Weekend wrap up…

While the IndyCar peeps enjoyed a weekend off. (and those of us that cover it enjoyed a long overdue break) there was lots of on track action elsewhere, and lots of history making stuff at that!

Rolex Grand Am series enjoyed the closest finish in series history, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer team πŸ˜‰ Awesome final lap! (actually the last few laps were pretty awesome) Highlights here
I have to wonder if my pal Chris has sobered up yet…

F1 enjoyed an exciting final few laps, and another first time winner in Kovalainen, as Massa’s Ferrari engine “blowed up real good” in the final laps. Timo Glock also had a stellar performance coming back from his huge shunt last week to place second on the podium.

Even Nascar made a little history this weekend running in the rain in Montreal for the Nationwide race. It was actually kinda fun to watch. I would have liked to see the weather clear and the race resume as I’m almost positive Patreek would have gotten Fellows for the win. (but I’m happy for Fellows too… so I’m torn)

OH and big thumbsup up & kudos for Jacombs Racing and Andrew Ranger who took the win in the Canadian Tire Nascar series in Montreal earlier that day. We won’t talk about Tags… suffice it to say the euphoria of winning in Edmonton was quickly dissipated by the ridiculousness of what happened to him this weekend.

On top of that I uploaded a crapload of pics to my facebook and am in the process of uploading them to the Open Wheel World website (we really REALLY need to work out a better system for that for next season I must say…) I also uploaded a PT-centric album here for y’all to peruse. Will upload more from the weekend soon.

5 responses to “Weekend wrap up…

  1. Good job Timo! But poor BMW. . . ONE POINT! Sucks to be them. Well maybe Nurburgring will be kinder to them. I hope everyone had a great weekend! See ya

  2. I wasn’t as thunk as some dreople think I was,
    but it took me all day sober to Sunday up…
    so don’t blame me if I get my mords wixed up…


    and without trying to jinx it…. “Same again this Friday gaffer!”

    It was a party… I have pictures (and no, you can’t see them)
    but truth be known, the reason that team deserved to win… the entire crew was back at the track Saturday morning at 7:00 to prep the car for the race this Friday at The Glen (you know, the race you were supposed to come to and then drive to Road America with me … ) *sigh*

    This is an awesome team and every guy on it feels it to the core when things go either right … or wrong. As I said in my release (if you read it… hehehe) “Laurels are great, but if you rest on them, it is a lot more difficult to earn some new ones.”

    Here’s hoping I get to call you from Victory Lane again on Friday … and yeah, call again on Saturday when the Mazda team kicks ass in Elkhart Lake.

    Phew… Rolex, Mazda, BMW and Atlantic (yes, Daniel will be there, but we’ll talk about that later).

    Damn, I could use some help !



  3. The guilt trip is lost on me. If you would officially hire me, then I could pull the shoot on the soul sucking job and be your co-driver. Hell, I’d even be your personal assistant!! I’d even set up your office!! How’s that for an offer!

  4. I gotta learn to stop poking at the snake …


    Job 1… the indy lites boys are at Infineon with us in three weeks. Time to close that deal… then you got a job (did I just put that in writing?)

    Job 2… cut loose some of those non-revenue clients. maybe they’ll figure out that paying for service might actually get them some.

    and it wasn’t guilt (not really). just really wanted to go to Elkhart and have a travel buddy. now it looks like shopping at the Wal Mart Super Center and home for dinner on Saturday

  5. LOL! You do know that my chinese sign is that of the Snake don’t you??

    woohoo! In writing with witnesses! (right boys???)

    Believe me, I really wanted to do both Watkins and RA with ya. I’m a great co-driver! Especially in the middle of the night. (all those years traveling with the band) But nooooooo… I’ll be in “hate my job” hell… I’m hoping to at least get out to Mosport on Saturday to get a little racing fix, unless it’s raining, then I shall sit comfortably in my livingroom and await the Fontucky race…

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