Daily Archives: August 7, 2008

Why have a press conference at 2pm…

if you’re gonna release all the details to the media in the morning???

Anyhooo…. So, I’ve looked over all the nitty gritty details… even wrote it up for the OOW site myself

I have to say, looking at it on paper, it’s a pretty sweet set up.

Admittedly, after being treated like the ugly stepsister for years, I would be falling over backwards, beside myself with happiness had this been presented to us via Champ Car last year. (and all of you still bitter holding on to the past jaded CC fans know damn well you’d be creaming your jeans too if it were for “our side” )

If it pans out as written, and is available to the majority (including the international audience) it is fantastic.

Live races. Check
Re-airs. Check
Pre-show and extended coverage hopefully eliminating timed race windows. Check
Pre event show with qualifying highlights and news. Check.
Magazine style “fluff” show, highlighting the series, drivers, teams, sponsors, creating a buzz and hopefully introducing us to and snagging the casual fan. Check.
Big fish in a small pond, on a channel that actually wants to provide coverage, as opposed to has to provide coverage (and in the most minimal fashion at that). Check.

Now… the only “downside” is that it is on this elusive channel called VERSUS. From what I understand, this is OLN in Canada. (which is controlled by fuckTSN) This could be an issue.
I also am unaware of how or where VERSUS airs internationally. (Latin America, Europe, etc… )

I would assume that IndyCar, if they are smart, (and they have shown brief glimpses of being that) will make sure that any of the additional programming is made available via the web via IndyCar.com. (not necessarily as it airs, but for sure once it has hit the airwaves)

So there ya have it. Once again I believe I am falling into the glass half full category on this one.
(when did I become such a fucking pollyanna??? )

I look forward to logging on later today to peruse the web and see how my fellow blogmates are reacting…

and with that… my lunch hour has officially expired… ciao friends!

EDIT: As I expected the reactions are mixed. From despair from those who don’t get the channel (Will, I feel your pain as I’ve been there kid! Scan back to last year when the ESPN deal was announced for CC… I was about as livid as I’ve ever been) to a lot of “wait and see” stances. No one is really overjoyed by this. (well, Gonzo is, but he’s a strange little manpuppet…) Again, a year from now, once we have a season under our belt, it will be interesting to look back.

The funniest reactions are of course from the disgruntled Champ Car fans. Hypocrisy at it’s finest in action. Yes, yes, it’s “another nail”, the series is “dying”, FTG! and all that.


Actually, strike that…
no no guys, there is another series in the wings, it will rise up from the ashes of IndyCar and be run by pure, innocent and principled businessmen who are doing it all for the fans!! So you kids keep holding on to that!!

(wouldn’t want them to get a life or a hobby anytime soon, I would lose all of my comic reading!)

ok…back to websurfing!