Kudos to Kanaan…

for putting his hand out to help Miller up from under the bus where he threw him earlier this week…

Translation: Kanaan just admitted on Windbag that he “may” have feed Miller some information on the negotiations… They also ran a clip of the Ganassi quote. (again it was on tape (visual) not a “made up quote” that people like to accuse Robin of making up)

Kanaan was very diplomatic. (towards the brats) His explanation of why he chose to stay totally makes sense though when you hear it from him as well. (watch the repeat)
I like Tony. I wish him much success. I also wish him a better teammate…

Completely unrelated… I love how all of a sudden they are running the Marcus Ambrose/Little Debbie commercials now. Two different ones, on heavy rotation. Good for him!

Edit: LOLOL! God I love Miller! As I said to him in Edmonton, we will agree to disagree on Shamica, but I will always have his back otherwise. Fuck he’s funny. If you didn’t tune into Windbag, watch the repeat just for his “last call” segment. hehehe! Next week he’s co-hosting. *dvr set*


9 responses to “Kudos to Kanaan…

  1. TK is a pretty cool customer. I have no qualms with him, and find his explanations of how it all transpired completely believable and reasonable.

    And as P’dog said, on balance, dealing with what he has vs. dealing with Chip… well, it’s likely a lesser of two evils thing.

    If Chip wasn’t willing to go to a five year deal, I can see where Tony saw a potential for not being able to go as long as he’d like…anywhere…when that contract expired. Five years is a pretty good deal. I’m hopeful that AGR will honor it like they should…knowing that TK wasn’t taking his only option when he signed.

    I hope he gets a win at the Speedway during this contract, so he can put that one to rest.

  2. I’d love to see TK get The Win, too.

    Man, Ambrose was on it this weekend. He might have had something for them if he didn’t have to come in and get his wheels tightened. Not a bad weekend all in all. He seems like a great guy, and it’d be great to see him get the call from a good team.

  3. Can you imagine if they had actually had a chance to qualify this weekend?? He was fasted in practice yesterday. The fact that he came from the fricken bottom of the grid to 3rd!!! awesome.

  4. Ahhh Meesh, you just can’t seem to get enough of us Aussies….Briscoe, Power, Davison and now Ambrose…..and thanks a million my friend for the WP shots – you’re the best….will write soon my friend!!!

  5. hehehe! It’s the accent… what can I say! My pleasure. (although I didn’t have as many as I thought… I’ll snap some better ones in Detroit) (booked my train ticket tonight)

    Looking forward to hearing from you! 😉

  6. Hey-ugly American here-we love you Aussies, too. The accent is wonderful but for me it’s the smiles. Ambrose got into a scuffle with Robby Gordon last year (who doesn’t?) and was likable enough to come out of it with a ride from Robby! Most Aussies I’ve known always wear a big smile and a great attitude. That is in short supply here in New York City.

  7. LOL! I forgot about the ride from Robby. Too funny!

  8. I love Robin Miller’s biting sarcasm, too…for example:

    Instead of accusing me of fabricating the Tony Kanaan to Chip Ganassi story, Michael Andretti should be thankful of its timing. Because it was posted on SPEEDtv.com early last Thursday morning, Andretti had time to scream, panic, beg T.K. and make a big counter offer to keep him at AGR. Had the story been held for another 12 hours, methinks Ganassi would have had Kanaan on the dotted line.

    No need to send a thank you card, Mike, happy to help.”


    Absolutely…go Robin!

  9. Seriously funny dude that Miller fella!

    I’m sooo looking forward to Windbag this Sunday!

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