off the track with class” the latter of which is the category that Cyndie & Sarah (Milka and Kat now) find themselves in, as their on track
    performances are lackluster at best.

    mmmm… “Chillax” tastes great! Less filling!

  13. Nice call – Cyndie Alleman is kind of a looker. Well based on the like three photos of her on google. Somebody get that kid a wikipedia page.

  14. She is an absolute doll in person too.

  15. Desmond, as Meesh said she is a nice girl. And she definitely is HOT 😉

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