drive by rant…

Can’t we all just get the fuck along?????

(this is said while smiling and not directed at anyone in particular, just a generalized rant that has been building the last couple of days… )

All of the racing series world wide, and especially here in America, have their positives and negatives. No such thing as the perfect formula for everyone.

Bottom line is that behind the wheels in each one are amazing and talented drivers (some of whom I call friend) who are just pursuing their passion.

And alongside of them in the pits and paddocks and press rooms are a bunch of other folks (many again whom I call friend) who are also pursuing their passion, pouring their blood, sweat, tears and $$$ into it sometimes with very little in return other than a little self satisfaction!!

I refuse to judge any given series disrespectfully for no other reason than to be “at war”, because by doing so, I am also being disrespectful to friends, and I don’t wish to do that. I just don’t.

Now, of course, I will partake in reasonable discussions and criticize based on fact and situations presented. Cause that’s how shit improves and gets done.

And tongue in cheek smack talk is all good.

But to hate for the sake of hating… nah… not gonna go there anymore.

2 responses to “drive by rant…

  1. LOL! hey… it was late… I was having conversations with friends at 3 different tracks and I was feeling melancholy. Bite me! LOL!

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