well that was a quick silly season…

LOL! Poor Robin… Kanaan uses him to stir the pot and secure a better deal.

Yes, I truly believe that what Robin printed the other day was the truth as he knew it. Drivers, teams, owners, all use the media to fight their battles and force the issues and outcomes to suit their particular needs/desires. Robin is an easy “get” cause he just loves to play the role of the cat that swallowed the canary. Remember the defiant rants against Robin by Kalkhoven earlier this year… then the cheekily grinning Kalkhoven pretty much admitting later on Windtunnel that he had fed Robin the info…

So for all of those poo-pooing Robin for getting it wrong… You’re wrong.

It will be interesting to see how Tony and AGR spin this this afternoon.

Bottom line is, hope the money was worth it TK. Cause unless they put “The Princess” and “The Least” on a leash or on a time out everytime they fuck up your race, you’ve got how many more years of this same bullshit to put up with?? I hope you had a clause put in that you could determine their punishment… LOL.

So, what does this all mean? Well, If I were Dan Wheldon, I would be signing my contract in a hurry, cause unless the Chipster was upping his team to 3 cars… you my tile-toothed friend may have been pounding the pavement a month from now.

OH… and one more thing Tony… you said this:

“This is what I wanted it to be,” said Kanaan, who has 13 IndyCar Series victories and won the 2004 championship – AGR’s first of three. “I’ve been here for six years and it will be another five so hopefully I’ll be able to have a nice retirement party by the time I finish my contract. I’m happy that I know where I am going to be.”

Talk to Paul Tracy about feeling all comfy and secure with a 5 yr “retirement” contract and graceful exit strategy at the end of your open wheel career… just sayin is all…


9 responses to “well that was a quick silly season…

  1. Robin got played like a fiddle. Then Tony says “I was never talked DIRECTLY to anyone else.” He’s Mr. Innocent! Snort. I wonder if Robin can help me negotiate a better deal next time I need it. Life with Chippy or the Prom King and Queen. That’s a major toss up.

  2. As a former media member I understand the parasitic nature of the press. I also understand that there’s another side to the equation, where media folk need to earn a living. And it’s the latter that really makes me pissed when a guy like Kanose thinks it’s fine to dick with a press guy like that – since he’s “only a media guy.”

    I’ve been burned by sources in the past – once so badly that the team in question STILL won’t talk to me when I see them at the track.

    Someone ought to check and see if Kanaan’s nose grew another foot longer.

  3. P-dog! LOL! no kidding on the toss up. Should be an interesting 5 yrs…

    Yaumb… how do you really feel? LOL!

  4. I am a little confused about all the TK hating here and around the blogs. OK-so the kids are a little out of control and need a timeout. So they didn’t pull over and give him two positions. Well…OK…and then took each other out. Overall, he’s got good equipment and is on one of the top teams. Maybe he simply thought he’d be better off where he was, grab the 5 year deal, and just stay in front of the kids in the future. Is Dixon going to pull over for TK? Will the kids dump him less if he’s in a bright red car with a target on it? So team chemistry hasn’t been good lately. Perhaps he really was about to sign with Ganassi but then thought that he was making a rash decision due to a few dumb moves by a couple of newbies.

    As far as TK manipulating Miller, I think that it’s at least possible that he was telling the truth. Based on what Chip said, he got played, too. Ya’all are so fucking cynical. Or I am naive. But, whatever: this is big business, and such leaks go down all the time to affect negotiations (see Microsoft/Yahoo). Maybe Chip was offering 10x what AGR was, and Michael came back with something close enough to bring him back after he found out he was serious about leaving. Who knows? Why not give Kanaan the benefit of the doubt here?

  5. LOL!! sweet!! I could feel the smoke coming off your keyboard on that one!

    I personally don’t “hate” TK. I’m sure it did play out like you said in the last paragraph. He was probably getting nowhere with the Lesser. (Mikey likes to dump drivers and point out how old and flawed they are) Chip probably offered him “X” t steal him away from AGR, who are a sinking fucking ship at the moment. TK then whispered it into Miller’s ear knowing full well that Miller can’t sit on news like that for a minute. Things become very public… very fast… The Lesser, realizing TK is playing hardball counters with XY, Tony does the happy dance, Miller is crucified. (which I’m sure he got over about 5 mins after he wrote the flip flop article)

    Like I said, I just hope for TK’s sake that he’s not counting on the five year retirement plan, cause as we’ve all seen very publicly lately, contracts ultimately mean shit when it comes to racing that the greedy fuckers who write the cheques.

  6. Fair enough-contracts are made to be broken. That might have been part of the calculation, too: maybe he personally feels better about Michael than Chip, since in the end they are the ones that pull the trigger (*see Crazy Uncle Jerry*). And, while Paul obviously took a sizable, throbbing one in the poop chute, the situation was unique: usually an owner will at least release you to drive for someone else if you’re going to get screwed.

    And, naw, there isn’t too much smoke on the keyboard. I am just a little perplexed about the skewering of TK and Miller: they were both just doing their jobs. Now, I wouldn’t fault Ganassi for foaming at the mouth, but everyone else I don’t get. I think everyone is just so fed up with the kids that they (emotionally) want TK to make the jump. He was likely feeling the same way but thought rationally about it and changed his mind. As a fan, it would have created some excitement to see the change. As the driver, I don’t know what I would have done. There were rumors that Target was pulling out this year. The NASCAR program is crumbling. I can’t see how people can throw piles of shit without being privy to all the conversations that happened.

  7. True, as P-dog said… “Life with Chippy or the Prom King and Queen. That’s a major toss up.”

    It’s one thing for us to observe, and criticize and write about it, it’s another thing entirely to live it. I’m sure TK had a few conversations with a few drivers and made the decision that was ultimately the best one for him, in his mind. And really, in the end, he is the one that has to live with it.

    And you’re probably right, I think the basis of most of the angry vitriol right now is that everyone was salivating at the potential fallout from such a major switcheroo! We are 4 (well 5) races away from the end of the season, then we go into a very long winter/hitatus. This had the potential to fuel the silly season for a while. Now… wah wah wah… it’s back to boring, hands across America, happy, warm fuzzies.

  8. Now all we need is for Chip to put PT in the red car and we’ll spice it right back up again!

  9. Oh the irony of PT driving around with a target on HIS car…


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