Daily Archives: August 8, 2008

drive by rant…

Can’t we all just get the fuck along?????

(this is said while smiling and not directed at anyone in particular, just a generalized rant that has been building the last couple of days… )

All of the racing series world wide, and especially here in America, have their positives and negatives. No such thing as the perfect formula for everyone.

Bottom line is that behind the wheels in each one are amazing and talented drivers (some of whom I call friend) who are just pursuing their passion.

And alongside of them in the pits and paddocks and press rooms are a bunch of other folks (many again whom I call friend) who are also pursuing their passion, pouring their blood, sweat, tears and $$$ into it sometimes with very little in return other than a little self satisfaction!!

I refuse to judge any given series disrespectfully for no other reason than to be “at war”, because by doing so, I am also being disrespectful to friends, and I don’t wish to do that. I just don’t.

Now, of course, I will partake in reasonable discussions and criticize based on fact and situations presented. Cause that’s how shit improves and gets done.

And tongue in cheek smack talk is all good.

But to hate for the sake of hating… nah… not gonna go there anymore.

well that was a quick silly season…

LOL! Poor Robin… Kanaan uses him to stir the pot and secure a better deal.

Yes, I truly believe that what Robin printed the other day was the truth as he knew it. Drivers, teams, owners, all use the media to fight their battles and force the issues and outcomes to suit their particular needs/desires. Robin is an easy “get” cause he just loves to play the role of the cat that swallowed the canary. Remember the defiant rants against Robin by Kalkhoven earlier this year… then the cheekily grinning Kalkhoven pretty much admitting later on Windtunnel that he had fed Robin the info…

So for all of those poo-pooing Robin for getting it wrong… You’re wrong.

It will be interesting to see how Tony and AGR spin this this afternoon.

Bottom line is, hope the money was worth it TK. Cause unless they put “The Princess” and “The Least” on a leash or on a time out everytime they fuck up your race, you’ve got how many more years of this same bullshit to put up with?? I hope you had a clause put in that you could determine their punishment… LOL.

So, what does this all mean? Well, If I were Dan Wheldon, I would be signing my contract in a hurry, cause unless the Chipster was upping his team to 3 cars… you my tile-toothed friend may have been pounding the pavement a month from now.

OH… and one more thing Tony… you said this:

“This is what I wanted it to be,” said Kanaan, who has 13 IndyCar Series victories and won the 2004 championship – AGR’s first of three. “I’ve been here for six years and it will be another five so hopefully I’ll be able to have a nice retirement party by the time I finish my contract. I’m happy that I know where I am going to be.”

Talk to Paul Tracy about feeling all comfy and secure with a 5 yr “retirement” contract and graceful exit strategy at the end of your open wheel career… just sayin is all…