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what a crazy long day…


I got out of bed, booted up the computer and began my marathon day of watching, reading and writing about racing. It ended about a half hour ago.

too much today. I’m exhausted. 4 series, 5 races, an announcement, a blog, (another blog now) and I didn’t wear my arm brace, which means I’m going to feel it in the morning.

I have to say, of all the races today, the Indy Lights race was ridiculously fun to watch, in that OMG I’m getting nauseas from the tension of wondering when they are going to take each other out kinda way. But they didn’t! They raced hard (very hard) but somehow kept it clean and safe. Not to say there wasn’t some fender benders, but they weren’t due to the close racing at the front. They were squirrelly cars mid to back pack that got loose and went off.

It really was insane. I’m glad I decided to fight through the brain fade and watch it.

right now however, the brain fade is far too overpowering. So much so, I keep having to go back and rewrite lines that have come out all discombobulated! So it’s sleepytime. For tomorrow there are more race reports to be written… *thunk*

The Meijer Indy 300 *LIVE* race blog

It’s that time kids! Racy Racy, Bloggy, Bloggy!

They are going thru their usual pre-race dog & pony show. Crazy X-treme boys jumping over ramps on vehicles of some sort, military blahdy blahs, and skydivers with flags n’such. Really… can’t they come up with something more… interesting?

oh and btw… I’m not so convinced about this “sell out”, unless about 50, 000 folks are milling about in the parking lot or in line at the bathroom or concession stands. WTF is it with oval fans and not arriving until the last possible minute?? You’re all weird.

Edit: We interrupt this IndyCar presentation to say WOOOOHOOOO!!! Congrats to Marcos Ambrose on his Watkins Glen Nationwide win!!!! Awesome drive! He’s such a nice guy! Ok… back to open wheel…

Edit: Driver intros…
LOL… Danican’t at the back of the pack…
WTF? who the fuck is… Ahhhh… I see, they are introducing both series drivers. Christ… that’s not confusing at all… πŸ™„

Edit: Memo to PR personnel… have driver hand you their sunglasses prior to intros.

Edit: whatever the announcer dude takes before the intros, I would like to know so I can buy some on those days when I need the energy of a lunatic…

Edit: I really hate Oriol Servia’s driver suit. Just thought I’d put it out there.

Edit: Richard Antinucci… hummina hummina hummina…

Edit: Arie Jr is sporting a Vinnie Barbarino look… not a good btw…

Edit: I’m bored… going to pee and make a drink… (wait… that came out wrong)

Edit: ok… back.. apparently we Canuckdian’s are relegated to watching the race on the web this weekend. Have I said Fuck TSN lately?

Edit: Sell out my ass! Where the fuck is everyone?? Themz some mighty sparsely populated grandstands there kids…

Edit: There’s crazy Carl, blessing the cars…

Edit: They appear to be duct taping Darren Manning to the inside of the car. The man is very skinny…. perhaps he flops about in there during the race.

Edit: parade laps… hey people! They really do show up at the last second. Weird.

Edit: Note to Vitor… you can’t win the race on the first lap.

Edit: Will Power brings out the first yellow kissing the wall, but not doing any damage. Good thing we’re still under yellow for absolutely NO APPARENT REASON…

Edit: Wheldon’s strange dark car is confusing me…

Edit: sorry, dozed off there for a second. Bobby’s baby batter is done for the night. Blowed up reeeal gud. Will Power apparently had more damage than originally thought, cause he is in the pits as well.

Edit: My little wildman is up to 13th!

Edit: The Nose suffering from severe oversteer, dropping like a stone… Rahal Jr’s engine may not have “blown up sir” (shout-out to P-dog) but rather a gear issue.

Edit: Mi corazon up to 12!

Edit: LOL… it’s clown school in the pits. Milk & Donuts holds up Wheldon and Meira. Dixon gets stuck behind Roth the Sloth on his in lap. Retains the lead despite the hold up.

Edit: Princess Blocksalot is up to her old tricks… Dixon finally gets around her. Oh to have a scanner….

Edit: The Least and The Princess are playing nice tonight…

Edit lap 76: geesh… Helio is running Roth like lap times…

Edit: ugh… EJ is being lapped by the leaders… *holds breath*….

Edit lap 82: yellow, yellow, yellow! “debris” apparently…

Edit: ahh… Fisher and The Princess banged wheels earlier… then there was debris spotted on track.

Edit: Festival of pitting… Dixon, Wheldon, The Least, Meira… RHR runs out of talent in the pits, slides in sideways like he’s running the bases. Something happened with Wilson… not sure yet what as I’m forced to watch the “leader cam” tonight, so I don’t get replays…

Edit: Five cars got the “lucky dog” … huh? guess that’s one way to clear traffic for the leaders. move them all to the back! LOL!

Edit: The Least got around Wheldon on the restart for second

Edit: going to make Kansas a true night race for 2009. Cool.

Edit: The Least is gaining on The Iceman… even/odds on him taking them both out?

Edit: ding ding… 100 laps complete… we’re over the hump and heading for home…

Edit: the commentary says: Marty Roth slowed coming into turn 3 my reaction: And?? that’s different from any other day/race/lap??

Edit: EJ becomes the spoiler for the lead battle momentarily, but it wasn’t his fault. He gave the leaders the bottom of the track, but The Least doesn’t like the bottom. (*snicker*… I won’t go there)

Edit lap 116: The Least is all over Dixon’s gear box as they come up on Oriol Servia.

Edit lap 122: Dixon gets the air sucked out of him by Bernoldi and drops back to 3rd! The Least slingshots to the lead, followed by Wheldon, and pulls away bigtime!

Edit lap 132: Yellow, Yellow, Yellow! Milk & Donuts stuffs it into the wall. Doesn’t collect anyonew with her

Edit lap 135: Festival of pitting. Looks like Dixon got by The Least on the pit out. Wilson is officially out of the race, gear box issues like his teammate. Bernoldi is also mysteriously now out.

Edit: PT won the tire-iffic move of the race for Edmonton!! That’s my boy!!!

Edit: after a short nap, we are back to green. I just lost my live timing, so I have no idea what lap we are on.

Edit: Mutoh has an uh oh! Drops like a stone to the back.

Edit 50 to go: The Least still trying to get the race back from Dixon. Manning is out. Car good in the corner, shite on the straightaway. Engine lost power after the last yellow… Done Sir!

Edit: Mutoh is in the pits. Shut er down kid, you’re done for the night.

Edit: the radio dudes are throwing out stat after stat… I’m too tired to type them all… but suffice it to say if Dixon wins, he earns a bunch of new stats for his career bio… hows that?

Edit: ooooh… the Least gets around Dixon. Now Meira is gaining on him. EJ is the spoiler again as Meira gets around Dixon while they all try to get around EJ.

Edit lap 164: Princess Blocksalot gets in between The Least and Meira, but not for long.

Edit: ooh… Vitor is looking racy! Could this finally be the night he tosses the clingy monkey off his back??

Edit lap 180: The Least is all over the track. LOL.. pick a line kid!

Edit: Festival of pitting: damn… that wasn’t a pretty exit LOL! Meira almost took out Wheldon and Junqueira on the out lap. All taking about 4 seconds of fuel.

Edit: Helio playing games in front of Dixon. But he takes over the lead of the race on some bizzaro world fuel strategy.

Edit: LOL… Helio is practically going backwards. Dixon blows by and takes the win! bwahahahaha! Poor twinkletoes, always the bridesmaid… another 2nd place finish (that’s 7 this year) He’s walking around the infield talking to himself… hehe… he’s a good sport though and hey, the strategy worked as he got some great points that he wouldn’t otherwise have been much better than 10th…

Edit: Well, I guess that’s that. Hopefully TSN will decide to air the race at some point this weekend so I can see all the battles I missed, but heard about in great detail. (thanks IMS radio dudes!!)

Off to write it up for real like for the site… then watch the Indy Lights.