Daily Archives: August 10, 2008

Kudos to Kanaan…

for putting his hand out to help Miller up from under the bus where he threw him earlier this week…

Translation: Kanaan just admitted on Windbag that he “may” have feed Miller some information on the negotiations… They also ran a clip of the Ganassi quote. (again it was on tape (visual) not a “made up quote” that people like to accuse Robin of making up)

Kanaan was very diplomatic. (towards the brats) His explanation of why he chose to stay totally makes sense though when you hear it from him as well. (watch the repeat)
I like Tony. I wish him much success. I also wish him a better teammate…

Completely unrelated… I love how all of a sudden they are running the Marcus Ambrose/Little Debbie commercials now. Two different ones, on heavy rotation. Good for him!

Edit: LOLOL! God I love Miller! As I said to him in Edmonton, we will agree to disagree on Shamica, but I will always have his back otherwise. Fuck he’s funny. If you didn’t tune into Windbag, watch the repeat just for his “last call” segment. hehehe! Next week he’s co-hosting. *dvr set*

Dear TV networks in Canada…

WTF? Just what does one have to do to watch some live racing up here?
It is beyond me why one would choose to run the identical programming as the other channels, instead of branching out and running something different.

I wanted to watch the Kentucky race last night. Hell, I would have been happy with tape delay. (which is basically what I’ve been getting all season anyway) But no, I don’t get to watch the Kentucky race in any way, shape or form on my television this weekend.

Instead I could watch a reairing of the PGA rounds, Baseball, Poker (?!?!) and 14 channels worth of Olympic programming. (I DON’T CARE ABOUT OLYMPIC KICK BOXING!! I just don’t and if I did, I would tune into CBC, cause they have the best coverage of the Olympics, all of you other wannabe’s are just that, wannabe’s, hangers on, greedy fucks who instead of playing to a different audience are splitting the one and pissing off the rest…)

Today I would love to be watching the cup race from Watkins Glen. It’s a shitty, cold, rainy afternoon here and a little racing action (ya, even Nascar) would brighten my day. Again, I am, by virtue of being Canadian and not owning an illegal satellite dish set up, being held hostage by the (insert really nasty, ugly word that shouldn’t be said or typed by a lady on a Sunday afternoon) (no really I had about 4 horribly descriptive nasty 3-4 syllable words just itching to be typed….) assholes at TSN, relegated to watching Live timing on my teeny tiny computer.

Speaking of timing and scoring, there are two other races I would love to know what the fuck is happening with today too. The CTNS race that was rain postponed till today at Mosport. (sorry Meesh, you lose, there is no live timing/scoring for that series. Sucks to be you. Read about it online after the fact…) and the 2nd round of the Atlantic double-header at Road America. (yesterday we got about 8 mins of the qualifying and NONE of the race) Maybe today, with the ALMS circus done for the weekend, there will be enough left over signal to actually send some information out to the interweb.

Bottom line of this mini rant… If someone were to step up and do some radical racing programming on television up here or in the US or Worldwide, it could really open up the opportunities for teams and drivers and race venues to market themselves and work on sponsorship. I don’t know how anybody expects to develop drivers or teams north of the border, or anywhere, in any form of racing, when the coverage is so ridiculously random and afterthoughtish. (my word, deal with it)
Hell, even SPEED TV, which at least used to air racing (delayed or otherwise) has become the VH1 of motorsports coverage. Lots of shows about racing, very little actual racing.

Again, I think this is where VERSUS will be an asset to the series if they put into play everything they put onto paper.

If the junior formula series, who are getting little to no coverage were smart, they would be speaking to the VERSUS folks as well. Especially if their events piggy back on an IndyCar event. (wherein the production crews would be there and set up)

You can’t grow a series airing their races a week later on a Wednesday afternoon. You can’t grow a fanbase if they read about everything after the fact. It loses it’s impact. The whole joy of following racing is watching racing and not knowing the outcome! Sitting on the edge of your seat wondering who will cross the finish line first, and all the other things that happen on track in the meantime. It’s the same with any sport. That’s why there are *spoiler alerts* on fan forums. That’s why people go to great lengths to avoid the news and the internet if they have had to tape a sporting event. Once you know the outcome, it loses something.

ok… that was all very disjointed. It’s that kind of weekend. I’m frustrated by a lot of things. I’m venting. I guess I’ll go back to reading about the cup race…

Lap 11
Tony Stewart swaps positions with Jeff Gordon and now runs fourth. Farther back, Matt Kenseth has fallen from 13th to 17th.

wow… with scintillating descriptives like that, why would I want to actually watch it live??