and the hits just keep on coming…

First of all, yay! I’m back!!! (huh? I was gone??)

I had a moment of panic this afternoon when I could no longer gain access to my own blog! WTF?!?!

Meesh no happy this afternoon let me tell ya!

It appears to have sorted itself out on it’s own for now, so I’m taking advantage of my good fortune and posting a little sump’n sump’n

On the heels of the unification of North American open-wheel racing under the IndyCar Series banner – which has seen immediate results including an average 26-plus cars per race, stronger at-track attendance, increased television ratings and new corporate partnerships – and the well received release of the 2009 schedule – the earliest release of the next season’s schedule in league history, the Indy Racing League will make another major announcement on Thursday, Aug. 7.

Indy Racing League founder and CEO Tony George will be joined by key Indy Racing League executives to make the announcement during a special Indy Racing League teleconference at 2 p.m., Thursday.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Seems like a lot of fuss for another track announcement. (and since the last one went over like a lead balloon, they might want to hold off on another one of those for a while…*snicker*) (I’m very curious to watch Infineon now though just because everyone seems to hate it! LOL!)

Likewise, I think heads would explode if they made a big deal of Paul returning for the final three races of the season. (oops… did I say that out loud?) One singled out press conference for PT is probably one more than most IndyCar fans care to see this year.

So, I’m thinking it’s either the TV deal or a title sponsor *cough* Subway *cough* announcement. Subway had huge exposure in Canada in recent weeks with the sponsorship of PT (IndyCar) and Patreek (Nascar) and the Nationwide race in Montreal. (I never realized how many Subway restaurants there are in Toronto until they sponsored PT and I was all of a sudden “aware” of their presence) If that exposure trickled across the border to head office, it could have sealed the deal.

TV deal… now that’s a bird of a different feather. This current one sucks if I may be so bold to say. So, at the risk of unhinging the wrath of fate with temptation, anything would be better. Preferably one that includes the international audience. Helloooooooooooo! *waves from Canada*  Thankfully IndyCar has been gracious enough to provide live internet coverage of the races all season, so this Canuckdian hasn’t missed any of the action. But I also specifically follow the series and know where to look. They sure as hell aren’t going to nab any casual fans with the 3am airings we’ve been getting. (have I said fuck TSN lately? )

I’m thinking the title sponsor announcement would go a long way to securing a better tv deal… so hopefully that  is what it is.

What else has been going on… not much really. They are trying to spin a “mathematical” run for the championship. Now all they have to do is figure out how to make Dixon score ZERO points from now until Chicago… not gonna happen. (even if they unleash mi corazon EJ on him… 😉 ) Speaking of EJ, in his own words this afternoon he said this when asked about the drivers complaining about his driving style:

There are many drivers here that drive like that, and at the same time they go and complain.  So I don’t know, I just try to be as clean as possible, just do one maneuver on the track, and that’s what I do.

Ya, but it’s that “one” maneuver that gets everyone’s panties twisted sweetheart…

Speaking of “on the edge” drivers… Scheckter, Tracy, Viso… Chicago. Oh ya baby. Throw in T-Bell, and I may have to find my way to Chitown…

Gonna be a busy weekend of racing this weekend. Sadly I won’t get to watch half of it due to shitty or non-existent coverage. (Atlantics, Star Mazda) My bud David Martinez is suiting up to cover for the injured David Garza at Road America. (look for him to be running A1GP this winter too!)

I’m thinking of heading out to Mosport on Saturday for CTNS. Then again, I may just take a pass depending on the weather. Mosport in the rain (which is 99% of the time) is not much fun.

Ok… back tomorrow post announcement…

6 responses to “and the hits just keep on coming…

  1. It’s the TV deal:

    I mean, it’s good that they’ll be feted by Versus with extra programming, better production (hopefully), and increased network promotion (again hopefully). Then again, I’m really skeptical in how this will work with the decreased availability for fans (at least here in the States). I do hope this means better things for you, Meesh.

    It could be something good but I’m not too confident there.

  2. hmm… Well, Versus is OLN in Canada, which is still a subsidiary of TSN (fuck!) so we could end up getting screwed over the same if not more next year. Apparently they run the same programming as the US channel… apparently.

    I’ll have to do a little checking to see if OLN is basic cable and what markets it’s available in.

    Champ Car had a little better luck on the smaller channels when they tried this experiment. No competition from other programs of the same genre. On Spike for instance… More advertising, more additional programming (“Dangerous Curves”) and more consistency. (yes, many races were tape delayed, but they aired at the exact same time every week (with a repeat) so it was much easier to follow. You didn’t have to go hunting. Every Sunday, 5pm, the race was on.

    The Score picked up the CC races last season. (as no one else would) There was pretty much NO advertising. Not even a press release announcing the deal. But they ran all the races live. So that was a bonus.

    Should have gone back to SPEED. Just sayin…

  3. Oh dear. Hmmm…CC did better on Spike? The only commercials I ever remember anywhere are those stupid “and the wheel, goes round…” commercials (ballroom dancers-really?-for CC fans?).

    Oh Speed. Why didn’t you pick this up?

  4. Well, I don’t know that it did better as far as ratings, etc… but it felt more “receptive”. They actually promoted the upcoming races and the magazine show, and re-aired the races.

    Don’t we all long for the glory days of Speed, and CART Friday night, and qualifying shows, and live races and re-aired races????

  5. Hell, I can long for the days of Bob Jenkins and Larry Nuber on RPM2night, or whatever it was called. It must be one hell of a ratings deal that Speed puts the Unique Whips/Barrett-Jackson/Livin’ the Lowlife/Pinks crap on repeatedly…not to mention (or am I now mentioning?) another “reality” show, “Wrecked”. Splendid. Just what a real racing fan wants to watch…as many of the great RACING series go largely unnoticed, week-in, week-out. WTF? I think NASCAR owns Fox/Speed.

  6. Yup, pretty sad that I’m often surprised when I turn on SPEED and find actual RACING!!!

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